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Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Five: life in the fast lane

Big gentle hugs, soft pillows and heating pads to Will Smama, our resident matriarch and preacher/blogger/procrastinator who was involved in a bit of a fender-bender this week. We're very grateful she's OK, just a little shaken up...

In lieu of flowers, I send this Friday Five out to her. Let's all be careful on those roadways.

1. Driving: an enjoyable way to clear the mind? a means to an end? a chance to be quiet with one's thoughts? a necessary evil? the downfall of our planet and its fossil fuels? Discuss.

2. Do you drive the speed limit? A little faster? Slower? Have you ever gotten a ticket?

3. Do you take public transportation? When? What's your opinion of the experience?

4. Complete this sentence: _____________ has the worst drivers I've ever experienced.

5. According to the Census Bureau, reverendmother's fair city has the 6th longest average commute in the United States at 29 minutes each way. How does your personal commute rate?

Bonus for the brutally honest: It has been said, and the MythBusters have confirmed, that cell phones can impede driving ability almost as much as drinking. Do you talk on a cell phone while driving?

Those of you who do not drive, or who do not drive regularly, may do whatever you wish with this F5--and you do so with my everlasting envy.

As always, let us know in comments if you play. If you'd like to link, use this code:
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And speaking of "fast" lane, check out a different kind of fast: 30 Days of Nothing: fasting from extraneous purchases. Intriguing stuff.


  1. Whee! Am I really first?

    I played here

    God bless Will Smama!

    And I am still praying about that 30 Days of Nothing. A hard teaching.

  2. blessings and love to will smama.

    Just having had to dash across town twice cos I got the times wrong, I'm in no mood to play :(

    but mobile phones - most people use hands free here (it's the law) - I don't have hands free so mostly when driving alone I leave my bag at the back so I'm not tempted to answer. It works well.

  3. "In lieu of flowers"... actually got coffee up my nose on that one.

    Thanks all for your well wishes. I am sore, but fine and my son was not in the car with me.

  4. I played - and send Will Smama my best.

    Apologies for the format of my blog. I'm going to get some help for it in the coming days...

  5. Click here for Transplanted Buckeye's response, and a bonus video!

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  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Lorna - hands free is the law in NY/NJ too, but that doesn't have much of an impact (I speak from my own bad behavior experience.) It just means, "eek, there's a cop, but the phone down!"

  9. lieu of flowers does sound positively funeralish. GLad you are OK will smama.

    My responses are up

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  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I'll figure the linking thing out someday.

    I played.

  13. too much driving over here... dare I blog... maybe tomorrow, just got home and it is late..

  14. Well, I may be in the slow lane in making comments, but I have posted here.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. stretch, yawn, I am so late! But I played here! Safe travels over the holiday weekend everyone.

  17. Rats, the link didn't work this time. Let's try this

  18. Okay one last time . If this doesn't work, just come on over to

  19. I was too busy driving to post earlier. Now that I'm not driving, I have finally played as I tried to get to gate 9 3/4.

  20. I played the Friday Five on Saturday. Surely makes you loose your mind ...

    Ahhh! I have that song in my head now!!!!!

  21. Late , but I played.


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