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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Eleventh Hour Preacher Party...

...with a rather under-the-weather host. *cough* *blow nose* *cough cough* Alright, everyone, you can come in, but don't come too close. I don't want to pass off this nasty cold to any of you. I can just see it now: the world's pulpits filling with congested, red-eyed, runny-nosed preachers. Not a pretty picture.

So, what I have to contribute to today's party is: lemon and honey tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, orange tea, ginger twist tea, chicken noodle soup, and thera-flu. Oh, and kleenex. There is coffee in the kitchen. I don't think I can pry my butt off the couch to make it, but you may help yourselves.

I have Job 38 and Mark 10:35-45 on the docket for this week, and I think I have a general trajectory. Unfortunately, I also have a vow renewal ceremony and a church coffeehouse gig, so I'll be in and out despite my less than healthy state, and this may end up being the week I try preaching from an outline, out of sheer necessity. Then again, preaching from an outline while highly medicated might not be the best idea ever, so who knows?

Anyway, enough about my illness. Pull up a chair, and bring your ideas, questions, frustrations, celebrations, and snacks to the table. Sooner or later, we'll all have dogs, and we'll walk them proud, because that's what we do. Party on, preachers!


  1. Yikes! I don't want to catch that so I am going to head off to Mississippi instead.

    Have fun all...

  2. yeah I think I'll skip this week too. Hope you feel better soon Stacey!

    Blessings all. Preach the word, sometimes using words :)

  3. Going on the premise that Stacey is no longer contagious, count me in for the party! I love peppermint tea whether I'm sick or not.

    I had two funerals this week that made it difficult to do anything in advance, so I'm starting from scratch here. Not a lot going on for me yet. But I'm probably focusing on the Mark text (we have Isaiah instead of Job).

    But first I need to go get some sleep, and then get up in the morning to do some food distribution stuff. I'll be back later!

  4. Oh, and I should've said, I hope you feel better soon Stacey!

  5. Stacey, sounds like the same cold but the US version...Mine is on its way out, though, which is a great comfort.
    Not preachign tomorrow OR the week after, but should be working on outlines for Indian preachments...or I could just curl up again with the cats and a good book.
    There's some flapjack made, as Hattie Ghandi is home from uni for the weekend, and I don't have a fatted calf to I'll bring some to pick at as we huddle over our lemsips!

  6. I love that bit of Job. One of my favourites. Lots of humility stuff. We also have something from Hebrews on priesthood and humility so with our youth group afterwards I'm going to be looking at "what is a priest?" or "what is humility?"

  7. This sick preacher (see Stacey's symptoms, because mine are nearly identical) is relieved, because student pastor is preaching tomorrow. And my calendar is empty today, save dog care. You are all in my prayers as you seek the word people need to hear tomorrow.

  8. Hi, all!

    Stacey - I hope you kick that cold soon! Nyquil and I are good buddies.

    I'm in this week: Job and Hebrews (on top of 18 other things for tomorrow). Started CPE this week, so am also just getting sermon things together.

    My sermon title was due Friday and I had no idea. So as I laid in bed at midnight the night before, I was thinking, "Sermon title...sermon title...I have NO idea what this sermon is even going to be about...God only knows where this is going..AH HA!!"

    The sermon title this week is: "God Only Knows"

    And, God only knows quite where we will land by 8:30 tomorrow morning.

    Ahhhh, another edition of Doing Life with God - its always an adventure!!

    Blessings, everyone, on your day. You might not know where your next sermon is coming from, but the Good News is: God does!!

    All the best as you work it out together!


  9. Stacey, I'll come over - I am just getting over my stuff and highly medicated. Ginger tea sounds mighty fine - don't think I have had that.

    Don't write sermons - just listen to them :)

  10. And to all my sick revgalblogpals, I am right here with you. It sounds like Stacey's illness is not going to effect us too badly. I have been sick too and thought I was getting over it, but have a sore throat today. I also have Angel Food ministry distribution this morning, and a wedding this afternoon. The kids are getting over their bout with pneumonia.

    So tea sounds good, I am pulling up a chair until I have to go. I'll think I'll take some of the honey and lemon tea, maybe it will soothe my sore throat. I am preaching on the Mark passage from last week. But now I am wondering just what I was I thinking? Bethany I like your story of getting your title and your title.

  11. I'll bring a case of Kleenex! I've got a sore throat, very runny nose and hurting ears. Fortunately, I'm not preaching again tomorrow (last week Grandbaby's baptism, this week the end of Mission Festival!) God is good. Pass the Dayquil, will 'ya? Thanks!

    Feel better, Stacey and everyone else who has this miserable cold!

  12. Preaching for the first time in two weeks. But first off to a hobby show with the familiy; I'll be back later to talk about Mark.

  13. I'm officially on study leave! My Parish Associate is preaching tomorrow, which is a good thing, since today is Wondergirl's 16th birthday. I have mucho party prep to do, but I'll peek in now and again to see how y'all are doing. Feel better!

  14. Bless all my sick friends! And hope you are all better soon.

    I am not preaching this week. Our pulpit is serving as a neutral pulpit so a sister church's search committee can hear a potential interim preach. I am just thrilled at the prospect of hearing someone else's sermon besides my own.

    I'm feeling pretty good - knock on wood - so if you need me to make a drug store run, just let me know!

  15. Oh, I am so envious of all of you who aren't preaching this week. *sigh* I'm plugging away at the first part of my sermon, in hopes of getting it done before the vow renewal ceremony. Ha.

    So, where I'm going at this point...The Job passage pretty clearly establishes God's greatness and power - which makes it even more interesting when Jesus shows up and starts talking about the greatest becoming least. The same God who spoke from a whirlwind then becomes the servant. So, I'm thinking about the ways we cling to power that isn't ours in the first place, and how hard it is to give up control and serve as we are called to do.

  16. I'm at our Regional Assembly until late this afternoon so I won't be around till then. Stacey, I hope you're feeling better by then.

    I have a title "Singing the Whole Song" because every Sunday we sing only verse 1 of "We Give Thee But Thine Own"and never sing the whole thing. Somehow in the middle of the week (on my way out the door to Assembly) I thought Mark shows James and John focusing on just one part of the Disciple Job Description, and Jesus is calling them to sing the whole song, live the full gospel ... After sitting through business sessions and workshops I think I may be on to something - or not. :-)

    Feel better soon, all you sick preachers!

  17. Well, I mentioned on Tuesday that I was planning to use the verse from Nehemiah about rebuilding the Temple with a weapon in one hand and a brick in the other...

    And that's still where I am, four days, six meetings, one workshop, and at least fifteen phone calls later.

    I'm beginning to like the outline thing... It doesn't exactly save me time, because I want to be sure I know what I'm saying under each heading and that there's enough to make a heading. But it is easier than trying to figure out all the details and exactly which word to use when. It's certainly made me depend more on the Holy Spirit, which is a good thing!

    So I'll make some more coffee and put the kettle on for the tea drinkers. I have some brownies I made for the potluck dinner tonight, I purloined a few (good thing this is virtual, though).

    Oh, and I played yesterday's meme here.

  18. rev marie and stacey good stuff.
    Don't know that song though.
    But I like your thinking.

    I am off to Angel Food ministry then back to do the wedding, at least that is robed. So I am not worrying about looks today.

    What is this with the not preaching today? Ya'll taking off before the big bang of Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas? I should have thought of this, although I didn't preach last sunday morning.

    This following Jesus is just plain hard, and we sure look for the easy way out, and there is none is there?

  19. All week I have been brooding on Markan text, James and John who tell Jesus: "We want you to do for us what ever we ask." How bold is that! But Jesus responds, "What is it you want me to do for you..."

    To expound upon this I am experimenting with using a scene from the movie Wall Street. It means all sorts of things: purchasing a church video license and trying to que up the exact scene I need to use without much techno problems in the middle of my sermon.

    Assuming I get all those pieces to work I will show the clip and continue to unpack the difference between greed and compassion, between the acquiring of things for our own selfish needs versus the sharing of our resources for the well being of others. In other words, having is not bad in and of itself, rather it is the unhealthy need for things can get in our way of being in relationship with God. And it is in knowing the depth of God's love for us broken humans that we are able to love others in their brokeness.

    Or something like that....

    Feel better all...I've only suffered from allergies, no cold yet..licorice root tea is good for sore throats!

  20. Noon check-in time (otherwise known as I need a break time). How's everyone doing?

    I have about 3 and 1/3 pages written, and usually my completed sermons are 4 pages, so I feel like things are coming along pretty well at this point. Now, whether it's coherent, given all the cold medication I'm on, I guess we shall see tomorrow.

    And if any of you have a spare moment, can you send up a little prayer that my voice will be functional by 6:30pm? Thanks.

  21. So it is quite funny that I just totally freaked out. I'm new to the blogging world and I wrote a long comment about my thoughts on the Job text. I wanted to preview it and then check the link and accidentally closed the window! AHHH! I almost abandoned blogging altogether after that...but I'll continue to persevere...

    Anyway...I will stubbornly try to recover a few of my thoughts....

    In regards to the Job text, I was thinking about a lot about how we define power today (building off Stacey's comments). I think Jesus came to reverse and turn on its head the power structure of the Temple in his day. His words made people think about the people in authority and where they derived their power from. Does power come from doing and saying the "right" things and of course, looking the "right" way? Or is true power derived from authenticity and vulnerability? The resurrection is our hope that those who seek to use their power to dominate and rule seflishly (like the Romans) do not hold ultimate authority, instead, the man who laid down his life for others has the final word.

    feel better to those who are sick...
    peace and comfort to those who are preaching...

    i'm off to the boston regatta to watch some rowing. i'm not preaching tomorrow since i'm so new to staff that i have to earn my dues before i get some pulpit time.

  22. My runny nose and I are headed off to the church to renew some marriage vows.

    A draft of the sermon is done. I'll look it over again when I get home to make sure it actually makes sense, and again in the morning just to get it back in my head.

    Welcome, Divine Cupcake. Glad you didn't give up after your comments disappeared! Like your thoughts on power.

    I'm stopping for more cold drugs on the way home; can I get anyone else anything while I'm out?

  23. Stopped by the craft fair at church and brought over some homebaked goodies. Would be great with some nice cold milk! I'll have to check the fridge or catch Stacey on her cell.

    I'm somewhere in the middle of my sermon. Wishing it was a full draft.

    Cookies. Milk. Nap. Then some more inspiration!

  24. Well, I have the bare beginnings of an outline (i.e., random thoughts scribbled on a notepad, with a consistent theme and focus).

    The dog is cleaned up, the brownies are baking.

    I would really like to get the sermon all tidied up this afternoon, since there's a potluck dinner tonight, and DP and I really need some quality time (see the six meetings, etc., from my earlier comment).

    Back to the sermon!

  25. Well, sounds like I'm in good company. My throat hurts and my nose is a little runny. This week was crazy, so I'm just now getting down to writing, but I have a lot of prep work done. I'm preaching on the death penalty. Yep, that's right folks. Holy Comfort is partcipating in Amnesty International's National Weekend of Faith in Action on the Death Penalty. I chose the Leviticus eye for an eye text (24:13-23) the part of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus contradicts that (Matt 5:38-47) and Romans 12:14-21 (Bless your enemies...). I'm weaving in the Amish community's response to the wife of the shooter and a bit of a sermon by an Orthodox Rabbi who says "Yeah, those are our scriptures and we don't do that anymore." Loosely paraphrased.

    Stacey, I hope you feel better soon. Mompriest, love the Wall Street idea. And even if you don't get to show it, you could describe it. Do you really need a license to show a clip? Rainbow Pastor, you're a brave woman. I'm not yet ready to walk out there without the whole text. That doesn't mean that I just read it, but still... Rev Maria, LOVE the singing the whole song idea...We like to just pick and choose which part of the Gospel we'll follow, don't we? Stacey, that's great stuff about giving up control. I had a real epiphany about that while reading this week's gospel in the Message version. Cheese, happy 16th to Wondergirl!!!!

  26. I am still hiding kleenex in the skirt, robe, pulpit and bible after two weeks of the ick cold. May you heal quickly and fully- all of you!

    In any case I am using this Sunday as a mission and stewardship time- after asking people to reflect on their own stewarship practices from last week, I am reminding them of the service and servanthood they have been doing.

    What an absolute joy it has been to reflect on all the wonderful things people in this church community have done and are doing. It grants good perspective (while, at the same time encouraging the discipleship of servanthood)

    Good health and good luck!

  27. is too late to bring the Airborn..that stuff WORKS if you catch the cold early enough.

    We (the church) have a soldier returning from Iran tomorrow, so we have yellow ribbons, etc. etc. to welcome him home. I decided, for obvious reasons, to talk about service--but not military service, service to God. Probably something about the one who wants to be great must be a servant. Crazy week, and I'm flying out to California Monday a.m. My fill-in for next Sunday just called to cancel (emergency) and I haven't found anyone to fill in.

    Sometime tonight I may be ready to think about my sermon again.

    I hate that!

  28. I'm checking back in as I get started. Some good thoughts in here that may be just what I need to get going! I especially like this question of power, how do we get it, where does it really come from, etc.

    Also in the Mark text, what strikes me today is the reaction of the other ten disciples. They probably said just what I would say: "Who do you think you are, asking Jesus for that?" Sort of like "Sitting at the right and left hand of Jesus: WTF?"

    Still marinating in my brain. I, like revabi, had Angel Food distribution this morning and now am trying to get a good chunk of sermonizing done before this dinner with a parishioner tonight.

    As for snacks, I've got some Halloween candy if anybody is ready for junk food yet...

  29. Yikes I'm sick too (is there something attacking only RevGals friends???? I have a work day 2-5 and then dinner...sorta got a sermon (we are selling our church and relocating) so big changes in the air...Preaching on being a servant (from Mark)...that's how the church is faithful, not necessarily in a building we all love (and some built with their own hands). Chhhhhhange????? We Lutherans hate that. Good luck to all preaching tomorrow-- sickies and wellies included. Oh and I'm from California (no one is supposed to get sick in this beautiful place) I've been eating ice cream (for the sore throat of course, of course)...GAil

  30. Just reread my comment. I meant Reformed Rabbi. Heh. Mmmm... Halloween candy and ice cream.

  31. I've got an outline, semi-detailed, and a couple of hours tomorrow in which to finish up, if needed.

    Off to frost brownies and head to the potluck!

    This is the monthly women's potluck, and we are in a new space tonight--wish us luck with new passwords, keys, and security codes!

    Bless you all, with colds and without, preaching once and preaching three times in the next 24 hours, with or without a manuscript!

  32. Does power come from doing and saying the "right" things and of course, looking the "right" way? Or is true power derived from authenticity and vulnerability?

    Divine Cupcake, this is just what I needed to hear today, thank you.

  33. Vow renewal is over. Just popping by briefly to say hi. On to coffeehouse gig. Still not sure I can sing through this post-nasal drip, but I guess I'll just do my best. Sounds like we have some great ideas floating around here. Keep it up!

  34. Back from the wedding after the Angel Food ministry. I am pooped.
    But I have nothing written, just some scattered thoughts. I'd like to pull them together into something of a sermon for tomorrow.

    Songbird I really would hate to be in your position, but glad you got some Divine Cupcake help!

    And Marie that is funny, halloween candy...Are you already into the halloween candy?

    Well now to write.
    Prayers for Stacey's voice.
    I like Zicam for colds.

    Prayers for all the sick revgalblogpals.

  35. revabi, I'm sharing my Halloween candy with Marie--and anybody else who wants some!

    oh, and revabi, this is my second month with Angel Food and I'm excited to find someone else who is doing it! Can you tell me more about where and how you are participating in it?

    I'm trucking ahead on Mark and got quite a lot of good stuff from the Interpretation commentary. My favorite is an image of the disciples trooping after Jesus like they are a team trooping out after a coach...they are wearing great-looking uniforms and are all set to play...but they are playing by the rules of a different game, i.e. NOT God's game.

    (The big cross-town football game was last night, so this might work in well.)

    Oh, and I second Songbird on the comment from Divine Cupcake. That comment was one of the first things to get my mental engine running.

    Now off to get ready for dinner out. Be back in a few hours, I hope. Hang in there all who are sick (as well as those who aren't)!

  36. Woo hoo! Sermon done. I'll polish more when I get back from tonight's event, a reading of The Exonerated. I'm off. Good luck to everyone. Divine Cupcake, I used your ideas too. Sounds like you were a Divine Gift this week. Mmmmm...Milk Duds, my favorite!

  37. Well we have had a productive day here:
    1. hung the christmas lights
    2. ordered more Christmas lights because our new LED strings are shorter than our old ones
    3. cleaned the house a bit (don't want to go overboard)
    4. did laundry
    5. walked the dog
    and tonight we go to a show

    What's missing? OH right, sermon. Actually I am in fairly good shape. This passage from Job reminds me of God saying to Job "You little twerp, how dare you say you know what I am all about!" And I think the church makes that mistake all the time. I think we all too easily decide that we know who and what God is. But then God breaks free of our definitions and limitations, leaving us asking what happened--something JEsus points out in the Gospel passage.

    My sermon? Knowing God. An exploration of hwo we do and don't really know God.

  38. sem fem, I will be glad to email you about our participation in Angel Food Ministry.

    Gord, you already hung Christmas lights?

  39. YEah, thought I'd do it before there were 2 feet of snow to put the ladder in this year. Oh and we wanted to see if the new lights would look ok in case we had to return them.

  40. Forgot tommention that the lights won't actually get turned on until December 8th or 1th or so (maybe 1st if I relent a little).

  41. Now I understand. I forget about living down here in the warmth of the south with no snow is different than those of you living in the north and Canada. Smart thinking. We'll be lucky with the move if we find the Christmas decorations.

  42. I'm back from gigging, and trying to wind down a bit so I can sleep. One would think that illness would make me tired, but no, I'm wide awake just as I always am at this time of night. Grrr. At least the sermon's done.

  43. Well it is 9;52CST do you know where your sermon is?

    I have finished rough draft. Finally its on paper. There must be something about the act of going ahead and putting something down on paper. Got to go back see what needs polishing? illustrations? A better beginning and ending. But I am not staying up late late. I have too much to do tomorrow for late night antics.
    Anybody for a cup of tea? I am having a cup of peach tea.

  44. I hope the sermons are coming along more smoothly than Blogger has been behaving this evening!

  45. Blogger has indeed been freaky tonight. I would love some peach tea, Abi. I'm all congested again...and I thought it was getting better earlier. Blech.

  46. Only 10:30 p.m. here and sermon is done! But I suspect I am going to trod on some toes tomorrow. I'm trying to decide whether to do it lightly or just go ahead and step on (in?) it. Heh.

    Blessings to all tomorrow.

  47. I could've SWORN I had more of a sermon when I left for dinner! Trying to patch together what I have now, and do it soon so I can get some sleep. Ack.

  48. Am I all alone in here? It's so quiet...can I really be the only one who isn't done yet?

    I think I'm edging close to being done though. Just need to stay awake long enough to make it there.

  49. Okay, I'm finished except for a quick read-over. I'll turn off the tea kettle and put the mugs in the dishwasher. :)

    Blessings on all who are preaching tomorrow!

  50. Going for the early morning inspiration once again.

    Blessings on your days!

  51. Morning Everyone, I was unable to open the blog site last night, so real odd indeed! I might have had a post or two for semfem and the late nighters....Sermon is mostly finished, just needs an the video clip to work so will try that and see if we like going multi-media with sermon illustrations. I hope this day leaves everyone with the sniffles and headcolds feeling better!

  52. Couldn't get on blogger at all last night! The whole song is coming together, even better since one of the beloved servants from my church was honored with the institution of an award named for her for recognition of diversity and inclusivity at our assembly. She received the first one and insisted that there were so many others more worthy. The whole song includes the one who always serves being put first now and then.

    It's 4:38 am here, sermon is about 3/4 done and the coffee is hot. May all who are sickly get the rest you need somehow! And may all our sermons touch someone's heart.

  53. sem fem, blogger was really bad to me last night too. Sorry, I couldn't keep up with you. Blessings to all who preach today. Healing for those who are sick. Ears to hear for those who are in the congregations this morning.

    And in the words of the ole wise one WS; "Please remember if you are fretting this morning over your service to let it go, the Holy Spirit has your back. And IF you believe your sermon to be a total dog, walk it proud."


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