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Thursday, October 12, 2006


FYI: Membership deadline is tomorrow,
if you would like a chance to vote in the first Board election.

There have been so many new bloggers added to the RevGalBlogPals webring, that Songbird, Mary Beth and I, as the initial directors of RGBP Inc, thought it was time to explain again what RevGalBlogPals Inc. is and how it relates to the webring.

Here's the story of the birth of RGBP Inc. A number of RGBP bloggers met up last May at the Festival of Homiletics in Atlanta. They discussed the webring and the activities that members of the webring have been engaged in together as well as ideas for the future of the group. After that meeting, I was asked to incorporate a non-profit corporation in order to provide ownership and oversight of the webring and our publications or joint projects, like the two devotional books the webring published ( A Light Blazes in the Darkness and Ordinary Time), and the Cafe Press store. The group that met in Atlanta wanted to provide accountability and a corporate structure for the handling of the profits from these ventures and to be able to apply for grants for future projects from various foundations.

I agreed to help and in July RGBP Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Texas. I've applied for a 501-c-3 designation from the IRS and expect to hear from the IRS early in 2007.

RGBP Inc. is a membership organization. You do NOT have to be a member in order to join the webring, but you must have a blog in the webring to be eligible to be a member. Members will elect the first board of directors by email proxy October 27. Until this board is elected the corporation is being run by the organizing board--me, Songbird and Mary Beth Butler (Terrapin Station). Once we get tax-exempt status from the IRS we plan to apply for grants so we can organize a gathering of the members for fellowship and education.

If you join by this Friday, October 13, you will be eligible to vote for the first board of directors. Check the RevGalBlogPals Inc. link on the sidebar for more information about becoming a member. If you have questions, please put them in the comments here so I can respond. That way others who may have the same question will be able to get the information.


  1. I dont think i'llmake the deadline ... but just to let you know I posted the money to MB this week. PayPal just wouldn't work :( so this was the best way.

    Thank you again QG for doing this for US, and also SB, MB for holding the reins.

    This is a great community - and it will be interesting to see how and where God leads us.

  2. Nice to have a lawyer on board. Thanks QG.

  3. Lorna, I can advance you the money! Not to worry. I know you have been working on this for months! :)

    Sorry about the Paypal troubles. :P

    But glad you will be aboard with us.

    Mary Beth

  4. thank you for all of your hard work QG- this effieiency and attention to detail is something way beyond me... isn't it wonderful how we all bring different gifts!

  5. OK, QG, I should be in...have e-mailed my application, and then I was able to get PayPal to cooperate, so the money should be there too. Thanks for your hard work on this, and thanks for encouraging me.

  6. Being the ENFP that is way off the board, I have great respect for the ISTJ's, frustrated by them sometimes, and I frustrate them. But thank you Lord for bringing us all together for you kingdom.

  7. Ya'll are welcome.

    Now, as Tim on Project Runway says:
    Make it work, people!

  8. Okay--I sent my app to Mary Beth and my payment via paypal. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so giving a deadline was a good thing.

  9. Having trouble downloading form, must be because I am using the work server, maybe it's the computer?. I want to send a money order for membership. To whom should I send it and can a form be emailed to me at Thanks, Pam Ostrander (smkyqtzxtl), News from the Wilderness of Art As Prayer Blog. Blessings, Pam


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