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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Festival

Welcome to the Wednesday Festival!!
It's bright and shiny where I am yet cold. I saw a beautiful sunrise these morning, once I got up. Had trouble waking up as I have taken a cold or sinus or something, but that does not stop me from hosting a grand time for the revgalblogpals. So here we go....

From across the pond:
Eternal Echoes sends us a picture to make us think? (You'll really want to see the picture.) And an article asking; What kind of God we follow/ preach?

Pam has become a Peace blogger , and writes a thought provoking post on Friendly Fire.

Lorna has simply been freezing:, and she also had a study day with exams tomorrow. (Lorna, prayers for your study and exams.)

And from Ontario
Frodo found a way out of preaching on the Transfiguration story. And has liturgy pieces to go with my alternate.
And speaking of sermons; Need some sermon tips??? Check out Cathy's blog - she's never written a sermon, but she found something for all of you who hang out on Saturdays writing sermons!
And for those who lead worship; Check out this story of leading worship with a mischievous child on one's hip at stories from the red tent. (Not one of us has had to do this, naugh.)

And now for one needing help
Luthern Chik needs good movies to fill up my new Netflix queue! You know you want to tell her the latest and best you have enjoyed. We already have one answer from Kievas Fargo; I'm encouraging everyone to get a copy of Facing the Giants for their church, and my post describes why this movie has had such an impact on me. (I second that motion.)

Here is one offering help
It is about learning to cope with the reality of chronic pain by inner dorothy.

Have you heard the one about the mission trip?
Walking in his path tells the story about her mission trip to Guatemala with pictures.

Are you looking for adventure?
Being a parent brings about new adventures in housecleaning. Exhibit A can be found here at Nachfolge with pictures.

Having a new computer can change your blog
After some computer woes, Gallycat is back. And her new computer is awesome. She's able to kick off her faithspaces art and photography project. Actually, she already did post some pictures for us to see.

Don't lose sleep over this one
Another Unfinished Symphony says that maybe it is because of all of those rhyming words in seminary (the -ologies, -isms, etc.) and all the late nights... at least, she is going to blame it on that! And then there was an "Ask the Matriarch" post where someone used "Model Seminarian"... At any rate, with the curse of hardly being able to forget a song, once she had "I Am The Very Model of A Model Seminarian" stuck in my head, it had to be written. She also has a re-write of Habakkuk (which some have already seen...)

Watched any good tv?
In the Open Space, has been spending some time with "House", and Pan's Labyrinth. Go read her theological and cultural insights into these tv shows and movies.

And I have been spending time at a Prayer Summit, something I have never done before. I have written about Day 1 and Day 2.

Now ya'll have a good day and be careful out there!


  1. The second annual Pantipalooza is happening over at my place if anyone wants to join in!

  2. A late breaking post, but one VERY interesting and worth reading, is over at Quaker Pastor's place.

    Don'tcha dare miss it!

  3. I seem to never get myself together to submit a post, but I will comment here and say that there's an interesting tri-blog discussion going on at besomami, cheesehead's, and my place.

  4. Oops, didn't say what it was about: clergywomen!

  5. FOr anyone looking ahead to Transfiguration and saying "not again", I posted an old story-sermon on the church blog. It is Called Jesus' Story

  6. For something light, frothy, and alcoholic, you may check out my blog


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