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Monday, October 09, 2006

Howdy Partners!

It's an exciting time here at the ol' Revgal saloon. The swinging doors are making a racket as folks keep pouring in and beverages of welcome slide down the bar. Be sure to go around and welcome the new folks in town.

WalkingByFaithInFlipFlops: The musings of an eastern North Carolina minister. A beginner blogger who has some interesting stories to tell.

Endangered Species: Church - Come meet Erika who is a Post Modern United Methodist Pastor who is passionate about making the gospel relevant. I'm a young clergywoman working dealing with the potential extinction of my denomination...and whatever else I want to talk about. It's about ecclesiology and pop culture as I see it.

Feeding God's Sheep: Mother Schoonmaker's Blog - A compilation of the Reverend Lisa K. Schoonmaker's sermons, reflections and photography. In her own words: After 15 years as a divorce lawyer God finally grabbed me by my neck and shook me like a rag doll. "Wake up, woman. You don't seem to have gotten my gentle tappings on your shoulder from time to time, so maybe THIS will get your attention. I am CALLING you." Whew! 7 years later I was ordained to the priesthood at the age of 53. Just in time. I could have lived out my life missing the whole point!

Jubilee: Written by Rev. Maria, Pastor of a multicultural, open and affirming congregation which celebrates 50 years of ministry on October 8, 2006. As we live into our Jubilee year I find myself seeing everything as an aspect of Jubilee - rest, reflection, forgiveness, celebration and looking forward to the future.

DawgDays: Occasional confessions of a clergy spouse.

KC's Kaleidoscope: She gave up a 20-year career in journalism to pursue ministry. She's in her 40s and in seminary and coordinating pastoral care at her local church. Oh, and did we mention her husand and her 5-year-old son? Glory be!

Welcome One and All!


  1. Unrelated to this post -
    I just noticed that _Ordinary Time_ is listed at Amazon ... by a "private seller". It is listed as "collectable" with a price of $89.95.

  2. Hi all and welcome to the revgalblogpals saloon, not sure exactly what all we are serving today, other an invite to the table, and to drink from the cup of the lord, and a some bread from the bread of life.

    I'll be gone today to the Bishop's Convocation at beautiful Camp Sumatanga in AL, to be with my wonderful Bishop, Will Willimon, and peers. We'll see, we'll see.

  3. What a nice group of new folks on the blog - we grow by leaps and bounds!

  4. Can someone tell me and the other newbies how we post to this blog(or can only some people post...?)

    Rev. Debra W. Haffner

  5. Sure,
    There is a list on the sidebar called "Blog Contributors."
    Each day is a different theme or purpose to the main blog's posting; Monday is Meet and Greet and once a month a Mission moment, Tuesday is Lectionary Leanings and so on.
    If you would like to participate, just drop an email to
    revgalblogpals at

  6. How cool! I know two of these new RevGals in person... hello Revs. Maria and Erika! So glad you're here.

  7. ...And hello to everyone else, too, of course. Nice to meet you!

  8. Per my grandmother used to say, "All fools aren't dead yet!"


  9. rev Debra,

    Here are some ways to post, since you are a member of the revgalblogpals ring: I have been following what you have been saying and the Foley and Congress situation, and I have appreciated it.

    Debra you asked how to post on revgalblogpals. Are you talking about the comment section? If so here's how by using this formula what you want the link to say . The other way to do it, is this, up at the top of your blog is blogger's toolbar, and at the bottom of a post is posted by Rev. Debra W. Haffner @ 4:39 AM 3 comments links to this post. On the toolbar is "blogthis", click it on, click on the html, copy the html code and post it in the comment section of revgalblogpals of the post you are commenting on. You can get the same result by clicking "links to this post" and then "create a link." clicking on your time "4:39" will open up the post and the links in the address bar. You can use the address to put in the formula.

    You can send an nomination of a post you have written to

    Hope this helps.


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