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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Festival, Part One

Dear Ones,

Welcome to the Wednesday Festival! This week's nominations were varied and fabulous, of course. Thanks to all who nominated, and of course to all who write such wonderful pieces for us all to read. Don't forget to send in nominations for next week's Festival -- we've done away with the categories for any given Wednesday, so anything goes as long as it's on a RevGalBlogPal blog!

Pink Shoes

Revem has helped start a new worship that reaches out to young people! Go give her some encouragement. Tripp posts about his installation service! Huzzah! Melissa blogged about her first Sunday as a Student Assistant Pastor over at Going on to Perfection.

Walking his Path is blogging about her experience, good and bad, at Drew Seminary. Reverend Mommy was the smarty-pants seminarian. Love it, love it, love it. Sally asks about the wisdom of state universities (in the UK) of giving expensive freebies to potential students. Rev-to-be-Mibi is sick but is really doing well with her Hebrew in seminary.

Grace and God
Sojourner's journey has had surgery and posts her thoughts about going through the experience, and about finding God in the midst of trials. Recover quickly and well! Swan Dive writes about finding her voice by listening to God. The Sacred art of living finds grace in the limits and Mrs. M at The Kitchen Door writes about learning to let go.

Sunday's Child writes about her feelings of trying to help a woman in need with limited resources on her own end. Psaltery has an interesting take on the what they are teaching young women these days. On the other hand, Owl's Song discusses Iron John/Iron Jesus in the church, but you have to follow the link in the post as well.

Are you ready for some football?
An Ohio State fan who is transplanted but doesn’t forget to cheer for her team. Wide-Eyed and Laughing was watching the same game only with a snowy tv screen. Smallest Angel has a picture of a future football player and writes about her team as well.

Rebel Without a Pew entertains us with beauty tips from a very smart 3rd grader. Have you seen the Vicar of Hogsmede’s new shirt?

Walk Humbly has a new kitten that they still haven't named. The Mercy Blog has a new cat named Lulu that was once an abandoned. PPB continues to blog about her kitten littleman's life in her apt and life. Will you be his friend if he gets his own facebook page? What a diligent kitten -- writing thank you notes... I should take lessons!

Rev. Stacey talks about her dog coming to church, and what happened next. Stumbling Toward Divinity blogs about a particular dog that has stolen his heart.

In a category all their own.... or at least not with any others!
Musing Disciple has a poignant poem about forgiveness. Greetings from the Deep South! In the Open is thinking about bridges and embraces. Chartreuseova is spending the week thinking about her brother. Jan jas a funny, light post that hits the spot about dream jobs.
Brash, Dramatic and Outspoken has found God on her computer! Go have a look at the image she created!


  1. Great job, PS! LOTS of posts this week, keep 'em coming folks!

  2. I am hosting a new swap over at my place. Looks like it will be bookmarks. Come on over and play!! We always have fun!

  3. Just a correction -- at Going on to Perfection, it's Melissa, not Melanie! :-)

  4. Whooops! I'll change that right away!! Sorry about that!

  5. We have lots of new bloggers who will be introduced on Monday, but in the meantime, I'd like to suggest you read mompriest's post about discernment, small church ministry and the overall receptivity to women in ministry. Good stuff. You'll find it at seekingauthenticvoice.

  6. I'm talking fashion, too--clerical style, at Rainbow Pastor.

    Great roundup, PS, as always!

  7. Oops, got the URL wrong--I always forget the backslash. Try this instead.

  8. Wow Pink Shoes Job well done,
    I'm exhausted just reading it.


  9. Great job Pink Shoes!

    I've got a discussion about chronic pain and women's health over at my place.

  10. HELP! This is a plea for any non-presbyterian pastors in the midwest area! I am going to be ordained in Chicago on October 29th at 6.30pm, and I have to have an "ecumenical representative" on my administrative commission. THe preference is for someone from a denomination "in correspondance" with the PCUSA...and I am in desperate need of women on my commission....if any of you are out there and would be willing to come and be on this, please email me at tericarol21 at yahoo dot com. thanks!

    And, of course, all the rest of you are invited too! :-)

  11. I am being oppressed by anyone else being oppressed?
    Just checking...


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