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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Prayer

*note: I usually cross-post this prayer over on the RevGal site, and will do so today. Our congregation, Little Church on the Corner, is voting today on the matter of becoming an Affirming congregation. This move is in keeping with the official position of the United Church of Canada, and is supported by our Presbytery, which is an Affirming Presbytery.

Loving and Mysterious God, I'm praying for our church today. Not only Little Church on the Corner, but for your Church in the world. My prayer is that regardless of the results of today's decision, our church family will continue to seek out justice, peace and sacredness in all that we do. My prayer is that our little congregation can live out its gospel call to love our neighbour without condition.

God, be with us as discern our place in a diverse and complicated world. Be with us, and send your Spirit into our midst, so that we might see Christ in one another as we share our thoughts on this decision. Help us to see the humanity and the struggle within those who disagree with us. Remind us that as we are called to love neighbour, we are especially called to love those with whom we do not agree. Bring that radical Christ-love into our space this morning, O God.

God of us all, stay close. We need you. Now, and always. Amen. Amen.

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  1. Sue,

    Thank you for your beautiful prayers and I am praying for you and your parish!

  2. thanks Cathy. The vote passed!

  3. Sue,
    You and your parish have been in my prayers...I'm glad the vote passed, I hope my a large margin in order to help keep the peace!


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