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Monday, December 04, 2006

**Subliminal Message Meet and Greet

Happy Monday (no such thing) one and all!!! Truly mornings where I feel like this (did you get the license of that liturgical truck?) are why I take Mondays off.

Since I am hanging around watching (using for all it is worth) children's programming I thought I would give you folks out there something new to check out considering how welcoming others in the name of inclusivity and 'welcomingness' (relax grammar-phobes, I did that on purpose) is one of the top three accepted reasons for procrastination (the other two are posting on your blog and sex - not necessarily in that order).

There are a couple of folks I want you to meet. Unfortunately a computer (handler) glitch is going to keep us from meeting someone more thoroughly today (I'm too lazy to go over to the office).


desert spirit's fire! (with a name like that we know she's not Presbyterian) In her own words: Desert Spirit's Fire is an ecumenical celebration of God's Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ, a festival rejoicing in all creation, and a whimsical view of my frequently passionate theology (told you). Just a brief review of her blog revealed two other blogs she has created (now THAT's procrastination). Welcome Leah Sophia!

33 Names of Grace: As is often the case we really get to know a blogger when we read their first month of entries. Michelle started in December of 2005 and her very first post explains the title of the blog. Be sure to check it out (there is no subtitle for me to cut and paste in my typical lame fashion). Welcome Michelle Hargrave!

What a fun coincidence that both of these women have most recently blogged about gratitude. Thank you.

Well, I think I have blessed all of you enough today (my coffee is ready). I must now prepare my mind and spirit for some theologically and spiritually uplifting exercises (I'm going to Target).

Peace, friends. (Peace, friends.)

** To be read in a manner similar to Kevin Nealon from the pre-Farrell seasons of SNL. If that is not helpful then just read the big print out loud and the tiny print silently (don't get fired).


  1. (with a name like that we know she's not Presbyterian)...

    Gosh, it's only Monday morning and we're already knocking us Presbyterians? :)

  2. It is spoken with love from another Presbyterian...

  3. You're in rare form today, WS!

    I;m sitting at a Panera, awaiting a meeting with the chair of my Personnel Comm,(since when is that a good thing?) and this made me laugh out loud!

  4. I wish I was at Panera, but no. I'm trying to figure out the budget for my areas...with no pledge figures yet. right....

    WS, Fab job on this! :-)

  5. Wishing I was at a the spirit of a Sabbath, of course. (see my blog here).

    Hope all goes well, CH! I have my review tonight...

  6. Yes WS you are in rare form. I'm glad I was done drinking my coffee--I might have spewed it out of my nose. :)

  7. Yikes I usta (is that a word) be a Presbyterian but now I'm Lutheran --don't we knock Lutherans too? (Garrison Keillor does such a good job that I tell my new (non Lutheran) folks at church to listen to him if they want to really know what Lutherans are like. (I have some close friends who are Presby's) does that count? gail (lol )

  8. Rev GalBlogPals put me on to "real live preacher"-- Gordon's riff on his (disastrous) Advent service is hilarious..if you want to continue smiling go real it ( I think...not too great at this blogging/website thing) Gail

  9. ok proofreading is not optional.. I meant go "read" it...sigh snivel

  10. Thanks WS, you made me snort from laughing so hard.


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