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Thursday, November 23, 2006

We Gather Together

We gather together to share our Thanksgivings!

This will be an open comment thread where you may share something you're thankful for, ask for help with the turkey,
muse about family gatherings, or moan about eating too much pie.

It's also a reminder of Delurking Week, which has been a joy thus far. Grab the image for your blog and let the Delurking continue!

Whether you are eating the traditional turkey, or deep-frying it, or awaiting your tofurkey from the oven, may you have a day blessed with generosity of heart and spirit and may traveling mercies attend you wherever your journey may lead.


  1. Blessed thanksgiving to you all on the other side of the pond.

    I have much to be thankful for. BEST of all that even though there have been huge storms raging this past ten days, God is faithful and continues to pour out His love and affirmation.

    I'm grateful too for family and friends of course. And this blogging community of sisters (and brothers) in Christ.

    May His presence be really strong in ALL our lives this coming weekend.

  2. Good morning everyone - half of the Thanksgiving dinner was worked on yesterday, the rest is being worked on this morning - a multi person effort hurray.
    Simple pleasures and thanksgivings - son #1 cleaned out the microwave yesterday since he thought it needed cleaning (it did) - looks brand new!
    More later - what kind of simple pleasure and thanksgiving to you have! Hi Lorna, from across the pond!

  3. Good morning to all. Hi Cathy and Lorna, and Songbird. Happy Thanksgiving. I am at my sister's in FLA. I have learned to stay out of her kitchen for dinners like today. Thank goodness.

    But I just want to say I am so grateful for each of you today. Still trying to get around to delurking you all.

  4. I need to find a place to stay out of the kitchen. RevAbi, give me directions to your sister's house! :)

    no really, I'm kidding - I'm glad we are home and my husband is doing something special with the turkey breast - something with garlic and rosemary.
    Songbird, how was the pizza last night and what are you doing for Tgving?

  5. Cathy we are in FLA, do you know I almost tried to find a way on the map to go through Bainbridge on the way down. Been halfway thinking about it on our way up.

    I do do the dishes afterward though. Although she has simplified that with paper products.

  6. RevAbi, when will you be coming through?

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, All! Thankful for so many things ...

  8. We're finalizing our cooking and soon to head out to have a noon meal with my husband's relatives. We'll be back later this afternoon and I will check in again!

  9. I posted this morning about our Thankgiving miracle

  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My in-laws are here from CO. I'm trying to replicate my great-grandmother's oyster dressing.If we're lucky, we'll eat by 5:00 pm!

  11. I am still incredibly grateful that my Navajo husband has agreed to celebrate Thanksgiving this year for the first time in 15 years! (Blogger isn't letting me show the link to my Thanksgiving Thoughts) We leave in 4 hours to enjoy the day with a member of the congregation.

    And I'm grateful to all the RevGals. Blessings on all of you today as you share the holiday with family and friends!

  12. A blessed Thanksgiving to you all! I listed a few thankful things at my blog, but let me just add, I am thankful for all of you, and for the rare and wonderful blessing this blogring has become.

  13. Here in Wisconsin the weather is amazing! It is in the 50s (a small miracle) and the sun is shining. My daughter and her husband are here. Our turkey is being grilled on the Webber. Yum! Pies were made last night and are sitting on the buffet. Fruit salad is cooling, rolls are rising, stuffing is ready to go in the oven. SIL is making some sort of special-super-duper squash and apple dish.

    Thank you, Rev Gals and Pals, for your thoughts, sermon ideas, prayers and more over this past year.

    Love to all!

  14. We are sitting in the land of complete context change, as my suburban children chase flocks of chickens and pet on the goats and the menfold sit around the spit and roast the turkeys over an open fire (after they were shot yesterday and hung overnight). Observations so far from the kids: Very smokey, chickens poop when you chase them and goat nibbles hurt.

    And they don't make cornbread dressing -- they have "filling" or "stuffing" out of bread. And no Iced Tea, much less Sweettea.

    Blessings y'all.

  15. Oh, yea. No Rutabagas here, but Brussel Sprouts with roasted chestnuts. And Sauerkraut. No pickled peaches. Who knew?

  16. I've heard it said that if it's not cornbread dressing, it's Yankee dressing.

    I ate at a church member's house today. It was warm enough that we ate outside.

    I'm thankful for folks who ask, "And what're you doing for Thanksgiving?" And when I say, "I don't know." They invite me to come to their house.

  17. It was warm enough here to eat outside too, but we chose to eat at our new table!

  18. I'm thankful for all the RevGalBlogPals. Happy t-giving to all.

  19. I am blessed... I am blessed...
    From when I rise up in the morning,
    'Till I lay my head to rest,
    And I feel You near me,
    You soothe me when I'm weary.
    Oh, Lord,
    For all the worst and all the best,
    I am blessed.

    That's what I've been singing all day. Because I am.

    Dinner went great. China and silver washed but not put away. Eh. Who cares? Managed to fit dinner in between the Philly dog show (ick on toy poodle winning) and the Dallas game (tromped all over Tampa), and still have time to just hang with the fam and the cats... Who by the way, pay NO attention to turkey when there are Greenies around... hmmmmm....

    Tired, rambling and blessed...

  20. Revabi:
    I am in Dothan, if you ever wish to stop in, now or another day.
    I am so thankful for RGBP and the wonderful suppport I have found already.
    I am thnakful for two terrific parents that made a six hr drive to be with me and also help with dinner, church work, and all other usuual tasks. Nice to have the company.
    Also, thankful for the coolest sr pastor in the world, his wife, (the one that clenas my teeth, and the fact that I can call them my friends.
    Oh, yeah,...and cats!
    Melech is thankful for laps to sleep in, the folks at Fancy Feast for making the new cat food, and the person that invented cat nip mice.

  21. My own thoughts about this year's Thanksgiving are posted on my blog. But I would add that I am thankful that there are circles such as the Rev Gal Blog Pals in which we can see and share the many gifts that we have been given.

    Let us also be thankful, as others have said for family and friends. After working at the church yesterday morning, preparing the dinner, we had a dinner for 21 over at my daughter's house. It was our family, my daughter's growing family, her husband's family, and his sister's family to be. It was a gathering and a time to be thankful.

  22. I'm thankful for being introduced to this wonderful blog that tells the stories of ministry and faith, family and food, friends and struggles, and stuff inbetween.

  23. loved reading these comments.

    You gals (and guys) rock!

  24. Yesterday Steve looked at me and said, "You know, now that we're doing thanksgiving, we're really adults now." To which I replied: "Cooking turkey and feeding us + 3 is what clued you in? Because I thought getting married might have been a slight hint of adulthood."

    And then we started cooking..


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