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Sunday, January 07, 2007

December's Trivia Challenge Winner!

A new month means we have a new Trivia Challenge winner and again it is Frodo, and he has a blog which needs us to go over there and make his site meter go off the charts (and yes, he does have site meter so he WILL know). He just can't seemed to be topped, but let's see who is going to be the one. I know it's not me!! Here are the top 10 winners:

1. frodo
2. zorra
3. Satchel Pooch
4. semfem
5. alin
6. circlibmm
7. DawgDays
8. ThePowerOfThePoodle
9. peacepastor
10. chartreuseova
(All in blue are previous winners)

Now let me show you what some of you are missing because here is one of the prizes you can buy with your trivia bucks:

Yes, our dear winner, Frodo has won a "suspicious horse" - you, too, can be a winner of one of these if you play with us. (I'm holding out for the money tree).
Frodo gets to choose a category for the month of January as one of the perks for coming out #1!!!

Now, don't you forget to go to his blog and blow his sitemeter out of the water!

Now for a little shameless self promotion here....

I am blaming all of this on the Friday 5 which was just this past Friday - otherwise I would have never done this......

I am inviting you to my online birthday party. Today is my birthday and I want at least 100 hits on my blog today and some happy birthday comments (over 30) - and if that happens I will make a donation to Episcopal Relief and Development, in thanksgiving to RGBP as a thank you to all of you!


By the way, this is the 700th posting of RevGalBlogPals!


  1. Kudos to Frodo

    (the granola kind with chocolate on 'em!)

    And happy birthday to EWE, our Quiz Queen! Here and at your place, too!

  2. hey! i was the 38th comment-er and I am 38...ohhh!!! SPPOOKY!!!!
    I think I invented a new word for us...comment-er! the folks that leave post on your blog

  3. Well, I say that is pretty cool being 38 and being the 38th post!!! Thanks!

  4. Congrats to Frodo and to all those who have made, Revgals for the 700th posting.

    Balloons, party hats and streamers coming out here on your behalf.


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