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Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Five: Brushes with Greatness

Reverendmother here...

In the coming days, I'll be meeting my creative/artistic role model--a singer-songwriter who has been a part of my spiritual journey for some 10 years now. I'm psyched!

David Letterman used to have a feature on his show called "Brushes with Greatness." Members of the audience would share stories of encounters with famous people. And so...

1. Tell us about a time you met someone famous.

2. Tell us about a celebrity you'd like to meet.

3. Tell us about someone great who's *not* famous that you think everyone oughta have a chance to meet.

4. Do you have any autographs of famous people?

5. If you were to become famous, what would you want to become famous for?

Bonus: Whose 15 minutes of fame was up long, long ago?

As always, let us know if you play. Here's the code to link directly:
<a href=>what you want the link to say</a>


  1. Possibly THE most boring entry, but here's mine!

    who REALLY really has to get back to her classwork now!!!

  2. Friends, Blogger seems to be experiencing something along the lines of rolling blackouts, so don't be surprised if you can't get through to a link. Just try later. Thanks!

  3. Hello, fabulous folks! Great topic. Love the entries thus far! (Also *heart* the cat pic, and boy, do we agree on the grating Paris or what?!)
    My goofy take is up!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Pw from M, let's try that again.

    And Amy of the Red Tent, here's yours.

    But keep linking, you'll get the hang of it!

  6. Oh how I love fridays. Thanks RGBP!I played here.
    Welcome to the Friday 5 CoG!

  7. Hmmmmmm

    My link was hinky. Trying again... look HERE?

    (Feeling virtuous because my paper is DONE!!! and turned in!)

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Since I am the 33rd post (give or take), I am SURE you are going to read mine. You can find it here.

  12. well I played, and when I preview the link, it looks great. But when I actually publish the link, it disappears

  13. i give up trying to post my link!

    but i played at:

    my html brain is obviously still out at lunch!

  14. Okay, not fancy, but it's mine

    (btw -- the comments don't like blogger beta logins. Go figure.)

  15. I PLAYED

    I hear it's the "in" thing to do.

  16. Finally I got to play! A bit late in the day, but it was fun.

    Free Flying Spirit

  17. I envy all you all who have had brushes with greatness. Who know greatness. I wracked my brain and could not come up with one person. Nope not one. I sure live a boring life here in AL.

  18. I am a rookie to this, but it looked like so much fun I couldn't pass it up. If anyone is still reading, stop by my blog to say hello.

    stop by my blog

    If that doesn't work, my blog is at


  19. OK -

    So that hyperlink takes you to my general blog, but not the post. Let me try once more...

    link to the post

  20. Okay, this Friday thing is SOOOO not working for me right now. But I played. It's Sunday. I had fun. Whatever.


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