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Monday, January 01, 2007

Monday Morning Meet n' Greet: Happy New Year Edition


And a great big and warm welcome to our latest members...

The Edgy ENFP - or as the title of her blog goes: The eclectic, quirky, edgy and prolific ENFP! Blogging under the name Skdo she tells us: I'm a 30-something native Pacific Northwesterner from the great State of Oregon, married 15+ years to a great guy, C. I'm Mommy to two boys (TT is 7 & CH is 10). We are a special needs family - one son has multiple diagnoses and the other lives with the reality of a special needs sibling... I'm about to be a pastor.

The Best Dog Ever: Begun as a creative outlet for The Typist -- who loves having a dog this smart but is still glad I don't have thumbs -- this blog may include forays into religion, United Methodism, spirituality, idealistic thoughts and prayers...basically, stuff that probably wouldn't interest your average dog.

Irreverent Musings: On Faith, Love, Life and Politics - Composed by OFFCENTER, this blog is: A forum for kindred spirits interested in open, curious, and respectful but exuberant conversation about some of the big and small questions. Let's get down and dirty about spirituality, politics, and whether men will ever "get" women or vice versa. Sports is fair game, too.

The Reverend Mother - Composed by Jennifer+ who tells us: a home-based community for spiritual pilgrims interested in learning and exploring matters of faith. Blogger is an Episcopal Priest who is a life-long Christian and who loves to help people ask questions and explore possibilities in a safe, open, thoughtful environment.

Welcome one and all!


  1. A mighty fine group this is! Welcome to all of you. Thanks Wills Mama!

  2. Goody! I love meeting people!


  3. Woo Hoo!
    The Typist and I are roomies for Myrtle Beach this week!
    Can't wait!

  4. Welcome all - plenty of room to feast on great blogs...


  5. Welcome!!
    I love seeing the creativity and variety of new blogs.

  6. Welcome to the newcomers, this is a good place to be with a good group of people. Look forward to reading your blogs.

    The Typist is here and is really a coold person.

  7. Thanks, RevAbi! You're really cool, too!

    Wish more of y'all were here!

  8. Eight of us in bow-ties is actually enough to boggle the mind. Especially when we break in to "We are the Church" in the middle of a resturant. Complete with hand motions....


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