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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Festival: A Holy Feast

Welcome to the feast that is the RevGals&Pals' Blogs! Thank you to all who sent in nominations this week. A yummy assortment is available for your delight and savoring.


First, we have several hearty selections under the heading of Church-y Things:

Tangled Up in Blue writes a heartbreaking post about her call to ministry denied as a partnered gay person.

See Through Faith writes a post about the Eucharist that has prompted a meaty discussion! Quotidian Grace has some very personal reflections on the recent announcement that the Catholic Church no longer teaches the doctrine of limbo.

Sally at Sally's Journey and Becky at Monday Morning Letters both preached on Job this weekend and invite you over for a peek.


We have a wonderful series of rich offerings in the category of Nonviolence, mostly inspired by the Amish:

Conjectural navel gazing shares a sermon on the witness of the Amish to us all

Jorge at The Winged Man writes of the holiness of Amish valuing peace above revenge.

Carmen at In the Open Space writes about The Amish Way as really being the Way of Jesus.

And while Singing Owl does not talk about the Amish, she does write a very touching story about a victim of domestic violence and invites us to pray for all who are abused by others.


And under the offering of Simple Things (as in sometimes simple is the most profound) some scrumptiousness:

Preacher Mom finds herself giggling at Proverbs and reflects on the fading of flowers as a metaphor for holding tight to the way things were.

Musings posts about the simple beauty of home, and movies for the homesick -- if you are from Beaufort, SC that is -- and how shrimpboats can sometimes be what fill you up after a draining week. Mmmmm. . . shrimp!

Sally has some reflections on connecting with people who follow different spiritual paths and how we connect with them.

Pam has some simple and lovely reflections on light.


And for our final course, some very Sweet and Beautiful Things:

The Ministry of Skidboot, a must if you are a dog lover!

Girl Gone Great has some sparkly new jewelry. Congratulations are definitely in order!

And I have some dahlia photos to inspire you to consider your own blossoming over at Sacred Art of Living.


I don't know about you, but I feel just about stuffed! Please leave a note in the comments to share any other tasty morsels available on your blog!

Blessings to you all, Christine


  1. Yea,Christine! What a wonderful post for your firs Wednesday festival. You knocked yourself out with this feast. Wow. I think I'll go stuff myself on some of the writings.

  2. Thanks Abi! I have a whole new level of respect for the work of the matriarchs. I just went back to the post and noticed that Blogger had eaten part of my entry in two places and switched a couple of links on me too. Bad Blogger! :-)

  3. love the way you put this together Christine. Thank you!

  4. While feeling shy re self nomination, I was pleased with sunday's "We believe" sermon, - which had good feedback from the congregation as well as online. Might help if anyone is feeling a bit bemused and battered in their faith...
    Lovely selection, anyway!

  5. This was a great festival! Thanks Christine!

  6. After a dry spell, I'm writing again. Today is books and diversions and my sunday school dilemna.
    So nice to be back among the blogging!

  7. Christine, awesome job! Thanks!!

  8. Christine, this was great. Thanks. I need to get a post up for next week's festivities.

  9. Great work Christine! Thanks so much!


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