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Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Morning Meet n' Greet: El Nino Edition

Unseasonably warm here in a valley in the northeast and supposedly global warming is not the culprit - sorry Al. Rather we have El Nino to blame for everything from the storms in the southeast to the blizzards in Colorado to... LadyBurg deciding she needs another blog. She writes: I'm an associate paster in the 'Burg at Our Big Steeple Downtown Church. I was blogging under Theoontapintheburg but decided to set up my own blog because....well....this blogging thing is addicting! Besides being a pastor and wife, I'm an avid although amateur gardener. My name, LadyBurg, reminds me of both "Lady Bird" Johnson who loved wildflowers and ladybugs that protect garden flowers from pests.

The Phaith of St. Phransus might also be enjoying the weather since he considers himself a LAZY DAY HAMMOCK THEOLOGIAN: I am... a United Methodist Youth pastor... a grad student working on a master's in theology... a candidate for ordained ministry in the umc... a husband to Jen... a dad to Jonas and Abby... a writer... a mystic... a monastic at heart... an artist... a lover of beauty... and advocate for social justice and peace... BUT MOST OF ALL...I AM A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST!

How does A Home for My Words feel about the warm spell? Hard to tell since it is authored by 'Silent'. She is in the midwest and has been blogging since last April. In her first post she wrote: I have come to realize how much I want to write. I have come to realize how much I need to write.

Because spoken words seem to fail me. I spent my childhood years in mostly silence, mostly smiling, being shy and afraid to speak. I’ve “come out of my shell” through the years, but some of that fear is still there. And irony of ironies is that I have been called to a vocation in which one of my primary roles is that of preacher, speaker of the good news of what God has done for us.

And somehow, I can speak of God. And somehow, God speaks through me and allows people to hear of and experience the good news of God. And that is wonderful and amazing.

I know that was a big quote but I really felt like her words echoed a lot of what I have read from so many of you.

These are the revgal's latest and greatest! Please be sure to stop by and give them a hearty WELCOME!!!

In other news, have you checked out Cathy's birthday party yet? As she mentioned in the post below a donation has been made to the Episcopal Relief and Development's Gifts for Life Catalogue in the revgals name because we made over thirty comments at her party. Here is the official notice:
May this Gift for Life bring you joy as it brings hope to children and their families around the world. In Honor of RGBP RevGalBlogPals a gift of Provide clean water and basic sanitation has been made by Cathy Stevens To a wonderful community of folks - in thanksgiving for the many gifts you offer to so many. RevGalBlogPals, thank you! People everywhere need access to life essentials -- healthy food, safe drinking water, basic health care services and protection from deadly preventable diseases such as malaria. We work in partnership with local communities to offer our comprehensive "basics of life" initiatives. These efforts help people live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Check it out for yourself at this link.

Happy Birthday, Cathy!


  1. Welcome one and all!

    JNorm!! About time bro'. Big hugs and kisses.

  2. Hey LadyBurg, I went over to your new-to-me blog and tried to post a comment, but for the life of me couldn't read the characters correctly (at least blogger's are reasonably readable). After 4 or 5 tries I decided to post it here--hope you'll see it.

    Here's my comment::

    Congrats on submitting another blog to RGBPs! The pics are way cool.

  3. Thanks for all the attempts, Leah. I've also noticed that typepad is serious about disguising their characters! They are not messing around.....

  4. Cathy, thanks for your gift!! I'm very thankful for this community and love this kind of tribute to it.

  5. thanks to all the warm welcomes today. i am honored to be a part of the community. shalom y'all.

  6. Yay Cathy! Thanks for the honor to RGBP!


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