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Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year's Eve Prayer

As always, cross-posted on InnerDorothy.

Wondrous and Most Gracious God, can we really be at the end of another calendar year? Day upon day, we encounter you in prayer and in worship, in quietness and in chaos. As each day spills over into the next, we follow the pattern of our days as they turn into weeks and months. We pray that we live our moments to the best of our ability, and that we treasure the days we are given, even when those days are filled with struggle.

For some, the past year has been a gift and a blessing. For those who were ordained to their ministries, or heard a call to a new ministry and made an important move....for those who have welcomed new babies, new family members, or even new pets into their lives....this has been a year of new beginnings.

For those whose year has been touched with sadness and sorrow, this past year may always be remembered as the year when a loved one died, or a relationship ended, or a dream had to be reshaped because of circumstances. It may be a year in which some were discriminated against, even in the church, because of gender or sexual orientation. It may be a time remembered for its deep struggle.

Whatever our memories of the year we put behind us this evening, we pray God, be with us just as you have been with us throughout every moment of our lives. By the power of the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus to his dearest friends, we know you are close, even when your presence feels elusive to us. Grant us faith in the coming year. Grant us compassion for one another, and hearts ready to listen and to learn in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who taught us to pray together singing..



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  1. Thank you for this beautiful prayer for the end of the calendar year! Blessings on you.


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