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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Trivia Challenge - August's Winner is Alin!

Well, the month of August has passed and our first month of RGBP Trivia Challenge has come to a close. Some folks are lickety split fast and some of us are more like tortoises but the end result is to have fun. This months winner is Alin, who can answer 10 questions in the blink of an eye, and to top it off... she rarely misses any questions. Perhaps she will respond to this post and give us tips on improving our scores... I keep on thinking she must have a huge computer monitor where she doesn't have to scroll down the page.

Go to her blog and CONGRATULATE her for winning this month's tournament - hands down - by number of wins and points accumulated. She gets to choose a topic for this month's trivia challenge.

Anyway, back to this... notice I didn't make it close to being on top AND I played every day. Statistically I had a chance. IN reality, well not so good. So if you want to take advice from someone who didn't make it even close to the best, here it is:

  • Play every day - part of the factoring in of who wins is who accumulates the most overall points. It looks at overall wins, points per game and cumulative points.
  • The faster you play and the more questions you answer correctly places you closer to the top of the list.
  • Most of us have found that go with your first gut answer, it's usually right. Remember, we are playing from a database of questions - none of us gets the same questions in the same order.
  • When you check your answers and you find out you have gotten a wrong answer - read up on it - read the information they provide. It seems that if I get one wrong, it's going to dole it out to me again before too long. (I still have to remember to bone up on the difference on a protractor and a compass - I get that wrong every time!).
  • When you take the quiz - make sure you inform everyone in your family you DON'T want to be interrupted - you may go hours without anyone talking to you, but as soon as you start taking the quiz, the family needs to urgently talk to you. It's got to be one of Murphy's laws.

Last month's excuses for doing ... not so good...

I haven't had my coffee this morning.
It's WAY too early to be taking this quiz.
My family interrupted me.
Umm. I didn't know this quiz was timed (OK - someone took over 40,000 seconds to take the quiz - now that takes talent!).

Ok... go here - go give Alin a blastin' on her blog - let her know she is tops in August!!

After that, go play Trivia Challenge and have fun!


  1. Hmmm I think that might have been me with the 40,000 seconds - I started the quiz one morning then got called away and came back in the evening to do it again and it counted my re-start as though I'd taken all day!!

  2. ...and I'm 'lightbulb' on there... another intelligent moment - signed up with that inspired name before realising that others were playing their RevGal names!!
    See... no-one need fear my 'supreme intelligence' :D

  3. Chelley,
    You were not the only one that took over 40,000 seconds! :) I must have missed your special time!

  4. I just checked back - it wasn't me... I only took 30,127 seconds... speedy in comparison :D

  5. Thanks, Cathy!
    My results on some of the Bible quizzes have been *really* shameful.

  6. Ok, now I realize why I was getting so many comments on my blog about the trivia thing.

    I had been playing the trivia game with another group for over a year when I decided to stop with that group(we had dwindled to a handful) and play the RGBP one instead. This did not give me an advantage. Around six months ago, the questions got more variety. Before that time, the questions had been easy and speed was the only factor. Now they are more difficult and varied in topic.

    My tips:
    1. I read fast, and it helps with the speed.
    2. I am also good at answering trivia questions which helps, too. There are areas I do not know about (like popular music, British geography, etc.).
    3. I like to play the trivia just after midnight scoring because my house is quiet, and I can concentrate on reading and answering as quickly as possible.
    4. Remember the correct answers if you miss one--it is bound to be repeated.
    5. I use my mouse and the scroll wheel. Click on submit as soon as you have answered question 10--you never know how much that half second will mean until you see that someone else beat you with the same amount of seconds.

    As for new topics, it doesn't matter to me. Like I said, I enjoy the variety and usually learn at least one new fact. If I have to pick, I would say grammar or geography (not British) would be my choices.


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