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Saturday, January 27, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party

It's that day of the week yet again. Do you know where your sermon is? It's been a rough week here, and I must admit that I have no idea where mine is, or from whence it will come.

Nonetheless, we're open for business here at the RGBP cafe. I've ground up plenty of Caribou Coffee's French roast, and it's set to brew for you early birds. I've also put out a plate of English muffins - my favorite breakfast staple lately - with various fixings: eggs, cheese, ham, real butter, peanut butter, and raspberry preserves. I don't recommend that you try them all at once. Feel free to add your favorite treats throughout the day.

Speaking of adding to the feast, what homiletical gems do you have to offer today? I know I could certainly use some inspiration. Gather round, gals and pals, and let's get to work!


  1. I am on the way out the door to a meeting 3 hours away by car. Not to return until after 5:00 p.m.
    I am glad I don't have to birth a sermon today! I will have to do prayers, cildren's time and the bulletin this evening and tomorrow morning. I hope everyone has a good, productive day. Thanks for the english muffin-- this is better than a drive thru!

  2. I've had a tough week, too, and have not one word on paper yet. I'm hoping a gem comes my way in the next hour or two, as I then have a meeting, then back again for just a few hours. Please sermon mojo, come back===I need you.

  3. ACK! It's Saturday morning, my sermon is a teensy bit too long, not good, and is missing a key transition sentence or two. The session retreat begins in an hour and a half and lasts 6 hours. The first service is in 9 and a half hours.
    how am I going to do this? Bring on the Holy Spirit!!!!

    Since I can't be here to hang out and get inspiration, I am going to leave you my Apple Jacks. They're not good for you, but wow are they surprisingly good. I'd forgotten. Enjoy!

  4. I'm putting the finishing touches on a sermon about Zacheaus and calling. Since I don't preach that often, I get the luxury of being able to fret about a sermon for weeks. Is that a luxury, or torture?

  5. Just back from diocesan synod, so that was Saturday morning...and discovered they need me at junior youth group tonight too...And no, I have not a word or a thought towards the sermon, which is for Evensong. A wondering whether there might be mileage on preaching re Holocaust Memorial day, as the readings concern the Temple...but oh dear, I've not done the background reading, and I feel totally devoid of...well, anything, really. Whinge, minge, moan, groan...

  6. Good Morning, all. Thanks for the breakfast goodies! I'm almost done with the sermon - worked on it last night in the ski chalet while I watched my kids out on the slopes. Found a quiet corner and a sermon was born. Focusing on the Gospel - those in Nazareth who thought that they deserved a miracle or more from Jesus. Then thinking a bit about how God oft by-passes those who think they are deserving of a blessing and blesses instead those who might be less deserving. I have to come up with something for the kids...and then I get to spend the rest of the day helping my son with a big history project. Have a great day!

  7. oh, thank you sisters for your solidarity and strength. i went to bed last night sure i had no sermon- stacey, and ppb i've been reading your posts all week with great empathy- doubting i would have a sermon before my premarital counseling appointment at 11. but one seemed to start to come together as i woke up this morning. i'm preaching on 1 Corinthians, as i have been the past two weeks. And i'm thinking about culture clash- the way these words first clashed with the culture in which they were spoken, the way they have been appropriated by our culture so they no longer clash in our ears, the way they still point to culture clash. this started to come together and then i slipped into a light dream and an NT professor friend of mine was in the dream. we were at a 11th hour preacher party if you will. and i said "i think I have something finally. i should get to work on it." she said, "tell us what you have." i did and she said "oh yeah!" and then added a detail. and then I added a detail and then i woke up. don't know if it makes sense to any of you right now, but i should start writing. i have two hours before i have to be to church. and i have to preach it first tonight. come on Spirit.

    oh, K's making oatmeal and I think we have two slices of cold pizza if anyone's interested.

    blessings on all of us too stressed, too busy, staring at empty pages.

  8. Amy, I suspect it's a torture.
    I have a few thoughts and a title, but they are the kind of thoughts I hope will readily expand into full stories (she said hopefully). I'm going to compare the response of the townsfolk to Jesus to the attitude in my childhood denomination toward women in the pulpit and wonder how I would be received in my childhood church if I arrived declaring myself a preacher.
    There is awareness already in the congregation that they need to work on hospitality, so this will be encouraging, not scolding. A team of ladies have been working on new nametags this week, using my newness as a motivator for the congregation, but also knowing there are visitors whose names no one is getting. This came from the congregation, not from me, so it's very encouraging.
    I'm also going to talk about the idea that before you ask someone to sleep in your guest room, you ought to spend a night in it yourself, to see what might be needed by someone who is in an unfamiliar setting.
    That all sounds good, but it isn't written...

  9. Good morning, fellow preachers! I'm hoping the caffeine will kick in soon. I am preaching the Luke text and discussing how Nazareth wanted an entertaining Jesus, but we get a redeeming Jesus instead. His redemption is great mercy for all that requires work. I'll try to post what I have later on today. My parents are coming in for a visit, and I plan to be finished by the time they arrive. More cofee, please!

  10. no sermon for me -- a paper. Hopefully with better results!

    I did grab a cuppa on my way by though.


  11. Preacher Woman from Minnesota - I admire your self-discipline! I couldn't concentrate in a new library, for pete's sake. Somethings tells me that a ski chalet would have been an even bigger distraction!

    Songbird, did you check out the entries and links that Blogitch has at his place?

    I finished up the draft of my sermon last night. It was a great distraction from worrying about Rosemary who was out for the first time on a Friday night with a small group of friends and a teenaged driver. (I'm so not ready for this stage!)

    I am preaching the gospel passage, about the 'disturbing' reminder that God extends love and acceptance far beyond the boundaries we set, including outcast widows and officers from an enemy army. Perhaps we need to reexamine our boundaries, lest Jesus pass through our midst and leave us behind. (Thanks to BBT for the idea behind that last sentence.)

    I will not re-read the draft until later today. It needs to rest for awhile to let the dough rise - or fall - before making final adjustments.

    I don't have much to add to the breakfast buffet - just oatmeal and Frosted Flakes - but you are welcome to help yourself!

  12. okay, so I posted the sermon. Please let me know what you think! I have two free hours to revise this afternoon before the first service tonight. AAA!!!! It still lacks a key transition, and also I just don't feel good about this one, so I'm hoping someone can tell me what happened to either the sermon or me. thanks!

  13. Ok all you procrastinating preachers out there. There is a trivia quiz out there for RGBP - and we are celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday - so why don't you procrastinate for 2 minutes or so and check it out.
    All of your RGBP friends are there!
    See if you can top kievasfargo!

  14. preacher mom, yes, I saw the links and left a comment, too!

    We're going out for a brunch date, since we stayed in last night. I'll be back later!

  15. I finished up and am now taking on my house before my parents arrive. See what you think.

  16. 'Morning, all. Hey great new layout. I'm digging the photo at the top. Do you think somebody could take something like that with a camera phone????

    I brought banana-pecan bread and strong locally roasted fair-trade, shade-grown Guatemalan coffee.

    I have about half a sermon, no good transitions, and no big (or little) take-away piece. (But I have been to the gym this morning, picked up the dry cleaning, and gotten some groceries. Only laundry still to do!)

  17. You did that with a camera phone?? Really? Wow!

  18. If someone would just write my sermon for me, I'd be glad to reciprocate by giving you something in return. Like maybe an hour with the snuggliest kitten ever...he has very soft fur.

    Anyone? anyone? I have 2 paragraphs and I already hate it.

  19. It's a great picture. Cathy is playing around with it to see if we can make the full picture into a logo by adding text.

    Now, really, I am going out. I mean it! I'm not going to play with the blogs all day long!

  20. I don't like it when my mommy plays with words and computers and doesn't play birdy with me. And then today she spends the morning at a party with you. She's going to a "flipping Saturday meeting" right now. Can I come to the party instead? I have greenies.

  21. Come on, littlemankitty! Crash the party. The real fun comes when they all get tied down to the computers - we get to raid the food bar! Then we have a contest to see which one of us pulls off the most innocent look whenever someone tries to catch us. It's fun!

    Your new friend(s),
    Rascal (and Lacy, Levi, & Missy, although they can be real sticks in the mud sometimes.)

    P.S. Your mom is more fun. She gives you your own screen name. We have to sneak to the computer and log in under our mom's name when she isn't looking. ;)

  22. I come to the party every week, so I don't see why you can't! What's a greenie?

  23. Thanks for breakfast ... I have no bake cocoa haystack cookies to share, red beans and rice for later.

    As for sermonizing ... I am skipped ahead in the lectionary to Epiphany 5. I am sorely tempted to begin my sermon with "Well, it's been a quiet evening in Lake Gennesaret, my hometown ..." and end with "and that's the news from Lake Gennesaret, where the women are smart, the men are good looking, and the children are above average."

    But I think I may be the only person in both congregations that ever listens to PHC, or would get it.

    The basic premise is that the Beloved Community reaches out to others from a place of woundedness and vulnerability, because God has made those things strengths.

  24. The sermon is still not coming to me. If anyone has found the sermon mojo, could you please send some this way?

    Also, I'm auditioning for a band in 3 hours. My stomach is doing somersaults.

  25. Stacey
    Good luck on the audition... I understand butterflies!

    Greenies are for doggies too, (just find your doggy-type flavors.) We preacher cats love 'em and even do tricks for them... Here littlemankitty you can have a few of mine - flavor of the bag is "salmon"


    Tiria who is head lap cat today...

  26. Okay, the Spirit decided to visit, and I now have a page. I'm talking about the confidence God places in normal human beings, despite their lack of qualifications in the eyes of the world. Starting with Jeremiah - his qualification was that God was with him - that God knew him, formed him, and chose him. Then Jesus - no one thought he was qualified, but he needed only God's approval on his 'resume.' Then moving on to 1 Corinthians to talk about how God has equal confidence in us, in our ability to love each other and the world - not because we're so special, but because God knows us, forms us, and chooses us to love. Bonus: that will lead nicely into further talk about our Bring Your Weight in Food challenge. Hoorah!

  27. Love the new look of the home page! Congratulations to whomever was responsible.

    This is the Week of the Laity so all the minister parts of the worship service are being done by lay members of the congregation. My part in the worship service is to (drum roll please) take a seat in a pew and Worship! Maybe greeting, as our regular greeter is in the hospital following a fall in her home yesterday. I'm on my way back to the hospital now to visit and take instruction from her. :-)

    May all sermons bring a Word that someone needs to hear.

  28. She came back. It was cancelled. She's even more grumpy. I even tried to share greenies. No luck. I hate sermon days. When kitties rule the world there will be no sermon days. Only play with the crumpled up piece of paper days.

  29. Hi everyone!
    I'm focusing this week on the challenge of being prophetic in word and action. There are a few contemporary prophets who do amazing work (environmentalist David Suzuki is one example) - but it's not enough for us to say "I'm only..." as in, "I'm only one person" or "I'm too busy" or...whatever...

    We are called to speak prophetic truths in our time, even when they are unpopular.

    that's all I have for now...

    Nice to have the pets on board today!

  30. I have finished a late-morning breakfast of cinnamon oatmeal and cinnamon flavored coffee. I should have had some of the Apple Jacks instead. Now I am headed over to the church to hole up in my office and finish my sermon which is the personality of the Holy Spirit--with the very unimaniganative title of "The Holy Spirit is a Person." I'm calling Psalmist in a bit, because she has a personal story about this that I hope she will let me share.

    Then I have to set up the church for our annual week of prayer.

    And then, back for a much-needed snooze.

    And as for pets, check out my place for what Princess Patches is doing this a.m.

    Back to check on you all in a while.

  31. Think I've abandoned the holocaust in favour of the theme of nostalgia, looking for God in the structures of the past...We have Haggai 2 set as we're keeping Candlemas tomorrow, and that's the OT reading for Evensong. I think I spend my entire life telling this congregation that God goes ahead of us...
    I desperately need an illustration,or they'll feel battered again. Oh dear...

  32. Well, I'm off to audition for a rock band. I have about two and a half pages of sermon that actually seems like it will work, so I guess I can leave the rest for post-audition. I'll be back in a few hours. Keep that inspiration coming!

  33. Break a leg at the audition Stacey!!

    Does anyone have any ideas for a children's story? I'm really stuck. We only have about 5-7 children each week, so it's not a large group, and I usually keep my story under five minutes.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Well I spent 2.25 hours on the phonefor a PResbytery Executive meeting, now time to think about why it is hard to be a prophet. Oh wait! is the laundry done??

  35. Well, I've posted my draft here and welcome any feedback, but also am happy to offer it if it might be helpful to anyone else. Its long. Ah well, one of those weeks. I'm just so glad I have a sermon! PPB- you're preaching this text right? And the meeting got cancelled? Don't know if it will be helpful. But its there. Now I need to find some lunch.


  36. Wow, we get ppb AND littlemankitty this week! And here's to sentences I have never uttered: "I'm off to go audition for a rock band!"
    Good luck Stacey and have fun!

    I have very little sermon fodder gathered in my head. We are having a mission trip reunion and so I am trying hard not to feel the pressure of folks I spent a week with who think I might be a good preacher coming to hear me actually preach.

    Sue, I am not sure what you are looking for, but here is a children's sermon that a friend of mine does once a quarter.

    He brings three objects for each kid (mini candy bars, jelly beans, etc...) and talks about sharing. He has them eat one now, save one for later and give one away.

    The best part is that at the beginning of it he just stuffs his face with the jellybeans (or whatever) and talks about how good and yummy they are and how much he is going to keep them to himself. The expressions on the kids faces are too funny.

  37. oops- typo- left out the e in stacey! sorry! hope the audition is going or has gone well! i know this will be a great addition to your life if it works out.

    fun children's sermon ws. i've done variations on it. i'll remember that.

  38. Hi everyone. I'm not preaching tomorrow, but for once I am home on a Saturday to join the party (why is it when I am preaching that I am almost always also away from home and can't come to the party?).

    The cupboard is pretty bare, but I think I'm about to make some sugar cookies, if anyone would like some. I also have milk to go with them.

    Flowing thoughts and clearly articulated ideas to all...

  39. Hi friends,

    I'm freaking out just the teeniest bit, as tomorrow is my first Sunday in the pulpit at my new position. (Not really... I filled in there in September, but that was pulpit supply. Tomorrow I will, by contrast, have a chapel full of students trying to decide if coming to chapel will be worthwhile at all this semester.)

    I just made myself nauseous.

    Here's a great song lyric, by the late great Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, for anyone dealing with prophetic calls and the resistance of those who "know you". Blessings,


    Ordinary Town

    Common cool, he was a proud young fool in a kick-ass Walmart tie
    Rippin down the main drag, trippin on the headlights rollin by
    In the early dawn when the cars were gone, did he hear the master's call?
    In the five-and-dime did he wake and find he was only dreamin after all, 'cause

    This is an ordinary town
    and the prophet stands apart
    This is an ordinary town
    and we brook no wayward heart
    And every highway leads you prodigal back home
    To the ordinary sidewalks
    you were born to roam

    Rock of ages, love contagious, shine the serpent fire
    So sang the sage of sixteen summers in the upstairs choir
    So sang the old dog down the street beside his wailing wall
    "Go home, go home" the mayor cried when jesus came to city hall, 'cause

    This is an ordinary town,
    and the prophet stands alone
    This is an ordinary town
    and we crucify our own
    And every highway leads you prodigal again
    To the ordinary houses
    you were brought up in

    Raised on hunches and junk food lunches and punch-drunk ballroom steps
    You get to believing you're even-steven with the kids at fast track prep
    So you dump your bucks on a velvet tux and you run to join the dance
    But your holy shows and the romans know you're just a child of
    Circumstance, 'cause

    This is an ordinary town
    and the prophet has no face
    This is an ordinary town
    and the seasons run in place
    And every highway
    leads you prodigal and true
    To the ordinary angels
    watchin over you

  40. Hello, I'm back. Sermon is done, I spent some time watching my TiFaux of "What Not to Wear" and now I have an hour or so before I meet with the parents of the infant I am baptizing tomorrow. Then an early wine-tasting with Pedro, my cabin boy.

  41. Wow, this must be a great party! It seems like there are several of us "not preaching" folks dropping by for food, fun, inspiration, or procrastination. Nothing but left overs in the house, and it feels like that's what I've got in the writing mojo cupboard too. I need to get a verbatim done today. Really I need to get two, but that is highly unlikely. Hooray - the dryer buzzed- another opportunity to procrastinate. Writing assignments are about the only thing that can make that buzzer sound like a good thing.

    I've enjoyed reading all your comments. Again, thanks for being such a great cyber-community.

    PS - Sue, I did children's time for 5 years. If you'll tell us the text or theme of the service, I probably can help you out.

  42. For the love of all things good and holy, will someone just kill this thing and put it out of its misery? I'm utterly frustrated. I'm going to go see what I said the last time I was stupid enough to pick this text.

  43. Hey Littleman Kitty
    When my mommy ignores me and plays iwth the computer, I get the connection cord in my mouth and look at her as I bite down.
    I also jump on her shoulders and tickle her ears with my whiskers.
    Its great!

  44. ppb, I hope the old sermon helps! (My last one on this text was stinky, so it's no use.)
    I'm working, in between laundry, shopping, roasting a chicken, felting a hat and a few minutes of "What Not to Wear." Yes, I've employed almost every form of procrastination today, except a bubble bath.

  45. I've had a bath. Three in fact. Two with water. One with cat. Hasn't helped. I've also written 4 half sermons, and started a batch of soup.

    Everyone's sermons online are so good! Congratulations!

    I'm wearing a brown bag to church tomorrow. And I'm never, ever taking another job where you only preach once in a while. You totally lose your mojo. I want a weekly preachin gig. This once in a while---it's like jogging once every 3 months. Painful.

  46. After a week out of town for continuing ed, I'm back and attempting to write a sermon and get ready for the more difficult of two annual meetings. Making something for the potluck would be good too, except that I have no fresh food in the house.

    At the continuing ed event we had a workshop about preaching the rest of Epiphany, which was somewhat helpful, but I'm struggling between preaching on Jeremiah or on Luke. We had pulpit exchange last Sunday, so I could use some of what I said last Sunday if I preached on Luke, but Jeremiah's call is also calling to me as well. Maybe something about how we are ALL called, not just preachers and pastors, but all of be continued next week with the call of Isaiah. Stacey's thoughts posted earlier are prodding me in a few directions now.

    I procrastinated by going out and shoveling snow, which was also good exercise, but now I'm trying desperately to settle down and get something done before it's super late.

  47. I have the final draft up. I'm preaching it for the first (of three) time(s) in an hour and a half. ack!

  48. PPB, still looking for a weekly preaching gig?

    You're hired! Can you get here by 10:30 tomorrow morning?

    I am just getting started now... did that just send a chill through anyone else but me?

  49. I'm not writing a sermon or even a homily, though we are having our biweekly house (apartment) mass this evening. I mostly reflect and pray on the readings throughout the week, then "preach" brief and extemp, and open to sharing--which is quite creative since Nicholas brings up all the important tough questions, and Katie chooses a picture (or two, or three) from her "God Loves Me" bible and has me read the story.

    Yesterday's Friday Five inspired me to a prayer walk down the strand from Newport Pier to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, in the church with its gorgeous windows-Clare and Francis, Teresa and John of the Cross, even Meister Eckhart-- and then back again as the sun set over Catalina Island. I grieved to be, like Paul, "cut off for the sake of my people," and longed for a faith community to serve. And I found strength and confidence that God is bringing that about, taking deep in my soul the words to Jeremiah about being made a strong castle and a wall of bronze against the whole land.

    But today is sad again, especially cause it looks like no guests for mass tonight, and though I'd probably be whining if I had a sermon to write, now I'm jealous of everyone who does, and whining cause I have this week's study questions, study sheet, and quiz to write instead.

    It's good to be at the party, though, and I keep clicking back and forth between comments and pages getting to know people better. Many thanks, Magdalene, for psalm 57 and the beautiful prayer image in your prayer shawl post.

    "In my meditation, a beautiful fantasy evolved: God somehow was a glorious blue-purple-green mother dragon, protecting me as I rode forth to awake the dawn."

    I know she will carry you through the butterflies tomorrow, and me through the waiting...and the shadow of her wings will enfold all of us wherever we are and wherever we're going. And I'm glad to have you all here to help me remember that.

  50. Thanks ws, that may work with our group...and sharing is always a good message.

    mid-life rookie: the theme would connect with the boy Jeremiah saying "I'm only a boy" -- something about how we can all do more than we think we can...

  51. Thanks for all the well-wishing, preacher pals. The audition (otherwise known as the wail-my-lungs-out-for-three-hours) was fantastic. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun.

    Now, back to the sermon, which I must say is looking a bit pale by comparison.

  52. Will, sure---can you be here by 10:30? Well, more like 10 would be good. I'll have PO leave the back door unlocked. Wear lots of lipstick and try to ignore the dude in the balcony who is alternately filming you and reading the Sunday paper.

    And most important, if I preach at your church and you at mine, do I at least get to buy a sub sandwich at a gas station? Will you red up the church for me? Can you promise me an Amish buggy to make me late? Cuz those are my deal breakers.

  53. Wow mother laura, I was going to say a 'fishy and a duckie' but nevermind.

    ppb, as long as you wear nothing under your robe - which for some reason they like here - the rest is negotiable.

  54. I'm so despearate for entertainment that I'm playing with raw carrots. Please! Bring my human back! Love is playing with the kitty. Love is sharing a nap. Love is buying me Greenies. Love is playing birdie.

    Anyone wanna come to my house to play? It's on a road that has houses and squirrels and humans. And there's a tree in front. You can't miss it. Call when you are on your way.

  55. um, will, it's like winter out? It's way too cold to go commando under the robe. Well, that and I'm willing to drive 8 hours to your church for you, but I'm not willing to shave my legs for you.

  56. I just called in sick with a sermon to my night at the theatre. (just colleg theatre but it was the Laramie Project) Fireplace! Hope someone else can use the ticket.

    I think the holy spirit is laughing at me. And telling me to get off line.

  57. them's fightin' words, will smama!

  58. The Holy Spirit IS laughing so put on some underpants so you warm up and get offline.


  59. will smama: a fishy and a ducky? secret RGBP code or ??? explain please.

  60. ml, sorry I didn't mean my humor to be encrypted.

    On of my favorite Peanuts cartoons depicts Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy all laying on a hill staring at clouds when Charlie Brown asks them what they see.

    I don't remember the exact narratives, but let's say Lucy goes off on the various psychoses of the mind and how she sees each cloud representing a different psychologist, etc, etc...

    Linus says he sees the great works of various theologians of our time and the tension between the OT and the NT as depicted in the clouds etc, etc... "What do you see Charlie Brown?"

    To which Charlie Brown replies, "Well I was going to say I see a fishy and a ducky but nevermind."

  61. All right, dinner is behind us, children have scattered to the winds, dear husband putting the leftovers away, and I have no more excuses.

    I really have to write it now, don't I?

  62. WS: I AM fully clothed. You're the one who wants to preach naked.

  63. Ladies, maybe it's because the temperature here was in the single digits today, but I find this talk of commando preaching chilling.

  64. Can I tell you how disconcerting it is to read these comments from you, WS, while looking at the picture of your sweet little boy?

    Perhaps a new revgals mug: preach naked, from the gospel according to Will Smama

  65. Brings a whole new perspective to walking the dogs, huh?

    I'm done.

  66. You're done? You're done with your sermon? I'm on the last page, but I've been at it all day? Sheesh! All these hot-shots surrounding me! I'm totally in the turtle writing group, surrounded by a bunch of bunnies.

    (pouts fully clothed)

  67. Not with the sermon, with the conversation.

  68. You're in good turtle company, ppb. i have a mess of I don't know what.

  69. which text did you settle on?

  70. Okay, I go away for a nap (just for a short time) and y'all are preaching commando (i.e. Neek-ID as jaybirds), singing in rock bands and felting hats (I honestly don't know how to felt a hat, but it sounds impressive!), and talking about birdy and duckies!
    Meanwhile, Melech is begging for dinner and it is 41 and rainy out.
    Preach well, my friends! Don't stay up too late and if you must preach without your Revgal thongs, then go ahead.
    Preaching without shoes is as far as this chick goes.
    SB, I am so coveting that robe with embrodirey.
    Kitty kiss for LMK!

  71. I'm doing both Corinthians and the gospel, but I have a sudden horrible lack of understanding of the latter.

  72. ws,
    Too Too Too much information.

    NOw why are we supposed to be prophets anyway? Where is the profit in it? Hey, I must use that line tomorrow (but will it work as well orally as it does written?) But if I can't figure that out in ways that mean anything beyond a "It would be nice if..." I have no sermon!

  73. Well, I have a first draft now, with a horrible ending. I'm going to go work on the second sermon for a little bit (it's an edit of an old sermon) and maybe the sermon fairies will visit my first sermon while I'm off playing with printers and edits.

    It feels good to finally be ---at 8:45 at night on Saturday, where I should be at 8:45 on Thursday. I do not work well this way.

    Oh, hot air popcorn is on the table. I squirted it with the butter in a bottle so it's not too bad.

  74. I've been gone all day attending a horse show watching my daughter ride and compete (two first place,one fifth). Just returned and posted my sermon. I am writing on Luke and Jeremiah, comparing winning sports teams and adoring fans with the Nazareans and Jesus (they adoring him...). All this because the Chicago Bears are going to the Super Bowl....

  75. okay, once down and two times to go.

    I didn't get stoned (like with rocks, people) after the sermon, so I guess that's good? or bad? (i have a friend, who may have already gotten a mention here, who says it's a good sermon if you can ehar them building the gallows in the parking lot...i was a little afraid of that after the contemporary service cuz they like uplifting and i didn't give it to them...)

    anyway, a couple of elders even told me it was my best sermon here so far. The senior high sunday school teacher said she was going to use it in the class tomorrow. I guess that's good too. feel free to steal outright if that works for you. I'm not stingy. I stole from BBT. it's all good.

  76. Y'all keep me from being lonesome on Saturday nights...

    I'm finished but if anyone is taking bets (+ we presbyies don't bet) I'll be up during the night rewriting the middle or ending of tomorrow's sermon.


    Should I drink real coffee this late?

  77. Ok a direct link to my sermon if you want to drop by and leave a comment:


  78. I suppose a functional printer was too much to ask for?

  79. What does "fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, stupid fireplacing printer" mean?

  80. Jesus Louise! I go out for, like, the first time in months and you people throw an all-out party without me!

    Naked preaching!

    Band auditions!

    Cat baths! (Wait...I don't know what that is.)

    PPB and WS switching pulpits!

    Lord help us.

    ~laffin~ as Mindy would say.

  81. I'm doing the children's message and I'm "borrowing" an idea, based on Jeremiah. Our crowd is also 5-7. I'm passing around a locked combination lock and asking them to open it. Then I'll give them the combination. God gives you what you need. If he asks you to open a lock, he'll provide the combination. I so wish I'sd found it earlier cuz I would have "invested" in a lock with letters that spell something...but at this late time, its gonna be my gym lock. Best of Luck tommorrow friends! God'll give you what you need!

  82. Sermon's done--preached'll work tomorrow too I think. Last week someone mentioned that sometimes we give brunch, sometimes cold cereal--think it's the latter this week, but it'll do.

    But...I have yet to finish Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. Adults--Abraham and Isaac in about 15 minutes--yeah, like that's going to happen. I have way too much information; I'm on overload! I've got to come up with some key points without getting too in depth!

  83. I wrote a page earlier and then procrastinated by having dinner, watching ice skating, and knitting! Now I'm back to finish up (I hope).

    I think I might focus on this juxtaposition of Jeremiah and Jesus. Jeremiah worried about being too young, about what he didn't have, but was given the courage to speak difficult and hard words from God. Jesus spoke those difficult and hard words as well. (Hmm, that really doesn't sound very put together. Apparently I have farther to go than I realized.)

    Now, if only I was ready to speak difficult and hard words to my people as well as an illustration...hmm, what ARE the hard words that might be said to them? (Sermon mojo or Antonio, now would be an excellent time to visit.)

    Loving the sagas of each of y'all as we get to Sunday together.

  84. The wind chills that are forecast for our area are somewhere around
    -15, so I will be fully clothed (and hopefully in my right mind) in the a.m.) Even thinking about being sans clothes has me shivering.

    The sermon is done, I am feeling excited and inspired, and sweet Psalmist came through with an amazing personal story that she is allowing me to share which I pray will pull the whole "Holy Spirit as Person" thing together.


    Now for some Mexican I dare have coffee with my taco? Nah.

    Preach well, all.

  85. Okay, so I mentioned teh printer problem? I admit. I whined the printer problem. Mystery solved. Check my blog if that's keeping you up all night. and friends, when the sunday prayer is already on the board and you're still editing? You're running a bit behind.

    That would be me!

  86. I so love Saturday's and our preaching party. What a gift to have found you all!! I have ice cream (cookie dough and vanilla, low fat) and spice cake and tea (peppermint, sleepy time, or earl grey) yourself but turn the lights out, yawn...I'm heading to bed soon. May the Spirit inspire all of us with the words God needs us to say to God's people.

  87. Oh yeah ppb, I hear ya on the Sunday Prayer 'omen'. I compare it to staying up really late (early) in the hallways of the college dorm to finish a project/paper that is due that morning and knowing the deadline is getting tight when you hear the thump of the morning papers being thrown onto the floor in front of dorm rooms.... with the added bonus of the skeevy paper guy seeing us in varying attire.

    But with my son 'watching', let's not go there again.

    Fully clothed (even wearing a winter hat),

  88. I don't love it, but I've got a sermon. I'm hitting the sack. Work and sleep well, all!

  89. Two pages and a bit down. Just under one to go. Still have the gospel to work in there somehow. Can it be done?

    I hereby donate Valentine's M&M's to the cause for all the late-nighters.

  90. This night became a lot longer than I planned. I'm exhausted, but I have a sermon. I think I'm headed to bed. Last one out, hit the lights, will you?

  91. I just hit print! And it's exactly midnight. Now how to come down from the 2 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke?

  92. ppb - that is a LOT of diet coke. Wow.... just wow.

    Congrats to all who have finished... good luck to those still striving.

    I still need an ending but fear that is not going to come tonight. I have accomplished quite a bit today though having made homemade playdough, researched and written a sermon(almost) from scratch, and talked through a pretty significant family crisis.

    I believe that's enough for one day.

    As always, awesome party.

  93. ppb--I have an idea to help you come down from that Diet Coke.

    Write the ending to my sermon. That oughta put you to sleep real good. heh.

  94. Okay! I have an ending! It kind of sucks, but it's there!

    Off to shower and look it over once more before printing and sleeping. Oh, and maybe I'll make some notes about what to say for the annual meeting. *sigh*

    Blessings on all preaching, teaching and leading tomorrow.

  95. Well, yawn, it's morning, after a night of restless sleep. I never sleep well on Saturday nights...sermon bounces in my head all night and I fear I will over sleep or some silly thing...anyway, I've reviewed sermon again and it will preach - may not be brunch but it's more than cereal, eggs and bacon maybe...will be thinking of you all this day.

  96. Good morning... and for some good afternoon. Sunday has arrived - just like clockwork - and for some that is a good thing and for others... well, not so much.

    Either way I hope your morning goes well and this afternoon you enjoy the moments when you actually believe you will get the sermon done before Saturday next week.

    From what I've read there are some good things out there so don't fret, the Holy Spirit has got your back. And IF you've gotta dog...

    walk it proud.

  97. Bless you, will smama, that was quite a day!
    It's snowing lightly here. I had to pick up the house because our cleaning lady is now coming on Sunday mornings.
    Yes, think about it.
    On the one hand: coming home to a clean house is stunning.
    On the other: no time to peacefully look over sermon in the morning.
    Such is life.
    Preach well today!

  98. Wahhh! I missed the party!

    Blogger had a mean streak yesterday, and coupled with "issues" form Firefox, it meant I couldn't get to the party. Sounded like a rowdy ol' time, too!

    Next week, fer sure!

  99. Sue,
    I'm sorry I was out last night listening to G&T and the praise band do a 70's party they sold at the church auction. It was fun. If it's not too late, you might consider having the kids think about how they can share God's message by showing God's love in their worlds (home, friends, school, church). They are not too young to make a difference for someone. If I'm too late, maybe you can use that another time.

  100. you all help me get through saturdays.

    now that yesterday is over, there's NO MORE SATURDAY CHURCH for me!! thank you jesus, thank you.

    i can't wait to leave town for a week.

    but i guess first i should go preach two more times....what are the chances I can call in and say "i got a call from the airport that says I need to be there 23 hours before my flight, not 2-3 hours"???

  101. Ok you guys-- it's Sunday afternoon (I'm in California, which isn't sunny at the momnent, but never mind)...and where were you when I needed you---struggled with Jesus having a bad/good day in Nazareth. Finanlly got something--- but liked your ideas (too late), much better. Nice to have a "pericope" group --wish I could have you in person (especially those ones of you who bring chocolate)
    I'll be sure my computer/AOL works next week. Thanks anyway-- the ideas are now in my "good ideas for other sermons when brain isn't working and Holy Spirit is on vacation..." gail


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