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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Festival, A Wednesday Festival!

A festival to help you get over your hump day of the week, and smile the rest of week or be inspired or have a new thought or perspective on life. So sit back, click the links to the blogs that were nominated for this festival.

Events in the lives of a few of us
Conjectural Navel Gazing has two posts to share for the Wednesday festival.
First...we survived a
wee tornado. (I didn't know there was such a thing as a wee tornado?)Second, my wife and I are celebrating two years of married bliss. (And by the way there is a lovely photo of the wedded couple.) Stumbling toward divinity got ordained and has pictures to prove it. Don't forget to wish April at Salt for the Spirit get well wishes after her surgery for the broken bones after the bad car accident.

Churchy and Preachy Stuff, but fun too.
Pink Shoes shares a ministry moment about still learning. Did you know there was a contest for the most Absent Minded Pastor, and that Rebel in the Pew won? It must have gone right over my head when it was announced or I forgot it. RevEm asks a good question; How effective is the emerging church?
Bethquick posts about the state of the church and young people. Breathingroom has a rant on inactives that alot of churches and Pastors can relate to.
Psalmist has 2 rants worth the read, 1 ask the question why men bring up the pro patiarchy stance when there is discussion in progressive Christian circles about the place of women in the church and the #2. She posts about the uninsured in the US, including herself. The Kitchen door raises some interesting thoughts about gender language and how it effects us. (Although she calls them dirty words, which they probably are.)

Oh Momma!
Mindy is pondering the role of the Momma in the world of MySpace. I think she is right on! Go check her out. Blanket in the Grove has a wonderful post called moments, where she reflects on A couple moments today she just wants to be able to remember; maybe there are some moment in your day that you toowant to remember.

T. V. and Films
Cathy Knits and more asks; Festival? Did I hear festival? How about a film festival? Have one of your own – we are! What’s your favorite? Whether you are a fan of the t.v. show Survivor, go read In the Open Spaces: God's rant about it.

Seeing Spirituality through New Eyes:
Seeking authentic voice writes about the spirituality of a dog park. Maced with Grace writes about our perspective and how it effects our relationship with God, she has you going there for a minute. If you want to do something different, go do a walking meditation at Another Country, and you will need to follow the link offered in the post. Every voice a Sacred Voice blogs about Shiphrah and Puah. Are you ready to learn about the gospel in a new way? If so Talk to the Preacher speaks to us from the wisdom of the Simpsons family while teaching a small group study on the Gospel according to the Simpsons. While Longing for Home talks about the Kingdom of God according to Disney.

Oh For The Love of Fall
Sacred Art of Living has herself living into the autumnal equinox, and invites us to do the same. Pink Shoes, Ministrare, and Talk to the Preacher, love the fall too, and write about it. Have you seen Owl's Song fall pictures, they are beautiful green and gold.

Do You Know These People?
Have you seen St. Casserole's new look? Where did you get the new do? Inquiring minds want to know. If you want to read some interesting stories go back and read the blog posts on the Friday Five Boo Boo Alert. (Just follow the links in the comment section to all our wounded members.) And if you haven't had a chance yet, check out our new members and meet them as well as greet them.

Now, see don't you feel better all ready? Remember you can nominate yourself or someone else's post. Send your nominations in by Monday at midnight by using the link on the sidebar for Wednesday festival. And for this Wednesday you can add a post in the comment section, just remember to make the link [a href=""]what you want the link to say[/a] (Just change the [ ]into < >. Aslo if you notice something that needs to be corrected let me know or post it in the comment section. Thank you to you all for your nominations this week. And thank you to the Fall for the colors.


  1. The report on my recent vacation is in three parts:
    The Workshop,
    The Music, and

  2. I've been in reflective mood with a couple of psalms

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I pondered the personal lessons of the outstanding movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  5. Sorry! The above comment was missing a letter in the link. Here is the correct comment.

    I pondered the personal lessons of the outstanding movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  6. I've enjoyed connecting with my past via Lancelot Andrewes...but I bet I can't make the link work!
    No...thought not. Bother!

  7. my daughter got baptised on Friday ... and I have some spiritual daughters too.

    come take a look!

  8. I just caught my dog Angel on the church PC [again!] writing about her experience at church this past Sunday ... I hate it when she writes better than I do!

  9. I look forward to checking out revgals every day, and appreciate the days we are pointed to new blogs and/or blogs of interest.Thanks to those of you who "manage" revgals! and to all of you who post...

  10. Hello everyone. It's been good to meeet you all. IF anyone read my 'Boo boo', you may be interested to know that I have an appointment at the hospital on Monday to check how my replaced replacement shoulder is coping.

  11. I've posted miscellaneous stuff including: rhapsody on my cousin, rant on public bathrooms, invite to my ordination, and a plea for advice.

  12. not sure why -... but I can't comment on the ask the matriarchs page ...

    :( the link to comments comes back unfound ...


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