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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Highlights of the February RGBP Inc. Board Meeting

The board of RevGalBlogPals, Inc. met electronically Monday evening, February 19. We would like to share with you the highlights of that meeting.

1. As of February 19, 2007, there were 273 members of the webring and 58 members of RevGalBlog Pals, Inc. Nineteen blogs do not have working ringcode on their pages. The board authorized the Webring Administrative Committee to delte blogs that haven't posted the ring code within a month of joining the ring. If you don't have working code on your blog, please get it on there as soon as possible!

2. The board approved a suggestion that we open an Amazon Associates Account. Books included in this account will be limited to books suggested by the Matriarchs in the Ask the Matriarch Thursday feature or chosen for a new monthly book discussion feature that will be posted on the fourth Monday of each month. Watch for more details about this on the blog!

3. In response to requests to promote events or link to blogs outside of the RGBP ring, the board established a policy that will allow advertisement of events if it promotes the ordination of women or the nuture of clergywomen and is harmonious with the mission of RevGalBlogPals, Inc.

4. The board will begin brain-storming ideas for an RGBP Inc. event in the future.

A FAQ is whether you have to belong to RGBP Inc. to be a member of the webring. The answer is no--but we would love to have you join and help us develop this non-profit group so we can do another publication, plan an event or workshop, and find other ways to support revgals and revguys and revpals who support the mission and ministry of RGBP. Check the link on the sidebar for more information about joining. We welcome new members any time!

If you have questions about the meeting report here or about the corporation, leave a comment and I will try to answer it.


  1. I don't know how to display the ringcode on my main LJ page, so I have it on my userinfo page.

  2. I used to have the ringcode on my blog. However, when I switched over to New Blogger, it disappeared and I'm not tech savvy enough to retrieve it. Help!

    Dancing with God

  3. I need new code, I think. I tried just pasting the code from my old template into the New Blogger, and it didn't work. help!

    Teri at Clever Title Here

  4. dawgdays, I think I got around that by using the URL for your profile page in your Ringsurf account info.
    Emily and Teri, I will e-mail code and instructions to you.

  5. That New Blogger transition sure messed up a lot of people.

    Well done RGBP, Inc. Board, well done!

    when we cross the 273 mark, are we going to have a celebration?

  6. Songbird, can you send me code and instructions too? I just updates my blog tonight, and lost the ring code! I thought not using HTML was supposed to be easier!?

  7. As Gallycat knows, I cannot add the ring code until the owner of my site gives me editing permission...two weeks of waiting...still waiting. I do have the RevGal link on my links list.

  8. all sounds GREAT. Thank you QG for the update and to the whole board for all that you do.

    The book idea sounds a good one - look forward to it!

    I'm having troubles with my page - not sure if it affects the code or not - but anyway that's how things are--- I'm left wondering too why upgrades are always a synonymn for headache ... :(

    but I had a great vacation - thanks to all for the greetings I came home to - and the prayers that were said while I was away

    no injuries on the slopes ...apart from a few bruises ... and we all had a GREAT time skiing!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I can't believe I actually figured out how to add the code to the new blogger template myself. email me if you need help: tglaserATneoDOTrrDOTcom


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