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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Cross-posted as always at InnerDorothy.

Gracious God, Source of life and love, we thank you for this day and all the blessings in it. We thank you for the sense of awe and wonder in this season of Advent. We thank you for familiar words of scripture that inspire and guide our journey toward the stable of Bethlehem.

Thank you God for the faith we share in our communities...for the support and care we offer one another...for the times when we laugh together and the times we cry together...for occasions in which bread is broken and souls are nourished.

We pray that, as a community of faith, you will help us to find our voices, so that we might proclaim the good news ushered in by the birth of Jesus. In the complicated wilderness we live in, you call us to proclaim your Love, your Peace, and your Justice. Guide us, God, as we seek to faithfully live out this call upon our lives.

We pray for all in need of your grace and healing this day. Bless each of these, your children, and enfold them in your peace.

Bless us, most Wondrous God, and may the Spirit’s blessing be our guide, comfort and strength in this season of Advent waiting, and may your love enfold each one of us. And now, as Jesus taught his friends, we sing together...


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  1. Thanks for this...I'm using it in worship this morning.PEACE!

  2. What a wonderful way to begin the morning! Thank you.

  3. A blessing, as always. thank you!

  4. Hey Sue, i borrowed a line from your prayer nd stuck it in end of my sermon, with a little difffernt wording.
    Hope that is okay. It worked out good.
    YOu have BEA-u--ti-ful prayers.

  5. Thanks all - it's a joy to share a prayer here on Sundays.

    1-4 grace: You are welcome to use any or all of the Sunday Prayer week by week.

    The same invitation holds true for all the RevGals and Pals, of course...

  6. Tried to post a thank you this morning but Blogger was being unhelpful. Sue, your Sunday prayers always seem to say just exactly what I need to hear and pray. I also used this prayer today. :-)

  7. A lovely prayer for Sunday evening too. Amen.


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