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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Festival Special Focus: September 11

So many folks blogged about September 11, 2001, this week (and Rev. Abi was kind enough to catalog many of them!) that I've created a special post for those entries. We all have a story about that day and perhaps you'll find a common thread with someone else's story as you remember with those who have shared on their blog.

Carmen blogs about the hour that changed her world. Rev Abi weighs in on the day, too. Bad Alice had a positive pregnancy test which causes her reminisce. Micah Girl blogs about 9/11 also.

Net asks where were you? Longing for Home shares where she was.
Breathing Room was living in Western Kansas. Journey Mama was on her honeymoon.

Talk With the Preacher uses pictures to remember. The Sacred Art of Living hearts NY. Princess of Everything (and then some) posts her memories of 5 yrs ago; Cheesehead writes her memories of that day, also. Girl Gone Great does not want to remember. Walking Wet posts about the vulnerability she feels.

Church for Starving Artists has a chilling post on the 5th anniversary.

A prayer by Another Unfinished Symphony; Peace Pastor suggests we take a moment of silence. Quotidian Grace gives blood.

Amy has a different perspective on the event.

In the Wilderness writes about one person's story who died that day and so does Maced with Grace. Transplanted Buckeye remembers Kenneth W. White.

Philosophy Over Coffee blogs about impact on his seminary experience. Big Dunk talks about God's grace in the midst of it. Smallest Angel blogs about what we have learned . Come to the Table talks about how much more we have to do.

And, finally, MMB went to NYC and wants to know what you did to commemorate the day.


  1. Pink Shoes,
    Great job on both posts. Mary Beth, sorry I missed yours, glad you included it.

    These are great posts and would make a great book. Maybe focusing on how to handle tragedies/major traumas in our lives. I don't know just thinking out loud.

    There are some really creative, thoughtful writers among this group of bloggers. I keep learning from you all how to be less stunted in my writing and preaching, and how to let the creative side flow. Also, I learn from a few of you how to spell better, and correct grammar. Thank you.

    I did post another on it also about 9/11 and Gandhi

  2. I wrote about it, too. Go to my place to read "Where I was".


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