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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Festival

"Well, rockin' around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see every couple of tries to stop
Rockin' around the Christmas tree let the Christmas spirit ring
Later we'll have some pumpkin pie and we'll do some caroling"

Welcome to the revgalblogpal's Wednesday Festival. Hope you are ready for a rockin' party.

First let's sing Christmas songs. Apparently the Friday Five started a good ol' caroling time: "You will get a sentimental feeling, when your hear voices singing
'Let's be jolly, deck the halls with boughs of holly'"
Praying on the prairie tells us the redeeming value of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Quotidian Grace is challenging the RevGals and my other readers to write a song worse than Christmas Shoes with QG's Sappy Christmas Song Competition. For me it brought back a romantic memory of Christmas Caroling.

Mary Beth at Terrapin Station wants to tell us all about Mary, more about Mary and then even more about Mary. If you can't tell, she's been reading, writing, and thinking about Mary a lot.

At this party we do arts and crafts. Carmen (In the Open Sapce) has been wastin' time, er she means she has been making billboards I wish I could see. These two have some ideas to use next year at your church. 1-4 Grace has posted several things, including pictures, that her church did for their Advent Workshop this year. How about a "Living Nativity display"that was done by St. John's Rev Abi's church? These might be good to “file away” for next December. "Jesus, you do such good work using a hammer, your daddy must be a carpenter." "How's everyone else doing with their crafts?"

"Yeah, rockin' around the Christmas tree have a happy
feeling merrily in the new old-fashioned way"

What would a Christmas party be like without food and drink? Move over Paula Deen, 1-4 Grace has made us some really good Cheesy Beer Biscuits and brought along the recipe. She says they are good for your last minute holiday entertaining. They'll taste like you worked on them all day! Salt for the Spirit brought a lemon Curd Coffee Cake.
Cathy Knits brought cookies called, Cranberry hootycreeks .

Some of our partiers want to talk about Advent. Jorge Sanchez has resolved to pare down my wardrobe as an advent resolution inspired by the Rule of Benedict then, I recognized God relieving my burdens through this actions, and finally I realized I was quite attached to my ties, but not really to much else in my wardrobe. While eternal echoes is longing for something more at this time of year.

Meanwhile if you go into the multimedia room you can watch a Lego Christmas movie that Carmen (In the Open Space) brought. Salt for the spirit has brought The Muppet's Christms Carol,

If you go into the living room you can join in some serious discussion on various subjects.
Eternal echoes has entered the Posada chain blog along with the Psaltry.
Pam has an excellent post on valuing the other . Eternal Echoes has posted on an Sacred Center contemplates birth and death asking "what constitutes the bare bones of my life?" A church for starving artists writes about addictions

You will get a sentimental feeling, when you hear voices singing
"Let's be jolly, deck the halls with boughs of holly"
Yeah, rockin' around the Christmas tree have a happy holiday
Everyone feeling merrily in the new old-fashioned way

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Let me know if there are any errors or broken links. And if we missed you, or you want to add something to the rockin' party leave a comment with a link below! And remember to nominate yourself or another revgalblogpal's post for the next Wednesay Festival by monday at midnight.

PS Blogger's Elves are being mischievious again, it has taken all morning and then some to get this done and posted. "Come here you little elves, when I catch you there will be no Christmas presents for you under the tree." Ya'll excuse me, I've got some elves to catch, they stole my bible study notes for tonight, also.


  1. well done Abi- what a full round up!
    now do I browse and procrastinate- or do I work on my assibnment????

  2. Sally, I say browse and procrastinate, and then work.

    But please help me find those elves.

    Thanks, and might I say you have had some great posts.

  3. wow, abi, that was fantastic! and those elves somehow made it over here, heh. let me know if you find a way to trap the litte monsters!

  4. Looks great! I'll have to check some of them out after my hospital board meeting (which promises to be 2.5 hours).

    OH, and I wrote a story for the Christmas edition of the local paper. My name will take you to my blog

  5. Thanks Gord. Will check out your article later.

    Carmen,working on the trap as we speak. Sorry they made it your way.

    You added quite a bit to the festival. thanks.

  6. Well, this is a mighty fine Wednesday festival. Revabi - wonderful job!

    Here - have a Cranberry Hootycreek :)

  7. Aghhh, RevAbi, I now have an earworm of *that song*....

    Great festival, though.

    Are those the same elves that are supposed to bring everyone a sermon on Saturday mornings? If so, they need some serious re-training!

  8. Blogger seems to have swallowed part of a sentence. In the third paragraph from the bottom it says "Eternal Echoes has posted on an Sacred Center contemplates birth and death asking "what constitutes the bare bones of my life?" with Sacred Center linking to Eternal Echoes. Why does Blogger do that (every time I have posted the Festival)? Anyway, I linked to my post below in my signature if anyone is interested.

    Christine @ Sacred Art of Living
    (Sacred Center)

  9. PS -- Thanks Abi! I know how much work it takes! :-)

  10. I would like to say thanks for the great posting it is wonder to procratinate during finals week... prayers to all my fellow seminary students out there during finals.. and if you are done I am so jealous

  11. Sorry for the earworm Rainbow pastor. And yes they are the same elves. In fact they have already made off with my sermon notes for Sunday.

    And Sacred Living. I think I tried to correct that paragraph 3 times, and everytime it did something different to the links. I am telling you its the elves. But thank you for linking to it in the comments, I'll try again.

    And yes prayers for all our seminary students, college students and any other students.

  12. Um ... Abi et. al., it may not be Elves.

    The weather guy on Good Morning America this morning claimed that there would be significant sun spot activity today that would cause a burst of energy to wash over the planet, enough to disrupt electronic communications of all kinds ... cell phones, PCs, etc etc etc.

    While I don't believe everything I hear/read in mainstream media, if it's true, it's really appropriate for Advent, although a bit late for signs in the skies.

    You may have to give the elves the benefit of the doubt.

  13. I just posted about my upcoming trip to Guatemala

  14. great work revabi

    oh and the photo of rocking around the tree is found here
    rocking around the tree

    (can't codeit but you'll find it!)

    be blessed


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