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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Prayer

*Note: It is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, therefore the theme of this week's prayer...

Great and Wondrous Creator, we bring our thankfulness and praise on this special Thanksgiving Day celebration. Today we are reminded of so many blessings in life,
...not only the material gifts of food and nourishment, of harvests and plenty
...but also the less tangible gifts of support and care and love,
...of a hand to comfort and a shoulder to lean on.

We thank you for our faith, and the legacy of generations of faithful believers who have taught us about your nature and your grace simply by telling their own stories. We thank you for the courage of prophetic voices through the years who have challenged us to have an authentic faith, though not always an easy one.

We thank you for Jesus, who continues to call us to live his commandments – to love you, and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

We thank you for your church, with all of its struggles and all of its joys, we pray, guide us by your Spirit’s strength to live faithfully in your name. Bless our journey together.

We raise up to you all those who are in special need of your grace today. God, we pray, bless them all. Give your strength where it is needed, and bring comfort and healing to all in need of your divine touch.

Loving God, hear these and all our prayers, for they are offered with thankfulness and praise, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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  1. Thanksgiving is always appropriate; thank you for this prayer.

  2. Thanks God for this new day, my family, friends, and revgalblogpals. Thanks for Sue and her prayers.

    Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!

    I wonder if we could celebrate too and then have the American one, also? Two thanksgivings. But then every day needs to be a day of thanksgiving.

  3. and amen- we do not celebrate thanksgiving in the UK Harvest would be our equivalent- but it is focused narrowly- I miss Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Thanksgiving can be anytime, anywhere...even better all times and all places.

    Maybe we at revgals can make our own "time" for one. That way we can be united in it .. while knowing each country and area has its own ways of doing things.

    In many things we are already united, so why not a special time for this revgal ring???

    One time that maybe is an in between time, when folks are feeling the need for a party. Giving thanks is a way to celebrate.

    Any ideas anyone?


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