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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Prayer

As always, this prayer is cross-posted over at InnerDorothy.

Loving and Wondrous God, the world can be such a confusing place sometimes. I confess, there are times when I wish faith was easier. There are times when a neatly packaged version of faithfulness is strangely alluring. But I know in my heart that you demand more of me than blind, unthinking devotion. You invite me into a deeper relationship - an opportunity to make your best hope for creation something real and tangible, just by living your way.

God, our world is so polarized by those who consider themselves to be the elect, the special ones, the theological "in" club. People in all of the world's faith communities have claimed to be in your inner circle. When are we going to see that you love us all regardless of the divisions we place between one another? When are we going to see that fundamentalism, in all its forms, is dangerous and harmful?

Those words - "You are my beloved" - God, I believe you whisper these words into every ear and you continue to speak these words into every heart...for you are our Creator, and we are your people, and you long to be in relationship with us.

Help us God to stop our warring madness and just be your beloved people. Help us to see the humanity in one another, and fit us well for the challenge of living a faith that digs deeper into our souls. Guide us toward a faith that is true to your Love, for this is what Jesus came to tell us....that Love is the greatest command of all. Bless us God. Amen.

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  1. Sue, Week after week you offer the gift of beautiful meaningful prayers. Thank you. (o)


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