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Saturday, February 17, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party

Welcome to the Transfiguration Express (or what ever your destination on this beautiful day.)

I would like to take a moment of your time to explain the safety features of your sermon.

Please make sure that your seatback is in its upright position and all your personal possessions are stored safely in the overhead cabinets or under your seat before beginning to exegete your text.

To fasten your seat belt place the flat metal end into the buckle --
Reach behind your shoulder and pull the shoulder harness across your chest and fasten to the seatbelt button
To tighten your seatbelt pull on the strap
To unfasten your seatbelt release the shoulder harness and lift up on the top portion of the buckle.
For most sermons, seat belts will not be necessary.

Should blood pressure change suddenly because of panic (i.e. you have left the sermon text at home or you have waited until Saturday to begin your sermon) a compartment above your head will open automatically and the Holy Spirit will be within your reach

There are fire extinguishers and portable breathing devices onboard located here
There is a therapeutic Preacher Party located here with coffee and companionship and a sermon First Aid kit located here.
There is an Automatic External Sermon Defibrillator located here and a Crash Axe and flashlights.

Reverend Mommy will be your hostess today and I hope you enjoy your flight.

Please let us know what we can do to be of assistance.

Thank you and enjoy the Transfiguration Express!


  1. I LOVE today's theme!
    I have leftovers from a piece of coconut cream cake I got last night at our delayed Valentine's dinner out...One bite is enough for a day long sugar overload--Gosh it's good!
    Anybody joining the "Amazing Grace Sunday" cause in worship tomorrow?
    If you want even more delay tactics, I posted a few more snow pics at my place.
    Peace out, QP

  2. Oh--hostess Reverand Mommy!
    Got any barf bags on board?!
    I might need them for my folks...we're gonna do some drastic altitude changes!

  3. yes, I CAN spell Reverend correctly.
    Does that mean I get my peanuts back??;)

  4. Excellent! I'll see you in the dining car. I'll be the one with the cocoa and the fretful look on his face.

    So, Maslow and I are going to be talking about peak experiences.

    Y'all have a good day!

  5. Dear Quaker Pastor,

    The barf bags are right next to the complimentary copy of "Preaching Today" found in the seat pocket in front of you. Do you need some ginger ale?

  6. Here's a napkin, Tripp, so that you don't get any cocoa on your paper.

  7. Would you like to continue travelling from yesterday's Friday Five??? Well, travel right over to RGBP Trivia Challenge
    where you can test your knowledge on travel. Even if you are a homebody, you can try your hand at it. I have some homemade vegetable soup for lunch.

  8. Too Cute Reverend Mommy. My travel today will include a side trip to our congregational planning retreat - theme "I will do a new thing". Fits nicely with transfiguration and we didn't even plan it that way.

    I'm praying for some sermon content coming out of the retreat. So far all I have is a title "Bright Shining Faces" and Paul.

    Meanwhile I have some croissants and "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" to share. They'll go nicely with that hot chocolate.

  9. We are landing for a few minutes to drop off my youngest daughter at a Girl Scout event and pick up some freshly ground coffee and donuts. I am taking requests -- I'm getting plain cake, plain glazed, Boston Creme, Lemon Creme, Crullers and Blueberry. Anything else?

  10. Thanks for the ginger ale! Those barf bags also come in handy when one hyperventilates...
    I'm off to do a funeral-- be back ASAP.
    Seriously-is this amazing grace sunday thing legit or is it just s publicity ploy for a new movie?!

  11. I'm getting ready to bake some raisin bran muffins, so come get them while they are warm - and I'll pass on the airplane coffee! I am using the Exodus text tomorrow - I don't think I've preached about prayer in a long time. So, I'm going to talk about Moses' knack for talking to God without the veil. That's my title: Without the Veil. And, we don't even know what God does when we pray...Moses didn't even know he was shining...there he was, reflecting the glory of God, and he didn't even know it.

  12. I'm on board!

    I brought some snickerdoodles (AKA jumbles), chocolate flavour.

    I have a bunch of notes, a quote, and a general direction. So I may be wandering about the plane (or are we on a train?) a bit, looking for handy illustrations and metaphors, hanging over the seat back, saying, "whatcha got? Wanna trade?"

    Otherwise, I'm here for the duration--two sermons (or one sermon with variations) to write by 5 pm. I think I can do that in 8 hours.

  13. Ooops, almost forgot.

    Anyone have a good children's sermon for Tfig? Or even a bad children's sermon for Tfig? Anything?

    And in a fit of virtue, I'm turning off my email.

  14. Okay, people who are that creative on a Saturday morning need to be writing this thing for me... I'm just saying.

    Off to get free child id, drop off the Boy at his grandparents and then I will hopefully be ready to fly.

    I would offer to bring everyone drinks, but it all has to fit into a dropper bottle so never mind.

  15. My sermon is on paper, although needs help...lot of turbulence...Using the movie, Chocolate, as an illustration of how to move out of our "rigid" places of comfort to love in a new, radical, transformational way. We have the text from 1Cor 12 (love is...) plus it'll fly, I for a full day of work, back later to see how you all are doing and revise my sermon...

    Safe travels all, catch you later.

  16. In the world of good intentions, I did most of my sermon yesterday, but I got stuck last night and decided to put it aside and wait for morning, thinking that I had until 6pm before I had to be anywhere (band rehearsal tonight!)

    Then I woke up, and realized that before I leave for band practice, I must:
    - Finish sermon
    - prepare children's sermon
    - print bulletins
    - type up weekly announcements
    - do laundry
    - pack for 2 night trip to NYC
    - shop for necessary things for trip, including new trousers
    - get gas and other travel supplies
    - arrange last-minute dog care.

    In case you should be wondering why I am just sitting here commenting on a blog when I have so much to do, I'm also doing laundry and printing things right now, thank you very much. Just stopped by to say hello, and whine. It'll all get done; it always does. But I could use a sermon conclusion.

  17. hello friends... I bring my customary breakfast melange (ricotta cheese, oats, sugar-free caramel syrup and a banana) as well as fabulous locally roasted "Jamaican Me Crazy" coffee...

    I am preaching on the trans too, got hooked by the words "Listen to him," also by all the times so far in Luke people have asked the question "Who is this man...?" So... I've gone through the gospel and taken everything Jesus says, red-letter sort of... and then... and then... and gentlewomen and men and then......................?

  18. I am using an airplane theme (hence today's Preacher Party Theme) and the poem High Flight -- how things change perspective when you are flying high above the landscape -- and how the Transfig changed our (well, you know, Peter's et al) perspective on the landscape....

    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there
    I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air.
    Up, up the long delirious, burning blue,
    I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace
    Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
    And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
    The high untresspassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

  19. I have a sermon done...feel free to borrow or steal if you find anything worthwhile there....also feel free to leave comments so I can turn it into something good!

    I have about 30 kinds of tea to share--my recommendation? the mango-peach white tea. mmmmm......

    I kid you not, the word verification looks like "quack me up". hahaha!

  20. For the children's time, I'm using the song "this little light," but instead of miming a candle, we're going to frame our faces and talk about letting God shine through our smiles.
    It's a three day weekend, and the beginning of school vacation week here, so I have NO idea how many kids are likely to be present. Still learning the territory.

  21. Okay, that was supposed to be me. Although Molly did go to the office yesterday, so maybe she is preparing a children's time of her own?

  22. Has anyone noticed that the word verfication often would make a great curse? Like this: KJYTFOAY!!!

  23. oh, i almost forgot! we're singing "this little light of mine" as the "sermon hymn" fun.

  24. I'm doing t-fig on Sunday and am preaching on visions, specifically the visions that sustain us. I was thinking while still in bed this morning that Sundays of visions (t-fig and easter) bookend the wilderness journey of lent. The vision of t-fig is meant to sustain us in the wilderness until we see the vision of resurrection. So one of the things I'm trying to find is a story of a vision that sustained someone in a wilderness time. Any ideas?

  25. You may not want to sit next to me on this airplane, or at least I hope you took your Airbourne first. I have a horrible cold that may actually be a sinus infection, and vague notinos of preachign about mountaintop experiences as a beginning and not an ending. So often we hit these moments at the end of retreats, camps, liturgical seasons (Christmas and easter) and think of them as the end of the event, not the beginning.I got the idea from the children;s sermon site but am not sure I will use the children;s sermon.

    A colleague at the clergy breakfast this week was talking about how the t-fig may have happened during the festival of booths and the disciples built succouth (temporary shelter) for each othe the divine figures on the mountain, rather than welcoming them all into one shelter as was the practice. I lost the thread of the conversartion, but the question we were askign was do we let the Holy in or do we want to compartmentalize it?

    Oh, and I have some awesome coffee and peanut butter patties courtsey of the local girl scouts. Also cough drops and kleenex.

  26. Best of luck everyone...
    munchkins for all of you!

  27. Joining in on the t-fig party fun. Was struggling to find a good hymn for after the sermon earlier this week and stole Teri's idea of "This Little Light of Mine." Thanks!

    Wrote a sermon outline yesterday morning during those fuzzy minutes between sleep and actually waking up. Woke up this morning and in those same moments got an opening and closing down.

    But what about the middle? I don't have any more fuzzy moments between sleep and awake for inspiration ...

    Hmmm ... perhaps some girl scout cookies for breakfast will help ... received my boxes yesterday. I'll add some Thin Mints to KnittinPreacher's peanut butter patties.

  28. Flying right along...Sermon's done and will be posted in a jiffy at the church blog. Loving the "This Little Light of Mine" children's sermon idea, and thinking I'm going to riff on that as well. All hail Songbird...or Molly...or whoever came up with that one! ;)

    I have oatmeal butterscotch bars I'd be happy to share.

  29. Wow. It sounds like most of you have such great, creative ideas this week. Makes me think that maybe I need to utilize the Automatic External Sermon Defibrillator to bring my sermon back to life before tomorrow!

    Confession: I'm one of those who decided to go with Ordinary 7 instead of T-fig. Not that the passages there are much easier to work with! Still, found some good ideas on textweek to lead the way.

  30. I know I said on Tuesday I was preaching on T-fig and stewardship...I just need to recover what the heck I was going to say...hmm, what was it? No clue now. Maybe some good hot tea will help me remember. Until then, I'm sitting in the airport with the T-fig Express delayed by weather.

    Oh, and I'm aiming for the two-sermons-in-one-Saturday trick as well, trying to get Ash Wednesday done today. It worked on December 23rd...hopefully it will work today as well...

    I made amaretto truffles last night as a late Valentine's gift...but I think we could sneak a few out of the box, if any of you would like one...

  31. I'm on board too! I've got some great Tim Horton's coffee on the go, but my cornflake breakfast is long over. No treats for me thanks, though they all sound good. I'm trying to cut down teh sweets.

    I'm doing the T-fig theme as well, focusing on how Jesus encourages us not to get "stuck" in our ideas of holiness. I'm going to talk a bit about how the church has followed Jesus back down the mountain, albeit slowly, to meet the needs of God's people.

    One example: When we ordained women, we moved a few more steps down the mountain because we stopped being "stuck" in the notion that only men could preach God's word.

    I'm using the image of Jesus being further down the mountain encouraging us to keep moving with him.

  32. So, I was working on ideas, which all seemed very familiar, when I discovered... somehow, I ended up preaching T-fig back in August, on Feast of T-fig.

    D'ya think I could just print that sermon out and try again, see if anyone notices? urg.

    Chilly fingers, I love your ideas and prayer, I might borrow some of those to riff on...

  33. That was extremely tasty soup Cathy! I'm sure there are more servings for those who need something warm today.

    And Airborne is an excellent idea. I'll pass the package around. I feel that tickle in my throat, too.

    I'm off to 1) look at a house (not to buy or anything, just looking) and 2) buy cello girl a new cello (the three quarter sized one is now too small... outgrowing shoes is most definitely less expensive)

  34. Well, I had a post about the direction my s ermon was taking, but then Firefox froze on me and I had to shut the computer down and then it had to install some new stuff...


    I'm going to be talking about coming down from the mountain, riffing on MLK's "I have been to the mountain top" (but he didn't stay there) and the idea that when the disciples saw Jesus as shining as radiant was the moment when they saw him as he really was--his authentic self. Running with that to say God calls us in those mountaintop moments (and we have all had them) to be our authentic selves. One sermon is being preached to Landlord Church, which is about to launch a search for an interim pastor--so I'll be talking to them about working out their authentic self as Landlord Church, and what God is calling them to be. My own congregation is going to hear about being that authentic self although the world may not agree, and working with others to express that authenticity (we need a bit of teamwork here...).

    Or that's how it looks now.

    Pass the peanut butter patties, please. I'm ignoring calories today.

  35. Oooh, it's snowing!

    (I've got three paragraphs and the. words. will. not. come. today.)

    Time for the Trivia Challenge!

  36. Ouch. Trivia Challenge definitely didn't help. Next stop for thinking: shower!

    I'll come back with some pizza for lunch... and maybe some good ideas!

  37. Wow! So much party already happening! I worked on my sermon on Thursday and yesterday (even though it was my day off) It is not finished. I always seem to poop out right before the Final Act.

    Tonight is Wondergirl's Winter Ball, so we've been running around today getting hem tape for her dress (which she designed and made without. a. pattern!) returning the loaner car to the dealer and getting my car back after a seat belt malfunction, drycleaners, Mother-Daughter mani-pedi, getting stuff to put her hair up later, trying different makeup techniques since her skin decided to go schizo this week, and getting her shoes. And its only noon here!

    Plus, I decided that today is the day to strip the beds and wash sheet and matress pads, blankets, and pillows. Cause I'm a dork.

    Sermon? What sermon? Oh yeah, I'd better get it done, because tonight it is belated Valentine's day around here, after Wondergirl leaves on her date. (I had a flippin' session meeting on the 14th.) I'm even saving up fat club points for champagne.

  38. Back from morning/early afternoon running around and now I am on the sermon runway, waiting for take off.

    Thought I would check in here with the control tower first. Sounds like good things are happening, just not endings (or landings).

    Cheesehead, wondergirl is talented indeed! We do Valentine's day tomorrow night although I did burn TDH a cd... 'cause apparantly except for the cd part rather than a tape, I am stuck in the 80's.

    Anyway, no transfig for me, I am still in II Corinthians because with our Year of the Bible series it was either that or First Chronicles and that there book just does NOT preach.

    Can I have your pack of pretzels?

  39. I have homemade chili, fritos, diced onions and cheese for frito pie ... Rolaids too!

    One worship service almost complete. This one we're remembering our baptism.

    Next one's a different story.

    Chatted with DH about the 7 week self-esteem workshop she is making available at one of my churches during Lent. We're tying it in with MCC's Lent 2007 resources.

    Sarah Dylan Breuer has good fodder on her lectionary blog which relates T-Fig to Beauty and The Beast and Shrek. Might help y'all with your children's sermons.

  40. I am all done except for the small matter of a conclusion. I know sort of how I want to end, but I don't seem to have the oomph to get there at the moment. Perhaps reminding myself that we are having dinner with the Trustees and their spouses and have to leave her at 4:30 to get there in time will inspire me?

  41. Mine got to take off and landing yesterday, but it wandered all over the country before it did. Hopefully it can be repaired with not too much trouble. Also searching for a children's sermon here somewhere...this Sunday is extra-pressurized, as a search committee will be visiting. Ay!

  42. Good luck, all y'all. I am not preaching, although I seem to be doing various mysterious things in the liturgy that nobody has told me about. (I didn't receive a copy, though i got a note reminding me to pour water into a bowl....whatever that means!)

    But I did get stuck with T-Fig in the DAILY lectionary in November, and struggled on that one forever....I commiserate. And I just bought 4 boxes of those 1 pt weight watchers desserts for anyone wanting virtuous indulgence.

  43. Not preaching (again), but can I just sit in the back and snooze and soak up some of your inspiration in preparation for my 12 hour overnight shift at the hospital tonight? Hot Dogs with Chili anyone? Lunch will be served soon.

  44. my flight's delayed...the waiting room is boring and filled with candy and TV's showing mtv reality show reruns. sigh.

  45. Hot dogs and chili does not sound like a good preamble to a 12 hour shift of public, hospital toilets.

    I'm just saying.

  46. ppb - i must say i was disillusioned (delusional?) by the picture of the chocolate fudge ice cream pop...the box makes it look like it's covered in chocolate and the reality is far from it...sigh.

  47. Hey blog pals...Ok, I'm back from baking communion bread for Lent and setting the church up for tomorrow, next house, just checking in to see how the party is coming along...sounds like things are getting airborn although some may have hit a holding pattern before actually getting to land...back later (with hopefully a clean house and laundry)

  48. For what it's worth, I posted my sermon here.

  49. One service down, one to go.

    Fixin' to Online Sudoku at Lutherans Online for a little break. Accompanied by Frito Pie.

  50. Oooh, Frito Pie! No...will..not..indulge..have..potluck...tonight....
    Oh, argh, I give in. I'll take a plateful.

    Cookies are baked for said potluck, have first draft of sermon done, preparing to plunge in for redo. I don't have my usual fallback of Sunday morning this week, ack! It has to be printed and ready to go by 5:30.

    But children's sermon is done, as are prayers and announcements (how did I get stuck doing that anyway? Must look into this).

    Once more into the nreach, Horatio!

    Or something.

  51. That's BREACH, Horatio!

    Sheesh. See if I try to go all cultural again.

  52. Research part of the flight almost done here (flight plan?). The Apostle Paul was not saying what I thought he was saying - turns out it is better - so now I know what I want the sermon to say and I know what I want the sermon to do... time to outline (taxi?) and then take off.

    Fortunately once I have properly planned and taxi-ed I am usually looking at just about an hour more.

    You all are doing some great stuff. I will have to remember to get back here next year when I am sure I will suck it up and go back to preaching T-fig.

  53. OK, printing as we speak--in a manner of speaking...

    Prayers and blessings to those of you still working!

    For those of you celebrating Valentine's Day tonight--enjoy! And have a sip of champagne for me.

    I'm off potlucking! (mmmm, butter chicken, perogies, meatballs, salad, tabbuleh, wings, spinach dip, farm beans....Yep, I'm hungry now!)

  54. Hi flying partners. I am not worried about any sinus infection, already have had that one. I am back from Huntsville, where I did my practice talk for Walk to Emmaus. I am doing Obstacles to Grace. I know, I know, I am good at putting them up.

    But I am not Trasfiguring tomorrow. I am preaching loving your enemies. And do I have a sermon, no? Will I have one, Maybe? So flying the rest of the way on the redeye express. The goodies look really good.

  55. Done! Now just to fret about it for the next few hours...blessings to all still stuck on the airplane.

  56. Except for going out to buy a box of poker chips for an adult object lesson for one of tomorrow's services, I am done for today. Yeehaw!

    Or, as the word verification thingy says, "ueiuw!"

    Or maybe it's alleluia?

  57. My fliught has been delayed -- kind of like the Jet Blue flight stuck on the tarmac this week. Confirmation calss is finished for tomorrow, I tried to take a nap, took more cold medicine and still have no sermon. I have an outline, I have thoughts. I am hoping that this flight lands by 8 or so tonight. Have fun going out otnight! I'll be here warming up soup and making grilled cheese if anyone wants some.

  58. Oh, and there are only 2 Penaut butter patties left. Shall I open the ones in the purple box, or shall we save them for next week?

  59. I'm in the final taxi before take-off, where you almost feel the pilot hit the accelerator. Got a list of (mildly?) interesting things about T-fig, got a good outline, know where I'm going, just gotta get there!

    I'm focusing on life after T-fig--living in the knowledge that we are no longer on the mountain, but not forgetting that we ever went to the mountain in the first place--and jumping from there to stewardship. We struggle with the day-to-day questions of how much we can spend where, and yet we are called to use our resources in a way that remembers and honors and trusts in the mountaintop experience.

    Or something like that. I'm putting my traytable and seat back in their full and upright locked position in preparation for takeoff. Here we go...

  60. Hi All,
    Just back from the all-important sermon prep called: "getting a hair cut" - REally, i feel that that my words will fly more freely now.

    I'm talking about taking risks, and how you know that God is behind the risks when they're the kind that totally change you...

    Preaching the sermon I need to hear, as per usual. Lucky for everyone I dont lead worship every week.

    I've done "this little light" pretty recently, so I dont think I can get away with that one again, although I do love it so much.... I think i'm gonna have the kids help me act out the transfiguration story. WE have this really deep chancel, getting to the back of which can seem like climbing a mountain....

  61. Oh, and I'm pretty sure this sentence:

    "And, we don't even know what God does when we pray...Moses didn't even know he was shining...there he was, reflecting the glory of God, and he didn't even know it." is gonna be in there. Thanks!

  62. I've been in a holding pattern, as I returned with a smoking' hole in the wallet. Replacement cello was more pricey than I imagined. But it is beautiful.

    Then I fell asleep with the thin little blanket and crunchy little airplane pillow.

    Now off to study/write/contemplate some more....

  63. Re: a children's sermon.... I think I'll cheat and use the opportunity to talk about Lent, and then ultimately bury or somehow hide an alleluia.
    Of course I still don't have a pulpit sermon, either, but I'm getting ideas!

  64. Finally getting back to sermon (Ok, I really will after I blog with you all) is cleaner, laundry coming along (5 loads done, 3 to go)...I need some quiet to focus on the sermon, which will do as is (breakfast cereal kinda), but I keep thinking I need to flush it out more (can I make brunch??)....

  65. I am back after taking a longer break than I intended and I am where semfem was a little over two hours ago. Finally taxi-ing and hopefully about to accelerate right through my outline.

    Too bad none of us are preaching on Adam and Eve tomorrow because then we could type things about how we just want to get the mf snake of the mf plane!

  66. ok, took a break to eat chinese food and watch shrek (thanks to reverend dona quixote for pointing us toward for thoughts on t-fig) and am somewhat inspired - a way in, at least. so...beginning to taxi at 9 PM, hopefully i'll be landed by midnight.

  67. Done for tonight. Will do some editing in the morning. The plane took an unexpected turn, but I think it's going to work nicely. Still landed at the intended destination. Maybe that's just the part of me that's glad to be done.

  68. Woot! My flight landed safely and early to boot! (At least by my usual redeye standards!)

    Now I can make cookies, finish my council report, print out a wedding packet, wrap presents, pack for a few days away, and hopefully get to outline stage for my Ash Wednesday sermon.

    And unlike my local airport, this air traffic control tower doesn't shut down at 11 all y'all still working, you'll land safely, I'm sure. Maybe even at your originally planned destination.

  69. some strange spam mail got on this flight...I'm going to bed and hope that the sermon gels in my dreams and I can finish it in the morning. sleep well everyone.

  70. I wish I had my girl scout cookies already. I'm not writing anymore--just "familiarizing" (memorizing?) while watching Trading Spaces...but wow could I use some Thin Mints. Do we have any around here?

    blessings on all of you still writing!

  71. FOR JUST A SECOND I thought that someone actually starting to talk about remodeling the kitchen as a metaphor for trans-formation/-figuration and I was going "welllll, it's kind of a stretch...."

    ok, giggling and heading back to work, now the kid's in bed...

  72. I'm glad other folks are still out there 'efforting' because I have come in for an emergency landing... and of course it is not in somewhere cool like Honolulu, not it's Newark. Blech.

  73. finally home and settled down. Decided to do an interactive sermon/report on our planning retreat titled "I am going to do a new thing", looking to transform our church. Seems appropriate for Tfig Sunday. :-)

    Bedtime now - I too have that "don't know if it's allergies or a cold but the allergy meds aren't working" thing.

    Blessings on all who preach and listen tomorrow.

  74. hmm, several diversions to outlying airports later...i've forgotten my original destination. dang it.

  75. This did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I need to get a few hours of sleep before trying to look at it again.

    Peace, friends.

  76. I'm still awake, will smama, and wishing on your behalf for inspiration and the words to come...

    (The rest of my to-do list will keep me up for a while yet.)

  77. done.
    safe flights for those still out there!

  78. Well, I cleaned up the air sickness. Hope you all slept well, or at least enough.

  79. A rewrite has me cutting things SO close.

    May you all have a blessed Sunday full of the knowledge that the Holy Spirit has your back. And if you have a dog...

    walk it proud.

    Peace, friends.

  80. And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,
    Bear you on the breath of dawn,
    Make you to shine like the sun,
    And hold you in the palm of His Hand.

  81. Well the morning is done and all is well. I am off to make a hospital run and then hopefully to fall asleep in front of cars turning left.

    Thank you friends for all of you support.


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