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Friday, September 01, 2006

Prayers, Please

Please hold Jane Ellen (of Hoosier Musings in Big Sky Country) in prayer. Her community is threatened by wildfires, and her church organist has lost her home. I'm sure she would appreciate your comments as well.


  1. just seen this. my pc isn't picking up recent posts on revgals (again - grr) but saw this through bloglines.

    Lord in your mercy spare lives in this area.

  2. Golly, fire is so wonderful and so terrible at the same time.

    God bless you as you minister to them and we gladly minister to you at this time.

    I have a Prayer Contract out on you and the people in your area. And for those fighting the fires and those caring for their needs.

    May you be drenched in God's love!

    Free Flying Spirit

  3. Lorna, I know Blogger has been wonky with regard to showing new comments, but I haven't heard from anyone else about posts not showing up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Certainly no one is trying to keep you out of the loop!


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