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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday Festival Potluck: First Pass!

This week's Wednesday Festival nominations were a bit thin, so I began my own spelunking expedition through our blogs -- and what a groaning board we have created! So much life and thought and creativity out there.

Unfortunately, 'round about the C's on the blogroll list last night, the list suddenly disappeared from the RevGals' sidebar. Maybe that was the Universe telling me to go to bed. But here is a very quick preliminary stroll down the first stretch of the RevGals' blog buffet, with more hot dishes and Jello salads to appear on the table later today:

Amy at Faith Musing , inspired by theologian Marva Dawn, ponders the theology of food, and asks the question: Can we really feast if we don't know how to fast?

Quotidian Grace, whose daughter is getting married soon, attends a very meaningful shower , in very appropriate weather.

Look out, Peter Ostroushko! Tripp is out to become a mando maestro , thanks to a canny mandolin teacher.

It sounds a little like a tale from Lake Wobegon...RevAbi relates a church picnic gone wrong .

Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee tells us what he learned over summer vacation.

Pilgrimscrybe is seeking book recommendations for a televised book club with a Christian perspective.

Erin at Construction Time Again blogs about the scary-cool phenomenon of her young daughter growing into her own person, while on a related note Sally at Eternal Echoes muses on the challenges of parenting older children.

Got writer's block? Then you'll relate: Jan at asks for prayers for a friend in the throes of dissertation.

I have to go to work now (and I mean RIGHT NOW)...but stop back this evening for more stops on our traveling feast!


  1. Last week was poetry week at Love During Wartime. Rather than highlight individual poems, I point you to this page for the week.

    A meditation on Henry Miller and the weekly picture of my feline companion are included.

  2. I lost my beloved sweet hound quite suddenly last weekend, so I am asking for prayers, especially from animal lovers and I have already written a couple of posts about grief at
    Sacred Art of Living

    Blesings, Christine

  3. Gosh thanks for the nomination. The upshot is we finally got our car back yesterday. Can you believe it?

    And Sacred Art of Living has posted some beautiful posts about losing her dog, her grief, and darkness. Another one had a family pet to die: Big Dunk, what you want the link to say

  4. I just celebrated my first blogiversary yesterday .... and wonder what I'm doing here...

  5. I reported on our recent barn-raising here: KimsKnitting

  6. I finally got one of the more major steps in the nunly application process finished last night!!!! (And now it's on to writing my autobiography...)

  7. posted yet another picture of my kitten. If you haven't had enough kitty blogging, stop on by....


    I thought not.

  8. If you haven't yet seen her kitten, you really need to. I mean it.

  9. Just back from seminary - glad to be home- but also being challenged that time and place with God doesn't just happen we have to carve it out forourselves

    a time and a place

    and oh I have a new banner. Come and admire :) the photo was taken in Tallinn last week by yours truly!


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