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Sunday, February 04, 2007

January's Trivia Winner!

Zorra is our latest monthly Trivia Challenge Winner. Of the 92 players that participated in the challenge, she was on the top of the heap!

According to Zorra's profile, she writes, "I am (among other things) a wife, friend, dog mama, native Southerner, naturalized Texan, clinical psychologist, Presbyterian elder, and amateur theologian." Now she can add she is a Trivia Challenge Winner!!!

As her prize, we get to go to her blog and congratulate her of her high achievement - I mean it isn't easy with these folks here - I don't even come close to the top, and I feel like the Poky Puppy with some of these folks. However, it's fun and we have a good time - won't you join us? You know you want to.
Now... of to Zorra's blog - make a comment and give her a high five!

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