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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trivia Challenge - September's Winner is Dawgdays

It was neck and neck for the top of the heap for September's Trivia Challenge. However, Dawgdays took the #1 spot. And he does have a blog and so we get to go over to his blog and congratulate him!

Perhaps Dawgdays can give us a few tips in the comments as to what his strategy is. He also gets to choose a topic during the month of October!

Do you know.......
  • that almost EVERYDAY in September RevGalBlogPals was in the top 100 trivia challenges out of over 5000 active tournaments?
  • with the exception of a few topics - and we played some doozies some days, we were usually tops in our average scores compared to other groups that had the same number of players. What can I say - we are smart!
  • if you play daily, you increase the chances of having the most points (and in this game, the one with the most TOTAL points at the end of the month wins!)

Now, those of you that play know we have a shoutbox so we can moan and groan or gloat a little... I thought I would share some of the more intellectual excuses comments with you . (Commenter's names have been removed to protect the innocent).

  • How is it I do better at science than Bible?
  • i have got to get a mouse so i can scroll...Oh POOH! I knew that apostle one. DUH
  • oh, bugger. it erased one of my answers
  • DawgDays? What are we doing at the bottom? (editorial comment: see, you too can be #1 even if you ARE at the bottom for one of the challenges)
  • beat bop is just a type of beat that the 'bop it ' plays

It's fun, it's fast, and we stretch our brains with the trivia.
Would it be oh so cool if we could get enough players to play to be #1? We have enough on the ring to do it!

Now before you forget - congratulate DawgDays on his blog and THEN go play Trivia Challenge with your RGBP sisters and brothers!

1 comment:

  1. My tips are the same as alin's. Play a lot. Skim the questions. Look for repeats.

    And have fun!


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