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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Slender Wednesday Festival

Greetings, and welcome to the Festival, which today originates from a rain-washed and COOL (60 degrees Fahrenheit) place. Oh, thank you, God!

Going outside today and getting chill-bumps!! made me especially appreciate the writing of Melissa at YuteGal. She, too, is grateful for the blessed coming of rain and reminds us that it's times of drought (literally and spiritually) that make us realize the fullest extent of its benison. And she also shares an experience of humility and grace in the dirt.

Here's a hat tip to a lovely and thoughtful post from one of our newest members, Star Light, Star Bright, writing about suffering and redemption.

It's a real delight to share with you Carmen's post about some of her favorite books, Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.

Carmen says, "In the Amber books, there are two true worlds (Amber and the Courts of Chaos) between which exist Shadow worlds (including Earth), like “shadows” or altered versions of the two true worlds....Lately, I’ve found Zelazny’s Amber-verse a helpful image in articulating my experience in following Jesus: It’s as if I’ve been un-deceived and I’m walking towards a real or true view of reality, a seeing of how things really are—the way God sees them, which is the truest way as he created it all to begin with."
Your editor today does not YET know these books, but she is running right out to the library to find them!

Cathy shares a wonderful family/community experience of grape-picking and grape-stompin' for wine-making - wine for the Eucharist, that is. A share for us of a lovely experience, complete with photos.

And I am thinking about the Thirty Days of Nothing, and my own manner of participating in it.

Festival nominations were a little slim this week, but it's not too late! Please shout-out in the comments if you'd like to join in the ... uh ... festivities.

If you'll include a link to your post, so much the nicer. Sorry that I can't seem to make Blogger show you the code, but if you are like me and need to look it can find it at the bottom of THIS POST.

Blessings on us all.


  1. encountering this series was a fond memory for me, especially for the universe Zelazny created. (the variety of worlds/universes authors create is one of the biggest attractors for me to the fantasy/sci-fi genre.) the series isn't Christian by any means (it's more Eastern in orientation), but i think Zelazny captured something of how we experience life/reality/truth, even if it is just an echo. but don't expect some great philosophical/spiritual treatise in this series, heh -- they are, after all, pulp fantasy/sci-fi. blessings.

  2. My blog from last night is all over the board--just some random sweepings of stray thoughts.

    I promise to be more coherent (in every sense) later...

  3. I wrote a piece on beer, and a piece on a field trip we just went on. They are both kind of fun and silly. The piece on beer is my husband's favorite ever, fw that iw.

  4. I made an addendum to my entry to include a link to to watch the grape stomping. Here it is.

  5. My refrigerator is leaking, and my daughter is starting middle school. Is that enough for one day?

  6. It ain't always about Jesus at

  7. I don't have much to suggest for the festival, but it was great to see the article on revgals in the most recent Christian Century. My husband found it first and said, "Isn't that the blog group you're part of?" It's a blessing to find oneself in such good company.

    Blessings, y'all!

  8. I posted about the limitations in helping those coming to the church looking for assistance. I would welcome you thoughts.

  9. I have an editorial/commentary in this week's United Methodist Reporter. Some of you may have read some of the content on my blog.

  10. Blessings to all. I'm dwelling on my arms being too short and stuff like that over at my place.

    (Just click on my name to get there! - no need for fancy links!)

  11. I am endeavouring to get back on track so have blogged everyday this week.
    The blogs have covered:
    a recap of a crazy weekend (dinosaur cakes included),
    reflection of the death of the Croc Hunter,
    looking at the stars, and
    conflict and community in church.

    This is what I love about blogging it covers all aspects of life. Just click on my name to get there.



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