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Monday, December 11, 2006

Meet n' Greet: The King is Wearing Invisible Clothes Edition

What do you mean, you can't see this week's Meet n' Greet? Fine, I'll write it without the invisible keypad...


Sharing a Journey - These "reflections on a journey of faith" are written by Kievas Fargo, "Former Catholic, progressive Christian, scientist (but not a Christian Scientist), vegetarian, dog-loving, computer geek." For more about the journey be sure to click on the "About My Journey" link.

Theology on Tap in the Burg: A ministry in Harrisburg, PA Theology on Tap aims to provide a casual gathering space for young adults to discusss their faith and the issues that shape their lives. All viewpoints and perspectives are welcome. No doctrine or particular theological beliefs are espoused or expected. We invite open and honest dialogue and ask all gathered to listen with an open mind as we discuss how our faith impacts our private, social, and professional lives.

The Story Midwife - This is one of the blogs of Trish Bruxvoort Colligan: "one woman's thoughts on spiritual direction, mystic-hearted living, and the sacred ordinariness of life." I love, Love, LOVE the title picture.

Mine Unbelief: One pastor's life - nothing extraordinary, but not exactly normal either. A blog by Shalom that even with its few posts seems to echo what a lot of us have written we have felt before.... and the proud owner of a 'Does this pulpit make my butt look big?' mug!

Be sure to go over and greet these wonderful new members of our community!


  1. Thanks Katherine. In the interest of keeping up appearances I did go ahead and post the meet n' greet, but I appreciate that you appreciated my little joke.

  2. Will smama, I have to agree with you: The Story Midwife's title picture is incredible (and yes I told her). Welcome one and all!

  3. She just had the invisible cloak (Harry Potter) over it.

  4. laughing

    wonderful that Rev Gals is still growing

  5. Welcome all...and if Mine Unbelief is reading this...I tried to post on your blog but it wouldn't let me...hmmm.

  6. Welcome to all and especially to whoever is wearing the imaginary clothes, but I thought we had no King here?

    Harry, you take that invisible cloak off now, I know you are in there somewhere...

  7. I am amazed that more and more wonderful people continue to join this ring-o-friends.


  8. wow the blog roll is still growing!


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