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Saturday, December 30, 2006

11th Hour Preacher Party

That crazy Jesus kid, always running off and hiding in the Temple...Didn't his parents teach him any better than that?

Good morning, preaching pals! I am actually not preaching today, and while you are all writing away, I will be driving...and driving...and driving to Indiana for some New Year's festivities. However, I've left the table set with cranberry nut muffins, and the coffee is set to start brewing bright and early. I've even put on some water for tea, because I know some of you are bound to have colds and sore throats like I have lately. I hope I've left you all adequately fueled for your preparation. Make yourselves at home, and if you think of it, say a prayer for traveling mercies for my journey, because I've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there, and so on and so forth.

Blessings on your thinking and writing today!


  1. It is 8.18am, I have got a cold and bit of a sore throat, didn't sleep very well and am presiding and preaching in the morning - and not a thought in head (that relates to the sermon anyway!). Ho hum!

  2. Nearly ten past ten (am) and at least I've got a few thoughts to work with now!

  3. It's 7:20 a.m., Central Time; do you know where my sermon is?
    I'm sitting at St. Casserole's kitchen counter with my laptop, hoping that soon my eyes will open like a kitten's, and my mind will follow.
    Strong, strong coffee and a sweet Sister dog are my companions. I feel sure it will be a good day.

  4. I've had a bit of a jumpstart on tomorrow's sermon, because it is a big one! My parents have over 40 years in full-time music ministry -and they have retired. Tomorrow is their last Sunday, and I'll be preaching for it. I'm using the Colossians passage because it mentions singing. The nice thing is that one of my regular church members is driving over for a little moral support!

  5. 8:38 p.m. EST
    Traveling mercies will prayed by me for Stacey...I've done that driving to Indiana gig before:IT'S SO FLAT!!! (I hope Chelley feels better, too)
    i have an idea and a title-"Growing Pains" so now all I need to do is buckle down. But this computer is soooo enticing ;)and, of course, I'll need another pot of coffee, I should start some laundry, the house need cleaning, etc.

  6. 9 am EST
    I worked on my sermon yesterday--have a few paragraphs down, and I think I know where it's going.

    However, I have a wedding this morning at 11, and then errands to run afterwards. DP has decided to stay with her kids another week, to see about work there, so I won't be picking her up at the airport this afternoon, but I will be alone tonight...

    I have some great Christmas cookies my mom sent along, AND a plum pudding with hard sauce. Pass the coffee, please.

  7. We are still on the common lectionary, using John 1, in the beginning was the word...I love that passage.

    I also have a baptism, a little boy adopted frommo Gautemala, a real delight of a child and family. They are however having some debate over his name, name given at birth v's name they may want for him, plus honoring his heritage, etc. So that combined with baptism naming us all as "Christian" my theme for the sermon, for which I already have a draft, will be naming. The names we have for God, for Jesus, for ourselves (family name passed down over generations or new name thats in fashion for the day), and our common name as Christians, uniting us all a deep the mean time I have to be at church for several hours to prepare the family for this baptism, do some errands, maybe go to dog park (first time in eight weeks) and MAYBE get this PICC line removed so I will be free. Waiting on the results of an MRI I had yesterday and the DR abiity to have it read and report back to me. I hope my jaw bone has healed (I think it has, I feel good) and I can be released of the IV.

    Anyway, blessings on those traveling today, may your journey zoom by, and on those with colds, may you feel better soon. And on those preaching for other congregations, may the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and minds with the words you are called to say.

  8. mompriest, good to hear you are feeling better. Continued healing to you!
    I love the theme you outline for your sermon here.

  9. Prayers for all of you slogging away too, and all who are travelling. It's now just after 2.30pm and I have a bit of a sermon though it's not flowing very easily at all! It's one where I feel distinctly lacking in confidence about the value of what I'm attempting to say/rambling on about!!

  10. Happy New Year!

    Unfortunately that is about as much sermon as I have nailed down thus far. I am using the NEw Year's readings and...

    Also, my memory says that there was an "Ask the Matriarch" a while back about when it is time to move on in search of a new call. I can't seem to find it--any help???

  11. Hi guys and women,
    I have been up and attem for some time now. Although I have been attem with the kids and not the sermon. I fell asleep last night working on the sermon, so I have no idea what it looks like.

    I also went over early and unlocked the church for a wedding, and then I did the Friday five. Have I delayed long enough? no, well let me find something else fun to do.

    Prayers for Stacey and anyone else traveling. Prayers for Chelley to get well, no fun. Prayers for the kid and family getting baptised. And prayers for Gord...Gord what's going on?

  12. Good (mid) morning, everyone! I've had a wonderful week off this week. I allowed myself, for a change, to be completely off. It's been a great week with the kids, but one filled with concern for my brother.

    I worked on my sermon before my vacation. I just pulled it out and think that, with a few minor revisions, it will stand as written.

    Mompriest, it sounds like you are right on target for the baptism. As the mom of two precious Guatemalan children who were baptized a couple of years ago, I can assure you that this will be a precious time for this family. Glad you are doing better.

    Songbird, give my love to St. Cass and family!

  13. Sermon is finished! I think it's ok - and I pray it'll be of use to the Lord! I appreciate so much being able to 'sit' here with all of you as I write rather than feeling like I'm slogging along on my own (even if I am in the UK and so it was a good few hours before anyone else was up! It was great that the Preacher Party post appeared so early today).
    And thanks for the prayers - I start my post Christmas break on Monday so it would be now I come down with the stinking cold and all!

  14. I posted my sermon over at my house. It's about Jesus' parents and understanding vs. relationship.

    Comments invited and welcomed. please. thanks. :-)

  15. NOthing really abi. Just starting to feel the itch and wondering if it is time to move (that and the fact that we are, literaly, outgrowing the manse--not sure where the bed will go when Miriam out grows the crib).

    Since there was wisdom shared about that topic I thought I would reread it.

  16. Gord, here it
    is. I think I cross posted and looked with Songbird.

    Hadn't realized the situation about the manse. Oh boy. And I hear you about the itch.

  17. Blessed preaching to you all. I left some lemony muffins and hot tea for you all on the side.


    And if all else fails - just wish all a Happy New Year and let them out early as a celebration of God's goodness! (grin)

  18. Is anyone using the New Year's Day lectionary readings? That's what our church has chosen for today. And I find myself struggling, as always, with the wording that there is "a time to kill" and "a time for war". In my kin-dom vision there is never a time for either.

  19. That would be the one songbird and abi. Thanks! (the title didn't twig for me when I was searching).

  20. OK so I'm done with my message...It's a bit of a dog, but it'll walk! And now I can play and eat, and have fun until it's time to run bulletins.

  21. Gord, I know what you are talking about with both the itch and outgrowing the manse. We are bursting at the seams here, too.

  22. Good day, all.

    Gord, hang in there. I would swap manses with you if you were closer. We are swimming in ours!

    In other news...I have strep. Preparing the sermon is difficult in my haze.

  23. Hi again! I've just posted my offering for tomorrow over here. If you get a chance to read and comment I'd appreciate it. (Hope I got the link right!)

  24. Hello all!

    I thought I was going to be heading to Minnesato today. Daughter thought she was in labor--false alarm. I hope baby cooperates and I can head over Sunday afternoon. We shall see.

    So I trashed "Plan B" that I had hastily put together for tomorrow, and I'm getting back to work on a monologue of Anna at the temple.

    I have a young couple who are going to (silently) be Joseph and Mary coming in with the baby, and I'll be in costume as well.

    Should be a bit fun, and hopefully powerful as well.

    I'm adding some orange nut bread to the table, and some Russian tea.

    Praying for all of you gals and pals.

  25. I am preaching on Epiphany... the UM calendar suggests observing it on this Sunday and Baptism of the Lord on Jan. 7. Seems I am rather alone!
    My daughter asked me why we give gifts to each other on JEsus' birthday.. and I fumbled through a lame answer about the Magi.

    It got me thinking...if the gifts were supposed to represent who Christ is (King, Priest, One who comes to die) then perhaps our gifts to each other should represent the image of Christ in each one of us?

    That is where I am heading anyway...

  26. Oh dear! Nutcase features here has decided to delete the sermon off my blog! I think I can cope better (in my present fragile state) not knowing what people think about it, than wondering if people have read but not commented haha!!
    (I have to get better at finishing it and trusting in it).

  27. Well, I'm back from wedding (very sweet couple, just adorable), errands (office supplies, wine shop and grocery store) and lunch (cheese and crackers).

    Lots of goodies to share, however--chardonnay, a nice local ale, salt and vinegar chips, Dove chocolates (from my mother), caramel corn (ditto) and pickled mushrooms (I made a double batch for the party tomorrow night). Also spice tea and water. Wow, I do have enough for a party, don't I?

    Well, I have one page of a sermon. I'm planning to keep it a bit short tomorrow as we'll be hiking out to the parking lot to burn our mistakes and regrets of the past year.

    Time to stop procrastinating and start writing!

  28. Hi All,

    RP, I also have plum pudding with hard sauce. How long is hard sauce good? I made it for a party a couple of weeks ago, and forgot to put it out. I'm hoping it's still good, because it was pretty tasty; we were out of brandy, so I used butterscotch schnapps.

    We're doing Resolution Sunday tomorrow. This is a first. The sermon is about how our resolutions often fall by the wayside, perhaps because they're not made within a community of accountability. We're using the RCL Christmas I readings (twelve year old Jesus--no dead children--yay!); so I talked about how even Jesus needed to be "in his Father's house" listening and asking questions.
    Then we're offering symbols of our resolutions for the coming year--I got some stones and a glass bowl, which we'll fill half way with water. We'll see how this goes...

  29. After some cross-country traveling with St. Casserole to make a hospital call, I am back at work. I am relieved to note that although my laptop says it is 4:15, it's really only 3:15 here. Phew! We have evening plans, so I would like to be finished soonish.
    How goes it with y'all?

  30. Well, draft one and a half is done. I'm going to let it sit for a while, while I feed the animals and myself, do a couple of household chores, and maybe have dinner. Then I'll take another look at it and polish it up.

    I'm doing the resolution thing, too--except sort of in reverse. We're burning all the things we regret from the past year so we can start a fresh in the new year, free and forgiven. Then I encourage them to look at the virtues in the Col. reading to see where God is calling them to grow in the coming year.

    More spice tea, anyone?

  31. Sounds like you all are doing good things! I LOVE this passage. So real and a little peek at some of the challenges of parenting God's son!

  32. Thanks for the encouragement, ws!
    I just tossed the back half of my sermon and am writing something different. Don't you love doing that on Saturday night?

  33. Once again, there will be many truly blessed congregations in the morning. I'm on liturgy duty, so I'm getting to work on my prayer right now... I think that the text is Simeon and Anna...

    Peace to you all and good preaching (and traveling)

  34. I am finished with the monologue, which I posted on my blog. I am not going to actually memorize it word-for-word, but I want to get the main parts down...and practice the Hebrew so I can say it with JOY and NO STUTTERING! Ha!

  35. Is it really almost 8:30pm, and my sermon just lies in pieces making no sense whatsoever. God, your HS really reaally is going to have to do some major work tomorrow.

  36. Well, for better or worse my sermon is done. Actually I think it is ok, it's short due to the baptism, so if it's not ok, then at least it won't be a dog for long....

    Sadly I do still have the PICC line...Dr has not called with report from MRI, but hopefully tomorrow will free me.

    I did at least get to dog park - after 8 weeks, dogs were sooo happy, VERY muddy, but happy. (Until we came home and gave them baths...).

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you all as I sleep...may the Spirit bless all of you preachers - may your sermons be spirit-filled regardless of any other content!

  37. Well, I'm done. I'll look at it again tomorrow just to be sure, but I think it'll walk.

    Blessings on those still working!

  38. Brothers and sisters, it is done. The sermon, she is finished!

    Go here.

    I have left everyone some Ethiopian beans for the morning. Grind them in good conscience. And enjoy these chocolate ginger cookies!

  39. What with a sick mother, a child moving into a FIRST!!!! home, a funeral and general post-Christmas ennui, I just finished. Never left it this late before. Does the Spirit rest upon procrastinators with good excuses? Blessings to you all.

  40. Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Be Not Afraid!
    If you've got a dog, walk it proud; and remember, the Holy Spirit has your back.


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