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Saturday, September 16, 2006

11th Hour Preacher Party: Concert Edition

Fellow preachers, my Saturday morning is usually a quiet one, filled with nothing more exciting than a walk through the woods with dogs and spouse. But today I am off to the local mall to chaperone two excited 6th-grade back-up singers making their debut at a fundraising concert. My sermon, meanwhile, is a couple of paragraphs long, although it has been the subject of great thought this week. I'm approaching the gospel lesson, Mark 8:27-38, through a song by Sia called "The Church of What's Happening Now."

Throw away yesterday
Today is a brand new day
Throw away yesterday
Today is a brand new day

Welcome to
The church of what's happening now
Head straight through
It costs nothing but change

That's about right, isn't it? Thanks to hipchickmamma who shared a story on her blog from her own life that helped my thinking. (Scroll down to September 13th.) Who hasn't been shocked or disappointed by something that happens in church, or for that matter been slapped down unexpectedly or had a sudden urge to flee? I'll be talking about Peter, I think, his mistakes and his misunderstandings and his utter failure at a crucial moment...and the fact that it wasn't the end of his story. Nor are those moments the end of ours.

Wow, maybe I have something! How 'bout you?

Meanwhile, can I pick you up anything at the mall? I need some curtain rods and a set of queen size sheets for our new sofabed. We're expecting a RevGal guest soon!!!

Coffee is on, and I'm sending Pure Luck out for donuts. Find a place to plug in and let's talk about how it's going today.


  1. It's been so long since I have been to the mall, I would have to reorient myself to the concept of malls :)

    Perhaps I can get you something at the big name hardware store in our town today? We are going to buy some items for enclosing the garage so Mom can have her own place.
    Maybe once we have that I can have a space for a RGBP to visit us here.

  2. I am off the lectionary for the next couple of weeks...sticking to the garden theme. This week is Gethsemane. I am looking at the notion of disillusionment and church. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak...

  3. I can relate to Peter--as a church leader, these last 12 months have been full of things that have made me want to get out of Dodge! We had a potential child abuse issue in one of our church families, which resulted in my being called out by a family member in "sharing time". We also dealt with a prominent member leaving because, in a nutshell, he could not control the pastor. There were a couple of months where I had to force myself to go to church. But God is good--God worked in our congregation, and I see where the bad stuff of last year is turning into good things for us now. It's amazing!

  4. Good morning, all. It's 7:35 here, and I'm up and at it. I have a jam-packed weekend. We never get invited to parties (well, hardly ever) and we have three this weekend. One this afternoon, one this evening, and one tomorrow after church. Then I have the revival of Confirmation: The Pain in My Butt, tomorow night,about which I haven't even begun to think.

    So, deep breath.

    I am working the James passage, but I'm really using it as a handy crutch for my rather topical sermon about the upcoming visioning retreat St Stoic has decided to pull off less that a month from now. Focus: "Let your voice be heard!"

  5. Hi, Cathy! I've lived here 8 years and am only just now getting around to making guest space for adults.
    Tripp, nice picture. I think with the theme of disillusionment we are in the same neighborhood.
    Amy, those are such hard interactions. I'm glad to hear things are beter now. Soemtimes the departure that you fear will mean death leaves exactly the size hole we need for new life to spring forth!
    Anyone want a cup of tea?

  6. cheesehead, soon you will be resting and reviving in a remote, undisclosed location. I hope that will help!
    Did I mention I have to make this sermon work for my congregation and Rock'nRoll Church in the afternoon, complete with Power Point?

  7. As usual, and as with most of you, this weekend is overscheduled... I really need to write the sermon today, we also have a yard sale going on that I should stop by at some point, DP and I have a party this afternoon and one tonight. The latter is a potluck, for which I need to make a salad. My back is totally out of whack--don't know if I pulled a few muscles or overstrained it or both, trying to start the move back into our office yesterday, but it really really hurts--no sleep for me last night!

    And did I mention I have a sermon to write?

    I'm finishing the story of Esther. Last week I talked about her decision to stand up for her people and risk everything for a greater good. This week I'll be focusing on the results--she used some skill and tact in lobbying the powers-that-be for what she wanted/needed, and the power that opposed her and Mordechai was defeated. We will find ourselves in a similar position soon as we ask the city for a lease on a heritage building for the church.

    So that's where I am this morning--I'll take some coffee and a heating pad. I brought some peanut butter pie from the potluck last night (I told you I overscheduled this weekend)!

  8. I am manipulating the Genesis text about the covenant between God - humanity - Noah for our own church's needs.

    Anyone want to nominate me for preacher of the year?

  9. Me too. :)

    It's all about text manipulation for me too this week. How about we share that trophy??

  10. Sweet! Can it have a rainbow on it?

    PS - Don't you hate it when you head into your office on a Saturday and there are church members there! Sure does make one rethink that 'sans bra' decision I made while getting dressed earlier.

  11. Opening the envelope ... the award goes to cheeshead and will smama!

    It's almost 8 am, I've had my hour on the patio with God, coffee and the Rev. Samuel T. Rabbit (he's black with a white collar :-) Now I'm rethinking how I'm going to manage the day. The 11 am outdoor 50 miles away was rescheduled to 1:30 pm but no one remembered to tell the minister (me) until last night at the 5 pm rehearsal that started at 7 pm. Then I have to be back at the church dressed to work for the 3 pm Church work day. Not a problem as long as the California freeway traffic cooperates . . .

    Sermon? One for my congregation, one for a retirement home health care unit in the afternoon with a church board meeting in between. Talk about bearing crosses! The music is all about praising Jesus as I'd planned to focus on "Who do you say that I am?" In my congregation that question elicits a multitude of seemingly contradictory answers. Now my mind is going in a million directions while James is saying loud and clear "do you eat with that mouth?"

    Hmm - Peter and James could have a conversation . . . But then I heard some great cross-bearing stories at the regional Church In Society meeting yesterday.

    I have no idea where this is going - Cathy, can I come to the hardware store with you? I love hardware stores even when I don't need anything.

  12. Look at that - I'm so annoyed with the wedding planner changing the time that I couldn't even type the "w" word!

  13. I do love the parties you gals throw ! I'm just coming to the end of a sabbatical, so haven't preached for 3 months, but reading your posts the last few weeks has reminded me of the pleasure and pressure of worship. I hope to join the party properly in the future - just the little matter of a house move and a new appointment to negotiate first.

    But I was finally moved to post by will smama's account of encountering church members bra-less - so good to know I'm not the only one !

    All the best for everyone conducting worship tomorrow.

  14. Okay. I'm going to do something tomorrow that just might get me thrown out of town.

    I'm going to ask them some questions, and then I'm going to aks them to write down some answers.

    I know. Participatory worship. Just who the hell do I think I am, anyway?

    Pray for us all...

  15. Well it is all about pretty much ignoring the scripture readings for me. I spent time on my vacation doing a retreat and thinking about the future and the viability of the congregation and all sorts of light stuff.

    Tomorrow I am going to try and challenge the gathered to consider what might need to happen for this congregation to be vibrant, alive, and viable... (inherent in which will be a challenge that they need to do different things--and more too!)

    Will this be the MOnday I start looking for a new job?

  16. Just popping in to say hello before I run off to do errands. I have to leave for NYC immediately after church tomorrow, which means that I need to have my hair cut, laundry done, suitcase packed, car fueled, movies returned, directions printed, and cash withdrawn by the end of today.

    And, oh yeah, there's that little thing called a sermon, of which I have about a paragraph written. Actually, I need two of them for tomorrow. Doesn't that sound like a blast?

    Off to get that haircut. Good luck to you all, and I'll be back later, if I can get myself together. And probably even if I can't

  17. I'm not preaching this weekend, but I'm praying for those of you who are. I would appreciate your prayers especially you late nighters as I work my first solo on-call chaplain shift for CPE tonight. Blessings.

  18. Well, I've had three mugs of coffee, breakfast, read all my email, had a shower and gotten dressed. Not bad for four hours of sleep.

    But terrible for needing to have also made a salad and written a sermon! I have two hours before DP and I have to leave for our first party.


    Gord and Cheesehead, I'm praying for you. I thought I might be doing the same thing last week, but strangely enough no one said anything. Says something about what I consider bold and challenging and the congregation's view of same...

    "When all else fails, preach the Gospel."

    Words of wisdom.

    More coffee, please!

  19. I'm back. The concert was a success. Now instead of a quiet house, I have three excited girls upstairs, and when *they* go quiet, I worry!
    Hmmm, bringing challenges from the pulpit that lead to firing? Sounds like a plan.

  20. I can't wait until my church switches to RCL in December so I'm looking at the same lessons!

    I'm in James, but behind a chapter... I want to talk about faith/works being more like a sacrament. And I want to be done when our 2-yr-old godson & family come visit this afternoon.

    I'm putting on more coffee...

  21. Well, I have some basic ideas on paper, but I'll need to flesh out those bones before I stand up tomorrow!

    For now, it's nap time. DP is on her own for the party this afternoon.

    If I snore. someone nudge me, huh?

    And there's still a couple pieces of peanut butter pie left...

  22. I'm going home to find some... er... support.

    Sermon is done-ish. I'll check on it and all of you later.

    Great work everyone!

  23. Save a spot for me later. I have to deal with the kids all afternoon. Please let them not nap so they will go to bed sooner tonight.

    My problem is that I feel a cold coming on. So I took a Benadryl. I forgot it makes me drowsy.

    My sermon is 3/4 of the way finished, but I doubt I'll be working on it until later this afternoon/evening.

    I'll bring chocolate chip oatmeal cookies later.

  24. Peanut butter pie...? Did somebody say pie? Who needs to write a sermon when there's pie...?

  25. I was in a different church last week and the pastor did ask us questions
    and then tied it all together in a very nice pink bow - I recommend it cheesehead!!!

    be blessed all of you

    and heading back to study Swedish.

  26. I'm writing a sermon on the first sermon of Matthew. "Where we come from..."

    I need to get started. Would someone send Dear Daughter a psychic message that she really wants to take a nap?

    Your sermons all sound wonderful--- How about I ditch my church tomorrow and show up at one of yours?

    We had an EP who would do that, just show up in your church on any given Sunday....


  27. I'm coming into the party late. I am doing anything to avoid sermon writing. Finally got my children's sermon ready though. I am not on the lectionary yet. I am as of tomorrow finished with Ephesians, may I never have the thought to travel that route again. I am doing the sermon of God. Could not get any sports equipment for children's sermon. Went with Firemen's equipment instead for the Armor of God. I am baptizing, and I think I will refer to that though in the sermon,just haven't got the words together yet.

    I had to wait until the kids went to nappy poo to write sermon. We have been for a walk in the woods, played, cleaned up, picked up and ate lunch. Can I go to sleep too. Maybe we will have a domino effect and wake each other up. LOL.

    You guys are brave to go for the Preacher of the year award. Will Willimon would commend you. Hope all works out.

    And now to the sermon writing. I have some Diet Coke for anyone who wants some. I would take a piece of that peanut butter pie, or have brought m & m's except I am doing the weight watcher thing.

    I feel for you revmarie. I guess you don't matter when it comes to someone getting married....

    Amy prayers for you and your church. Wow what a burden to be Pastoring under.

  28. correction I mean the armor of God, but who knows it may be sermon of God.

  29. Checking in from the fantastic octagonal reading room in the library two towns down the highway. I got up super-early today to go to a town meeting with our presiding bishop. Ran into a pastor friend there and we went for coffee/lunch afterward.

    So, it's been a great day so far, but no sermon for me yet! Plus I want to be done in time to go to a folk dance worship tonight.

    I'm hoping to focus on the theology of the cross in the gospel and use some of the stuff I heard from the presiding bishop today. Plus I went to an Augustana heritage worship on Holy Cross day this week, and heard a fantastic sermon on the cross (and how easily we sidestep it) by Barbara Lundblad. Not quite sure how I'm going to do it, but those are my thoughts.

    Pie may lure me out of the library, though. Hmm.

  30. The Girl Band is now rehearsing in my living room. Can I say that today would be a good day to be living in the parsonage and able to sneak across the driveway to my quiet office?

  31. Let's try that Molly, I meant me. Molly seems to be enjoying their rehearsal.

  32. Death of church member this a.m.; interviews for new choir director starting at 2:00. Two hours to complete sermon. For a brief illuminated moment a few days ago, I saw a clear and obvious connection between James and the goespel text. Does anyone remember what that was? Also, for twenty minutes yesterday, an ammusing personal anecdote involving gerbils seemed like a good opening gambit. Right now, not so much, but I'm afraid to delete it cause it's all I've got so far . . .

  33. Don't delete it! You may like it better later!

  34. Three hours later, I am back, and guess what from my list has actually been done? My hair has been cut, and I have cash for tomorrow's trip. So, I haven't been completely unproductive...but pretty much. I rock.

    Oy, PCIT, what a day you're having. I keep getting flashes of that clear and obvious connection between the gospel and James texts, but then they go away. Right now I'm talking a bit about Peter - who is a pretty clear example of how the tongue can be either a blessing or a curse, sometimes in the same breath. Then, I'm playing with the idea of talking about the difference between that initial "aha!" moment of faith (Peter's confession), and the process of maturing in faith (which James claims is exhibited in one way by the ability to control one's tongue). I keep thinking I may have three sermons going on in my head at once here, but oh well. Sometimes you just have to go with what you have.

    I picked up ingredients for bloody marys and cosmos at the grocery store, so if anyone gets really desperate we can have a bit of liquid inspiration.

  35. PCIT hold onto that thought you may need it somewhere later. I just know the connection is in here somewhere. Doggone it, where did it go....

    Molly you would like the sounds and fun at our house too!

  36. I have bronchitis and God is good! We have visiting missionaries tomorrow and Chuck is preaching! Yeah! Back to bed with a cup of hot tea!

    Blessed Sunday everyone!

  37. Hey Molly, just make sure when you duck across the parking lot to the church office that you wear all of your undergarments... you never know who might be lurking.

  38. Hi, Wrigley!

    The band rehearsal is finally over, and I have 45 minutes to come to some agreement with myself over the content of my sermon. Then we go out to dinner with my husband's aunt and uncle. It is very hard to shift gears!

    Is there a message in that, I wonder?

  39. Oh Net, Do go back to bed and take care of yourself.

    And Wrigely,
    I just want you to know that when my office was in the house, I had one of those events that WS talked about. Always, always wear your undergarments. Is that like wearing clean underwear in case you are in a wreck?

    Songbird what a bunch of transitions you have made today. Good luck with them all.

  40. I'm peeking in because we had to come home briefly between parties. Wondergirl called us frantic that there was a "leak in the basement". Turns out it was nothing more than some condensation from a pipe over her craft table... Thanks be to God.

    While we were gone MIL called. Sturdy Grandmother died last night. Memorial service is Monday--the one day I told her it would be very hard for me to get away, since it is the last work day before my 11-day vacation. Sigh...tough choice, mine.

  41. Since I only preach once in a while, you'd think I'd have had plenty of time to get this sermon done. Was up at 5:30 this morning and have been trying to get some Holy Spirit space in between drafts.

    I suppose it is essentially preachable, but I am wondering if I am circling the same themes we always seem to land on - or if I've dug deep enough to find the sweet spot. (Although I could do without having to find a new job on Monday!)

    Always good to know y'all are out there going at it, too. I wonder how many calls the Holy Spirit Help Line gets on a Saturday night :)

  42. cheesehead, I'm sorry to hear this!
    And Bethany, welcome. I'm sure the circuits are very busy on Saturday nights. :-)

  43. Now my sermon is leading to role confusion.

    Oh and I have decided to do something totally insane and sing for the congregation. The United Church of Canada has a Hymn Book Supplement being released in the new year and as a way of starting discussion about whether to order it or not I am singing one of the pieces that will be in it. The piece is called God's Still SPeaking (written for a United Church of CHrist meeting) by Jill Warner. THe idea ties in well with looking to the future, and hearing what GOd is calling us to be.

    BUt me singing??? Will they ever survuve????

  44. Holy Cahones, Gord!

    Get Well net!

    Wrigley, be sure to walk yourself proud.

  45. The last time I saw Wrigley, he was walking himself proudly into my car, as I recall. :-)

  46. Hi thanks for the laughter, the help on sermon (which I ususally write on Tuesdays!),and allt he great sharing; but it's been a bad week (in every sense of the word. I'm glad to have "found" you gals--from the article in Christian Century no less. I'm still trying to figure out how to blog (thanks songbird..still figuring it out). More later..and I think I'm using your sermon ideas Songbird--it hits right at what's going on...thanks to you and to the Holy Spirit (who has seemed on vacation for the past few days) Gail

  47. Wow, I think this is the latest I've joined the party. Usually by this time, I hope to have things almost wrapped up. But today has been a family play day. The kiddos are now asleep (hopefully), and I have the computer to myself for awhile. Unfortunately, the cat has decided to take up residence on the computer chair, sandwiched between me and the back. Everytime I try to move, she gives a dirty look. So instead of being absolutely productive, I thought I'd stroll on over to see what's going on here. Lots of things happening, from the earlier posts. Do others of you feel exhausted Sunday morning long before worship begins?

    And what's the deal with members coming in on Saturday if there's nothing special going on. If ever there was a day that should be free of distractions, that should be it.

    I'll also jump on the bandwagon of stretching texts to meet the purpose of the morning. I'm preaching on Psalm 19 and using it for an environmental stewardship emphasis. It works pretty well for the beginning of the psalm, but I've butchered the middle and end, I think. I'm not even sure I recognize it as a dog to walk.

    Maybe it will look better with some more revisions...or some sleep.

  48. Peacepastor, it is true sometimes we have to drag the dog and yes Songbird, you are correct sometimes we have to drag him out of your car. In my case the church member was running off financial statements and chatting with me about how badly she wants to present a budget based solely on pledges (it wouldn't even be enough to pay my salary). Umm, how 'bout no!!!

    Pastorgirl, I too usually write my sermons on Tuesday although I should tell you that in my house we have switched the names of the days around and Tuesday now comes right before Sunday. (Wha?)

    Keep chugging friends!

  49. After an extremely jam-packed day...I'm still procrastinating my Prayers of the Church. As Fellow Traveler keeps asking me, "Have you written it yet?...Have you written your prayer yet?...I don't mean to nag, but -- have you written your prayer yet?"

  50. We left the second party super-early. Just weren't into it. Came home to find out the reason there was condensation on the pipe in the basement is that the water heater has a leak. Great! Cold showers in the morning for everyone, whether we need them or not!

    I'm just too flustered right now to re-work my iffy sermon, with its possibly career-ending questions at the end. I'm going to ask the congregation to write down three "dreams" for St. Stoic on pieces of paper I will provide, which will be put in the offering plates and later read by me and the person helping to facilitate the visioning retreat we are having next month.

    Why did I think this was a good idea twelve hours ago???

  51. Cheesehead, I like it... and even if it blows I think you have built up enough good will around there that they will give you a mulligan.

    Turn off the water heater and go to bed.

  52. It sounds a lot better than what I have, which is a strong beginning and no ending at all. I hate when that happens!

    Anybody want some ice cream?

  53. Some Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip sounds really good right about now...

  54. I should have known that would smoke you out!
    I'll take Cookies and Cream.

  55. Pass the ice cream. I've just managed to get the baby to sleep. I really wish he hadn't taken the late afternoon nap now. My 3 year old was hogging the computer for most of the afternoon. I wrote some stuff out for my conclusion, but now I have to see if it flows.

    I'll be up for at least a couple of hours.

    At least my cold seems to be tapering off. I hope it doesn't leave me with a tickle in my throat by tomorrow.

  56. Ah yes, the Sunday morning tickle in the throat. I have spent more than one Sunday morning belting down shots of Robitussin.

    Ben and Jerr's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch for me please.

  57. Strong beginning and no ending...that sounds familiar, Songbird. :)

    I love Cheesehead's idea about the dreams being part of the offering! Got to file that one away.

    And, w00t for ice cream (PB and chocolate for me please)!

    I'm home from the folk dance mass and now digging in for the final burst of creativity I hope will follow. I've got some good bones but very little meat on them at this point. I'm definitely working with cross imagery but need to focus and not try to include everything I've brainstormed.

  58. Ok Ok didn't mean to "brag" about sermons on Tuesday (I'm a Myers Briggs J--so I WANT to write the sermons on Tueday) but you notice it is late Saturday--but thanks to the laughter and ideas from all of you, I now have a sermon that might preach the gospel Yipee.. and thanks...Gail (Pastorgirl-- which isn't a great title is because of a three year old who calls me that because he has never had a "girl pastor"

  59. By the way, I have lotsa ideas in the week that never sound great on Sunday cheeshead, join the crowd. Somehow grace happens on Sunday mornings and even when things are not as articulate or gospel filled as I'd like, I'm loved anyway...gail

  60. Sermon's done for the night. On the theme of conservation, I'm pushing members to be more intentional about using reusable supplies for coffee hour and church meals. I don't think I'll be searching for a new position (I'm still really new here, and members still remember how tough it can be to find a pastor), but I have a feeling I'll ruffle a few feathers.

    For all who are fearful on comments, minor or major, I offer the perspective of a friend who once commented that he half hoped at least one person would walk out of his sermons. At least it would show he was being relevant and making people think. As you might guess, he had a strong prophetic edge. We still need prophets, even/especially among pastors.

    Now I'd be really glad for some of the mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

    Good night all.

  61. Cheesehead, I sure hope that's a good idea because that is exactly what I will be asking my congregation to do at our 50th Jubilee worship next month! Let us know how it works out, please?

    The wedding went well, the traffic didn't, but I made it back to my church and into my work clothes before most of the volunteers showed up. Luckily my husband was there early to take charge.

    The work day was really great. Not many of my members showed up, but the pastors of two congregations who also do ministry in our buildings brought their families and some members. This week we did all the heavy work, clearing out 50 years worth of junk. Now I am exhausted and not one word on paper yet for tomorrow.

    I am also chasing that illusive connection between James and Peter - I had it at some point in mid traffic jam on the freeway, but it disappeared as soon as my speedometer went above 10 mph.

    Ice cream would be great songbird, thanks!

  62. And I'm watching the Vicar of Dibley. Sermon isn't quite done, but I'll finish it in the morning...

    I hope that you all sleep well and have a great day tomorrow-

  63. The connective tissue appeared, and I think I am calling mine done, friends. Shall I leave a fresh pot of tea?

  64. Thank goodness I carefully outlined my sermon and collected all resources, quotes, etc., before today. It is a bad, bad thing for me to wait until Saturday to write. One parent plus three kids equal little or no writing time until late on Saturdays.

    Not to mention the big Clemson/FSU game on tonight. I actually tried to finalize my writing during that nail-biter. (I'll need to proofread very carefully in the morning. No telling what came out of the ends of my fingers in the last seconds of the game!) By the way - Way to go, Tigers!!!

    Heading off to a warm bath and then bed. Blessings on you all tomorrow!

  65. I'm done enough... hang in there friends, you're doing great!

  66. Songbird, as long as it has caffeine. I just got home from a SS party. I rode with someone else so couldn't leave early. Had a great time but now for that sermon thing ... and could I have Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream with that beverage containing caffeine?

  67. I finished at about 6pm and went out for dinner with a friend who found herself unexpectedly free for the evening. I think it'll preach...I guess we'll see when 8am rolls around. Blessings to those of you who are still working.

  68. I am printing now. I had to take a break an hour ago to get the oldest ds back in bed and heat up some Ramen noodles for the dh.

    I'm not sure that my sermon flows as well as it should, but I think it will still speak to those who need to hear it.

    Shall I wash some of these ice cream bowls before I go?

  69. G' morning... hope this note finds you well rested and ready 'be in the light!' You preacher out there be sure to remember:

    1) Let it go... the Holy Spirit has got your backs.

    2) If you've got a dog, walk it proud

  70. I went to bed last night with three solid pages of ideas and notes. It is 5:30 am in Chicago and I am going to try to put things in order.


  71. I woke up earlier than susal, adn I'm going to give a slight re-work a try. I'm breaking my cardinal rule of not futzing with it on Sunday morning. goes.

  72. A.Lin, Rule #1 for parties at Songbird's house:
    Anything we can't just pop into the dishwasher can wait for tomorrow.
    I hope you got some sleep!
    Tripp and cheesehead, blessings on your ordering and futzing. I'm giving mine a re-read for speakability, but that's it. It has a first go-round with my congregation, then I come home and turn it into a Power Point for Rock'nRoll Church this afternoon. Then, I collapse into bed about 7 o'clock...

  73. I have a very intresting guest this a.m. so no sermon for me. I'll share more later.

    Blessings sent out to all those who are rewriting and thinking and preaching today.

    Holy Spirit, visit us~!

  74. I don't seem to get in there late at night, mainly because I don't have the internet connection, my hubby gets it.

    As far as Clemson and FSU. Pooey on the referees. Pooey on FSU team, which is no team. maybe now they will become a team.

    Prayers for each one of us as we leave our homes, walk into whatever part of the church we walk into with the dog we walk. Step into the pulpit, and open our mouths for those words that God pours out through us and our person. The Holy Spirit is in charge. Amen

  75. Hello all--took a nap, fiddled with it a bit, went out to the putluck, came back and straight to bed (my back has not yet recovered).

    Up bright and early this morning, and went over the outline (yes, I'm doing it again!). It's not great, but it's OK.

    I'm dong the "fill out the cards and drop them in the offering plate" thing too. Our church planning meetings are next week, and I want to be sure every one has a chance to put in their two cents worth. Then no one can say, "But no one asked me for my ideas."

    Walk 'em proud, sisters and brothers!

    Blessings to all who have, are and will preach today!

  76. One down and one to go. This afternoon I'll use the same message, but it will be paired with a power point and allow time for response and discussion. It's a stretch for me, since they are very used to their pastor and don't always want to talk when he isn't there. I'm counting on the Holy Spirit, and hoping my Power Point is better than the last time I was there!

  77. I am with Songbird one down and one to go. Although I don't do powerpoint. It is a whole different sermon.

    Already been to the school's open house.

    I am not sure I have the energy to go any further...

    Glad everyone was here for the party.

    Any one heard from Cheesehead about her broken hot water heater, her participatory worship, and sturdy grandmother dying? Prayer for her and family.

    Songbird, rock the house, which i know you will.

  78. Eh, it was okay. You know how good it is when you have a guest pastor who makes your congregation love you more? Well, today I was on the opposite side of that transaction.
    But this morning was great, so I will focus on that.

  79. Hot water heater = still leaking. We turn it on for short amounts oftime, just for showers and running the dishwasher. Won't get looked at until Tuesday at the earlier.

    Leaving very early tomorrow to drive over the Great Big River 4 hours for memorial, then turn right around and come back again.

    Worship: asked folks to write down three dreams for St Stoic. Only 12% of people took cheap anonymous potshots at me. I'm calling it semi-sucessful; 88% didn't openly insult me, after all. I hope whoever wrote "Get better pastor" ends up on the next search committee!

  80. Cheesehead,
    Thanks for the update.
    I am not sure they know whom they have as Pastor, and really would anyone plese them? Prayers for you with so much travel involved. I still like your idea.

    And songbird thanks for letting us know. I like your attitude of focusing on your first go around.

    I survived a long day with no nap. Went to bed early and woke up with a blasting headache. Was no help to Bob today getting kids ready and off to school. Now to start the dat at work.


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