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Saturday, December 16, 2006

11th Hour Preacher Party: Antibiotic Edition

"Do not be afraid!"

The antibiotics are with us.

Both your Saturday hostesses are counting on Better Living through Chemistry to bring us whole into the Christmas week.

But meanwhile, sisters and brothers, Advent 3 awaits. What are your plans? What are your hopes? What is your reality?

Share your thoughts, your questions and your goodies in the comments!


  1. I need to finish up a worship drama (rehearsal with narrators and actors at 3 p.m., story plotted but only about one third written), check in with the person doing the set, run the rehearsal, then collapse and re-group for tomorrow. I think it's going to require coffee, which I have been avoiding while sick. I've honestly felt too crappy to write it the past few days. I had to cancel a retreat for this morning.
    I'll stop whining now. I promise.

  2. Here - I made chicken soup this week since Reedy Girl has bronchitis. You don't even have to return the freezer container...

    Get well...


  3. I brought some cofee and tea.. I'm not writing a sermon just studying for my old testament final

  4. I took the day off work yesterday to write a sermon. i wrote all day. It's not going to work. I'm going out to buy catfood and hoping some new inspiration will hit, preferably a new inspiration that can use at least half of the old sermon.


    anyone want anything while I'm out? squeaky toys? milkbones? a lobotomy (no wait, that's me)

  5. Sorry y'all are sick...what a bummer. I had the flu last year the week before Christmas--it was not fun.
    I am pretty well set with my sermon intentions. I came upon an interesting perspective in the "Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary" about one of the overriding themes of Z is the prophet accusing the people of being numb to God-or being indifferent which leads to hopelessness.Hmmmm
    Anyway, I'm off to do a funeral and then back here to create my manuscript. Also this morning is play practice for all our children and youth--Busy, busy!
    I have leftover cookie bars--lemon and raspberry--from our open house last Sunday to contribute.
    Be well and blessed!(NOT indifferent!)

  6. Blessings to RGBPs healing and studying for finals!
    Christmas goodies to share.
    What does one do to prevent adding pound with a church full of good cooks? I embarrassed y'all with amount of food eaten at a recent supper.
    No preaching tomorrow, cantata instead. I am off to decorate cookies (deliverd to homebound folk) with our tinest saints.
    Maybe there will be some broken pieces to share! I will check in later. Who is doing Luke? How about OT passage? Anyone for the Epistle?

  7. I am retreading a 2001 3rd Sunday of Advent edition. If I didn't remember it -even the illustrations - then I am sure none of them will.

    My 2 year old is sick, I am trying not to be and we are hosting/feeding the congregation tomorrow after church... is that enough justification?

    I will still need to update it here and there so I am sure I will be back.

    More soup please!

  8. Hugs, tea, and prayers for quick healing to the sick ones.

    I'm sitting here with a steaming mug of coffee trying to gather my courage to take Wondergirl shopping in a little while.

    I think I'd almost rather be writing today, but our Children's Pageant is tomorrow, and my prayers are done, so the most pressing liturgical matter is how I make it clear to the congregation that we DO NOT suspend worship every ten minutes so they can clap for every rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy" (shudder) I think I get to hear it on piano, sax, and recorder tomorrow (and not at the same time).

  9. cheesehead, that seems awfully punishing. Is there no other song they can play? I think "In the Bleak Midwinter" could be lovely on the recorder...

  10. Healing prayers for all of you with various bugs! The chemistry and the chicken soup should work wonders.

    I've brought some oatmeal cake--low cholesterol, high fiber, a little chocolate, and lots of yum factor!

    I'm trying to put together two sermons today. See, I had one all started about transformation and a new world and why John the B.'s message is good news, and then our congregational meeting happened in the middle of the week. Now I need to do a pastoral sermon on healing and forgiveness. I want to pull from the end of Matthew 18 (the unforgiving servant). I know, know, know these two will go together.

    After all, forgiving each other (especially within the church, for cryin' out loud) is part of that transformation that brings the realm of God into being.

    But how do I put the two together creatively, without sounding like a lecture or someone's mom?

    That's my task for today, and luckily, I don't have anything else I have to do (except a few random household chores) until 6 pm.

    Any ideas, o wise ones?

  11. I'm healthy, praise God, though still sleep deprived...but I have not a word written on Isaiah 35, which is set for tomorrow evening...and I'm out tonight and all of tomorrow. and it's now 3.15.
    BUT I do have a large collection of satsumas and kiwi fruit, great sources of vitamin C, for those labouring with seasonal lurgies. And we had the first mulled wine of the season on Thursday night, which reminded me to heat some up for today. Deep breath and go for it!

  12. I'm skipping ahead to Advent 4, just because I can ... otherwise, Mary won't be heard from during Advent at either of my churches, a thought I found appalling since I figure she's the original Advent expert, among other reasons

    I have candied almonds from last night's Christmas gathering I'm happy to share.

    Many prayers for those of you who are ill. Be healed in the name of Jesus.

  13. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the ongoing antibiotic needs...I am in my fifth week of IV antibiotic therapy (the last three at home and self administered). Last night as I preparepd the IV my husband joked, you're going to miss this when you're done...if you've ever had a PICC line you know that's sooo not true.

    I pray for the ongoing healing of all of us - and for some time to rest.

    My sermon for tomorrow, following the lectionary, is from Luke where John is baptizing and declaring that the one greater than he is coming.

    I am using the movie the Matrix for an illustration: comparing Morpheus with John the baptist and Neo (One, spelled backward) as the Messiah who comes to save the human race fromm bondage.

    Somehow I move into seeing Advent three as day with many messages: the pink candle is lit, fire and judgement, etc. and draw all this down to one thing: compassion. The compassion of Mary to say yes to God, to enter into a place of great vulnerability and strength. The compassion of Jesus, who loves us as we are. And our call to compassion, not judgment of others.

    I have work to do on it, but I think it will preach....

    I'm drinking hot coffee with pumpkin spice cream, very cinnamony...I'll share! But no food here, yikes, I guess I have to grocery shop as well...

  14. Oh my all the bugs, I hope you guys take care of yourself. I am sorry to hear that so many are sick. I have a slight cold, but I got it being out in the cold. So I support the antibiotics, chicken soup, vitamin C and zinc, any of the other things that work or help. Also, lost of rest, and liquids.

    I am preaching on the epistle this Sunday. I have a lot of scattered thoughts, but no order to it. I have a member dying in the hospital. Another member at home very sick. All kind's of church and kid's activities. Somewhere I will come up for air. And I am with 1-4 Grace, this Christmas food and desserts is too much.

    Sunday night I am doing a St. Nick's service with the help of the youth, and a visitor. But got to have a brief sermon for it. Am I crazy or what?

  15. Choir sings tomorrow - Advent 3 -- a healing gift that will keep my voice clear and my body rested for The Big Week ahead.

    Tender mercies to all who are celebrating the season with tissues and tea.

  16. I am most excited about my sermon title "Merry Christmas, You Brood of Vipers!" I am going to talk a little about the antidote for the world's poison is true discipleship and love of neighbor and God.

  17. CF - I like the title of your sermon! Should work well!

    My sermon is posted on my blog if anyone wants to take a peek. Will still need tweeking, but now I'm off to ride the exercise bike, do the IV thing, and head over to the church to set up for tomorrow...I'll check in later to see how you all are doing and feeling.

  18. mompriest, you must really be feeling better if you're on the exercise bike! That's good to hear.
    I am settling in to write now, having thought up 6 or 7 other things I needed to do or settle first.

  19. I'm back from the pet store, and awaiting the arrival/training of Chrsitmas cat sitter. If anyone's up for it, I have Diet Iams Cat Food for the "Active Mature" kitty.
    Oh! There's some chex mix left! And peppermint sticks.

    And no. freaking. sermon.

  20. Hey ppb, how can you have chex mix left just lying around? That simply doesn't happen in my house...

    That said, I'll have some, thanks!

    I think I can see how to put these two ideas together. I'm starting with Matthew and backing into John the B.'s transformation through forgiveness.

    Keep us in prayer, please.

  21. Healing prayers for all of you...I've got a touch of it myself. Just a church school lesson for me tomorrow, per usual.

  22. No sermonizing this week for me. But my deepest sympathies to the sickies. I had the flu one time during Holy Week. It was awful.

    From the kitchen, to share: peanut brittle, some date-nut cake, and I'm hoping to get the sugar cookie cutouts decorated today. Amazing how much fun Saturdays can be without a sermon hanging over my head.

    Chilly Fingers, I love the title!

    May you all have clear thoughts which are easily transfered into captivating prose. Blessings to all.

  23. Sermon elf, where arts though?
    RGBPs need you bad, they are sick, they are busy, they are looking for you.
    Showest your self, Oh Dear Sermon Elf! <<<*POOF!*>>>

  24. I've moved on from Zithromax to Augmentin...

    I'm singing a solo in worship for the first time in over 10 years. I'm a little squrimey about that. I think I'd rather preach.... (Breath of Heaven, just FYI - boy am I nervous.)

    Especially since I now have a nice froggy "tenor" voice instead of an "alto."

  25. Doggone Blogger shifted him.
    O'well I tried, but he turned out pretty "LA!"
    L=lame and A=?

  26. rmommy, I'm one step behind you (erythromycin to Zithromax) and hoping to avoid step 3. God bless you and your throat!

  27. How about this---a mad lib sermon!!!!! I'm thinking it would be very, very fun---and participatory!!!!!!

  28. I don't have to preach this week, because it's our children's Christmas program. Thank God I don't have a sermon to write, because I do have to prepare a funeral service and pack to fly to Minnesota tomorrow to do said funeral. Also, I have the strep throat. Thanks to Songbird, by the way, who took over hostessing duties when my multiple prescriptions and stress load rendered me unconscious until 11:30am.

    Crap, I have forgotten to write a reading for the lighting of the Advent candle. Off to do that now. Happy writing to the rest of you!

  29. Just stopping in before I head over to the church. A note to those on antibiotics: are you eating yogurt every day? or drinking Kefir? Antibiotics are great at getting rid of the bad bacteria but they also get rid of the good bacteria we need in our bellies - so eat don't need a yeast infection anywhere in your body on top of everything else...I have lots of yogurt and kefir in fridge, help yourself!

  30. mompriest, I asked about that at the pharmacy, and they told me once the antibiotics were at work, it was too late for friendly bacteria to help. If they were wrong, I am bummed out, because I could have been feeling a whole lot better on both Round 1 and Round 2.
    ppb, I (verb)it!

  31. Sorry about all you sick always happens at the busiest times (hmmm)....(Better living through chemistry, I just finished "my" antibiotics) Since I have to preach at two different churches on Christmas eve, they better "stick"...I'm preaching on hope-- got the idea from R. Niebuhr (no doubt misspelled), ""nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope." Oddly I think JOhn the Baptist WAS offering hope of the Messiah (as bad news as he seemed to be selling). But let's see if it preaches. (thanks you guys--I always smile, sometimes laugh out loud, and it keeps me keeping on) Healing to all. Gail

  32. 1. joyful exclamation
    2. name for diety
    3. word indicating proximity.
    4. negative emotion.
    5. name for diety.
    6. repeat of #3
    7. cute story about your kid/grandkid/niece.
    8. random quotation from bonhoffer, MLK jr., barbara brown taylor, willimon, or cs lewis.
    9. phrase depicting an action (i.e. mow the lawn, scrub the toilet, etc.)
    10. adverb.
    11. name of diety
    12. repeat of #3.

    See! Fun for the whole family!

  33. Well, I get to join ya'll this week as it is Associates (me!) time to preach. Yeah! I worked on the sermon on Thursday and haven't look at it since. Needs quite a bit of work, I think.

    But I just returned from a Christmas party (the first of three today) and need to run to the grocery for youth group tomorrow. So I'll be back in a few and hoping to be inspired.

    I made a bunch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies for this mornings cookie swap. Also came home with a tin of goodies. Please help yourself....I certainly don't need all of these!

  34. Just came back from LightGirl's hockey game and have to finish up my "non-sermonic exploration" ;-) ... weaving together Hannukah and the Magnificat ... themes of light, justice, miracles, waiting ... no problem.

    I'm about 3/4's of the way there and know where I'm going. Just have to smooth out a couple of segues.

    I have banana yogurt smoothies for those of you on anti-biotics. They will help keep your stomach right.

  35. I don't believe it, but I think I have finished, a whole hour before I have to go out. I do need to find some prayers, but all the same...
    LCM went shopping this afternoon, so there's a selection of cheeses and some biscuits on the table..please help yourselves. I'm SURE mulled wine will help all of you sufferers,- even the smell of cloves and cinnamon is really comforting.

  36. Stacey and Songbird, I'm sorry you are sick. I'm a mimic so I'm not feeling so good either.

    I'm with the Gospel this week. John is being forceful and I will be, too. I just don't threaten hell to my listeners.

    More later.

  37. Oh, blaugh.

    I am just so not getting anywhere.

    The topic--forgiveness and transformation--is so important in the life of our congregation right now that I am paralyzed by wanting to get it just right.

    Everything I write sounds like a platitude, not to mention boring.

    Part of the problem, I know, is that I haven't worked through my own feelings, beyond a deep sadness.

    Some days,God, this call you gave me just hurts too much.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  41. Do hope you are both feeling better- my daughters have taken over the baking stating my sneezing will do it no favours- so I am trying to write assignments and prepare for next weeks run of services...

    Advent 3
    2 reflections
    2 Carol Services
    Christmas eve morning
    Mid night mass
    and Christmas morning...

    bring on the anti-biotics- the coffee- the hot tea- spiced cider- soup etc...

    btw- my kitchen smells wonderful and they won't let me in there!!!

  42. So sorry about the multiple postings. There is defintely something wrong with Blogger's elves today...
    (read the above in embarrassed blushing pink)

  43. PPB-- that is priceless!

    Must remember for Easter...

  44. this is a test...

  45. Ok, back from the grocery and have 1 hour to whip out sermon before we need to leave for the 2nd party of the day. Why does everyone schedule them for the same day?

    PPB - loving the Madlibs idea. Youth love it, why not the congregation. Might have to go there if my draft sucks.....actually, at this point we're going with the draft regardless!

    Get better you all! Sending healing through cyberspace...

  46. Seriously, people eat the cookies! Don't leave me home alone with them!

  47. Bad news for me - 2001 sermon a-sucks. "Verily, verily I sayeth onto you, thou shalt not attempt to retread a sermon that sucketh in the first place."

    Sermon mad libs it is!

  48. fill it out will smama. I have the mad lib on my desk. I can guarantee you a mighty fine sermon. I myself (not to be doubly redundant again) have just returned from purchasing the 2nd season of Scrubs. Because I'm remembering a scene I might be able to use. I now have 2 crappy sermons---3 if you count the one in the tank from years ago. I'm praying for a miracle, as I so rarely get to preach, but I do know in the back of my head that I have something I could do. And blushing will make me match that girly advent candle.

    Sigh. I've sort of lost my sermon moxie this year. Haven't hit a good one since August. If anyone's found my moxie---short, fat, brunette----let her know where to find me. I miss her.

    Now I'm watching scrubs.

  49. Going with the draft! Done for now.....or as done as I can be. PPB and will smama, think you are being too hard on yourselves?

    I'm all into Advent and love preaching it but tomorrow the congregation will probably be thinking, "yeah, yeah, can we sing Joy to the World now?!" Oh well.

  50. I'm still working on a funeral. Blech.

    Since tomorrow is the children's program, some of the youth and I have formed a band to play a punk version of "Joy to the World." Do you think this will satisfy the congregation's desire to sing Christmas music during Advent? ;)

    I am so very unconvinced that these antibiotics are working...

  51. I have 3/4 of a dog. If this comment duplicates I shall give up ever posting and sniff quietly in a corner.

    Off to a party...

  52. Theoontapintheburgs,
    I am a sermon obsessor. you knew that, though. I rarely get to preach anymore, so I try to make it count. It's a good thing I don't preach weekly, as I would be totally dominating the board every week.

    Congrats to those hanging up the gloves!

    Now, I could use some help, if anyone's still awake and not out partying. Can anyone suggest music (secular/pop/classical/country is great) that has themes of longing/waiting? I need a title for an example.

  53. AH, and there is my salvation, because On Tap, we ARE singing Joy to the World tomorrow.

  54. I'm back having done my set up for Sunday stuff at church. I've made a triple batch of rice krispie treats for darling daughter's party tomorrow...she being 18 and busy working, playing. living and I KNOW she'd come home at midnight and then make the rice krispies, waking me up and leaving a mess in the kitchen, she means well, just lives a fast paced life.

    Regarding yogurt and antibiotics, the yogurt will prevent secondary problems, like yeast infections. Taking antibiotics for any length of time, but especially for a long time throws off the balance of our bodies and yeast grows (in all sorts of places). So eat yogurt! It may not help the antibiotics cure the illness but it will help avoid secondary blach!

    Haven't looked at sermon for several hours, need to go take care of the 5pm IV therapy, make dinner, write some Christmas cards (what?? I'm writing Christmas cards in Dec.?) and then I'll get back to sermon...

    Rice kripy treats anyone??

  55. Rainbow Pastor, we hear you. And leave it to your trusty blog administrator to clean things up, no need to blush. We all know the misdeeds of Blogger too well.

  56. FIREPLACE. Computer decided--with no warning---that battery was empty and shut itself off.

    I didn't save.


  57. Stacey, I heard a fabulous rendition of O Little Town of Bethlehem a la Sid Vicious a couple of weeks ago. Your idea sounds great!
    And we are also singing Joy to the World. Sigh.

  58. Oh, ppb, that's awful! I've been there.

    As for "Joy to the World," it is joy Sunday, and it does talk about preparing our hearts, so maybe it is the least of Christmas carol during Advent evils. Our particular version is unlikely to inspire joy in most of my congregation, but oh well - I have one very happy 13-yr.-old drummer.

  59. ppb, no!!!!
    Is there any chance this is a blessing in disguise? At least that story about the raft is on your blog.

  60. Unlike three years ago when I preached on Luke's "what, then are we to do to prepare for the Divine Presence in our midst? Give gifts to those in need; practice justice, honesty and fairness," I'm too too tired this year, so it's going to be "Receive the irresistible Gift of God's Presence so to become prepared to become givers of gifts..." Lots more to do, but I hope to get my notes fleshed out and posted on my blog by Monday evening or Tuesday.

  61. SB: I only lost the new one, the one I'm writing right now. I'm re-creating it. Sigh. Yes, the other sermon is saved, but I think it borders on heresy. If you're still upright later tonight, I may send you both and you can help me play multiple choice.

    Boogerballs on toast!

  62. My word! Much sympathy to all the sick preachers (and non-preachers). I love reading all of you. I, too, have 3/4 of a dog (perhaps just a chihuahua) but it's in its first draft. All about transformation and living out one's conversion and then, at the end, how Johnny B's kinda disappointed that Jesus isn't down with his whole kicking ass and taking names plan. You know, John thought he had them all sorted out and the Messiah was just going to ride in and send those sinner to the firey pit. Not so much. There's the good news. That, and the joy of repentance and letting go of "what we need carry no longer."

    What I need is a thing that people do just because everyone else is doing it. (As in, the crowd was there to be baptized because it was the thing to do.) So, any ideas?

    PPB, if you manage to recreate your sermon that needs a waiting song title after the horrible fireplacing computer accident, I'm working on that.

  63. I'll be up til 10 or so, ppb, so send away.

  64. Checking in rather late--this may be one of my latest starts ever. Egads. With Angel Food this morning, listening to a colleague vent for half an hour, helping parishioners repair my garage (and other assorted house stuff) for three hours, and talking on the phone for another hour and a half, I'm just now getting going.

    I finally came up with a time-keeping item to use, though...fruit. I bought a bunch of different fruit to use...ideally to talk about the different kinds of fruits we bear. But I don't have anything meatier than "all these fruits are different, and so are our own fruits, and they are all treasured by God" to share with people. Hopefully more will emerge as I start writing.

    On the health front, I'm technically healthy although chilled and with a funny-feeling throat after a night without much sleep. Servin' up the tea tonight--I even broke out the teapot to make a nice big batch.

    Planning to make latkes tonight for dinner in honor of Chanukah...I'll make some extra to share with y'all!

  65. I am finally back after doing all the ministry things today.
    The sermon is no better.

    I'll be up with the other late night sermon writers.

  66. Mmmm, latkes... (said in Homer Simpson-like voice).

  67. you may regret that offer, sb: check your inbox!

  68. Sermon done, song titles coming: "Get Here", you know, by Oleta Adams?

  69. "What you waiting for" by Gwen Stefani. Lyrics definitely not church appropriate, but sort of girl-power, in a way. Don't know about longing...

  70. ooh! get there! Would be a good secular advent anthem. thanks!

  71. Um, that would be me that thinks it would be a good secular advent anthem. Littlemankitty doesn't think about these things much at all.

  72. Well then. That's good because I scrolled through all 1211 songs, etc on my iTunes and that's all I came up with. And that's not even on my iPod. Hope everyone's feeling better. I'm off to practice. I'll be back.

  73. Oh yeah, forgot to say that I nearly killed myself laughing at the Madlib sermon and am passing it along to other preachers if I may. And yeah, I knew it was you, PPB and not Littleman. Email me if you want lyrics. I had them.

  74. Oh my gosh, I just cracked open a little bag of the new Dark Chocolate M and Ms. Oh my gosh, it's like crack for the 11th hour preacher. Anyone want some? Better ask quick.

  75. littlemankitty, check your e-mail, or your mother's e-mail.

  76. Just got here with 3 kinds of Christmas cookies, and Mucinex. Happy to share.

  77. Did I mention I think my strep throat is back/still here for the third time around?

    I am Not. Happy.

  78. Major snot monster has invaded me. I hope I don't lose my voice. The sermon for tomorrow is done, but I am not looking forward to the next week, writing-wise.

    I am waving a friendly greeting to those I would normally hug, but I don't want you to catch my germs. So, "hey!" and "God bless!"

  79. Ugh, Mary Beth. This strep invasion really stinks. Mine has gotten worse since going on the antibiotics, so I suspect they're not working. Not. Happy. Either.

  80. Wow. I hope you all feel better. I've never had strep and live in fear of it, so I accept your friendly wave. And now I'll go get some purell.

    how awful of me. I'm clearly immune. So here's an immune hug

  81. Gosh, looks like I've missed out on a lot today. Sorry to hear that so many of you are under the weather. We've had our share at the Preacher Mom house this week - three of us with three different bugs. Thankfully, they have all been pretty short-lived.

    I've been out celebrating my daughter's 15th birthday. That and trying to finish up Christmas shopping.

    Sermon is as ready as it's going to get. Lord help us all!

  82. ppb, are you still working? I'm home from the parties and feeling a bit partied out. Now I'll look over that sermon one last time....hopefully make no more changes.

    Nice of littlemankitty to show up!

    I'm a little irritated no one at the cookies. sigh. I guess I'll have to eat them.

  83. Note to Self: Saturday night date night NEVER relaxing and fun; ALWAYS an undercurrent of 'are we ready for tomorrow'?

    And who wants to clean bathrooms at 11pm at night?

    All of you who are sick - go. to. bed. ppb, we need to have you writing sermons more often, you too ontap.

    Revabi and others, hang in there. I'll keep checking on you.

  84. (Dipping toe tentatively in comment pool) Is it OK to come in?

    Back from the party, tired, but needing to do something on this sad ol' shaggy chihuahua of a sermon.

    It needs zip. I've got a lot of meat, now it needs a sauce.

    How come I can come up with metaphors for comments, but I can't get an illustration or metaphor for the sermon to save my life?

    Let's see--I'm talking about transformations, and repentance; about living into the change, about letting go of anger and pain and forgiving others.

    Aha! I may have one about skiing and not letting go of the tow rope...I'll work with it and see how it goes.

    Shall I make more coffee or am I alone in here? Oooh, Christmas cookies!

  85. Coming up, WS!

    Columbian or Peppermint Mocha?

    (And I think I'll drop the skilift metaphor--it's too lightweight for the topic. Drat.)

  86. There are cookies still? How did I miss them?

  87. I've got a pot of raspberry Earl Grey and some Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate chips to share! Maybe in exchange for some of those Christmas cookies.

    Homiletically speaking, I may now have a direction in which to go. Long way to go to get there, though.

  88. rp, you could have a very good story in the tow rope and skiing. Could also be good for a chuckle.

    I have the same problem with metaphors. I was trying to come up with flowery language for food (ex: chocolate cookies smothered in icing and caressed with coconut) for a story in my sermon. That one part may have taken longer than anything else! I could have rattled it off if you'd of asked. By the way, hard to explain why I wanted that for the sermon!

    Will smama, it was fun joining you and I'll do so again next week but I must admit i enjoy the time off as well.

    ok, I'm to bed. I need some beauty to look good in the pulpit, you know.

    All who are ill - get some sleep!

  89. cookies? cat cookies?

  90. While out on the 'hot date' hubby and I discussed how everyone's most recent favorite sermon by me was filled with lightweight illustrations and things that made people laugh (see sermon party from Thanksgiving weekend). Last Sunday and most likely tomorrow are a bit heavier theological fare... so about 2 people will like it and that does NOT include the hubby.

    He thinks in the middle of tomorrow's Advent 3 I should somehow shove in, "What's brown and sticky?"

    "A stick."

    I guess I'll take the peppermint mocha.

  91. will smama, you do NOT want me in here every week. I've left like eleventy eleven comments. I began commenting at 9:09 a.m.! I am a homiletical WACK JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But at last, we're putting this puppy to rest. Edited, printed, practiced. I told my baseball loving fan that it had been a long time since I'd hit a home run. She told me not to shoot for homeruns, just for singles. I think I have a single, and we'll have to count on the soloist and communion to bring this puppy home.

    And now, littlemankitty has been a sleepy kitty all day long while I wrote and obssessed. So of course, it's 11:30 and it's time to do the kitty cat cha cha cha. Oy.

    Prayers for all those still writing (and I hope you have 11 a.m. services, not 9). Go to bed eventually. Because you work for the Lord and God knows you need your beauty rest.

    Sheesh. Flat out punchy I am.

  92. I'm waiting to put things in the dryer, but then I must go to bed. Would someone be sure to unplug the tree and turn out the lights?
    Bless you all as you finish God's good work this evening.

  93. SB, I can get the tree lights if I'm the last one here.

    ppb--I have services at 9 am AND 11 am! Whee! (Congrats on being done.)

  94. Also, I love you all very much. Even though I was finished with the play in the early afternoon (because, seriously, it had to be rehearsed), it has been good to be part of the group today.
    And, no, it's not the cough medicine talking. I promise.

  95. I don't mean to be an evil temptor but right now Justin Timberlake is rapping in a huge cup o' soup costume on snl.

    They haven't been this funny since Ferrell left.

  96. Will smama,

    My dh has (unfortunately) told that terrible stick joke at the session meetings of more than one church. Not in a sermon, though. God, what an awful joke.


  97. Well, I'm hanging it up for now. Off to get some sleep and hope inspiration for the illustration/interest/excitement comes in a dream...


    Cookies are all gone, even the cat ones, Littleman! Sorry...

  98. I can't be the only one still out here working--anybody? Bueller?

    I've rambled for a page and a half about fruit and now I'm trying to bridge to the text...whew.

  99. "It was a drive-by fruiting!"

    I'm fruited out, and finished, I think. Off for a quick shower and read-through before I take this dog to the park.

    I'm turning off the tree lights since I appear to be the last one here, at least until the morning crowd trickles in. Blessed proclamation, everyone.

  100. Good job semfem and all of you Happy Adventers!

    As a kid I remember that it was the third week when something 'Christmassy' would first be sung at the church I grew up in and that would mean it was officially time to get excited!

    Now I know that the third week of Advent is something to get excited about in and of itself and that whether you are pageanting, drama-ing, monthly preaching, or doing your weekly gig or 'other' we are truly blessed to have been Called to proclaim the Good News!

    Whatever you may be up to this morning
    1)relax, the Holy Spirit has got your back and

    2)IF you have a dog... walk it proud.

  101. I've been up and at'em since 4:30 a.m. having left my message until this morning to complete...IT'S DONE NOW! I am mostly OK with it--thank God for the Holy Spirit and caffeine...We are singing "Christmas Hymns" this morning. They would probably mutany if we didn't especially after last week when I doused us good with unfamiliar advent songs. Oh well-come Lord Jesus--quickly please.

  102. Have a great morning worship y'all.

    Looks like I missed out on some fun bloggy festivities last night. I was busy watching Wondergirl be all grown up, then watching her sing her school holiday concert, then watching Justin Timberlake. (I have to admit, that cup o' soup was my favorite!)

    Off to the Christmas Pageant... blessings!


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