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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Festival: Thanksgiving Delurking!

Well, Delurking and Thankfulness are all the rage around the blogring this week!

If you haven't been doing it, get on out there! All you need is a comment. If you haven't got a comment, leave a blogstone: (O) If you haven't got a blogstone, you need a new keyboard!

With Thanksgiving, it's a great time to mention that Carmen's town survived a tornado last week (more photos here), so she definitely deserved to spend a night at the movies, where she saw and really enjoyed Casino Royale ("okay," she says, "so I’m a Bond fan"). Anyone else seen any good movies lately?

Sunday's Child has written about her First Thanksgiving memory here.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am alwasy thankful when LutheranChik shares recipes! Here is one from her "ongoing intrafamilial chicken-wing cookoff."

Sally's thankful for a wonderful weekend, and for her son Chris's 21st birthday! He and his family have overcome so many challenges - it's a wonderful testimony.

Lorna writes of a mysterious package received in the mail at just the right time :) She would appreciate your prayers in light of recent difficulties. She greatly appreciated the funny shared by Will Smama here.

As Deb gets close to the end of her semester, she is thinking about many things. It's like reading serial essays! Two thoughts on Job (one - two!) and two about breastfeeding on airplanes (another one - two!).

And on a totally different note (hee hee) Milton has had some fun with The American Music Awards.

Last week I did some writing about death (and life) and then pondered my upcoming Thanksgiving pilgrimage (oh my, the puns won't stop coming! somebody help me!)

RevEm is celebrating her 100th post!

Rainbow Pastor has a great and deeply moving post on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The ever-tuneful Psalmist has some very talented guest cat bloggers! On the pet front, Cathy needs any assistance available from pet owners who have dealt with the dreaded Bad Breff issues...and still speaking (loosely) of animals, Cathy also has a Frog Hat that you should not miss seeing, and Mindy won the coolest thing ever.

Psalmist also shares a two-part reflection on what we should NOT sing! Part the First and Part the Second. I mean, I am this is great stuff, especially in the comments. ROFLOL!

Of course, Advent is right round the corner! Even so, come, Lord Jesus! I know I have read on the ring (but cannot now locate) some good reflections on fully celebrating that season, rather than jumping hands and feet right into CHRISTMAS MANIA the day after Thanksgiving. Anyone who would like to share such, please do so in the comments.

And it is NOT too early to think about Pantipalooza! This awesome event returns for its second year. It is the brainchild of Princess Mindy (she of the Thankfulness List and Delurkey Cow fame) and a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day while helping others. Start your shopping for that event early...and you won't be stressed when V-Day comes around!

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day, whatever form it may take for you and whoever you spend it with. Looking forward to reading about it in your various spaces.


  1. Well, I, for one, think everyone should have nice clean panties - so I am going to participate!

    I think there should be a patron saint of clean panities. For now...let's call her St. Pantipalooza (this isn't a copyrighted name or anything?)

  2. oh yeah and don't forget to comment - remember? this is delurking week! I getting started on it this afternoon as I get a breather in the kitchen!

  3. (o) thanks for the link and the great posts to read!
    (whose pies are in the oven but who is still cooking on Mark 6!)

  4. Great Festival this Wednesday!

    Delurk, delurk!

  5. (o) to all. And thanks for prayers

  6. Lots of good places to visit this week - thanks so much! I'll get time later to go everywhere, I'm sure of it.

  7. This has been such a fun blog-week!
    (0) for everyone!

  8. :) I know it's a bit late but I'd appreciate some answers to a question on my blog . . . . .

    (Sorry can't remember how to link directly right now!)

    Looking forward to doing some delurking myself!!!!

  9. What a great round up- Thanks Mary Beth!


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