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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Prayer

As always, this prayer is cross-posted over at my place.

Most Gracious and Wondrous God, thank you for this day and for all the blessings it may hold. I thank you for the gift of faith and for the depth of the Spirit's guidance and comfort in all the ordinary and extraordinary moments of my life. Thank you God, for walking with me through every joy and every sorrow. In my life, I know I am blessed.

You call us, God, to live more lovingly, more justly, more passionately for the gospel we proclaim. Guide me today as I seek to faithfully respond to this call. And tomorrow, when I start all over again, walk beside me and show me the way. My prayer is that by your grace, I might be a blessing to someone who needs to know your love.

I pray now, most Loving God, for everyone who is hurting and in need of your healing touch today. For those who are ill, or frightened, or lonely, or sad. For those who are anxious, or desperate, or confused. For those who do not know where to turn for help and for those who show them the way to peace and healing...all of these, and all of your children, I lift up in prayer before you.

Bless us, God, your children, and send us out as agents of peace, justice and love in the name of Jesus, who calls us and walks with us and teaches us to pray together saying...


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