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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ask the Matriarch — ISO Questions and Answers

Hello, everyone! Due to a scheduling error on my part, I very neatly combined two questions into one week last week--and forgot to send out a new question for this week, in spite of your many wonderful submissions the week before. It didn't help that I was distracted by this shiny new computer that has me finally joining everyone else in the 21st century, after plodding along with my 1998 iBook for almost a decade.

Also, this past Saturday was the six month anniversary of our announcing this feature. During those six months, a lot of new people have joined us.

So I'd like to point out a couple of things. First off, it's really easy to read Ask the Matriarch as a series of columns, now that we've migrated to the new Blogger--in fact, it's really easy to read any of our columns as a group, using the "labels" function on the right. So if you missed any of the early columns, they're really easy to find now!

Secondly, I'd like to extend an invitation for new matriarchs. If you are a RevGalBlogPal ring member with more than 10 years of experience in ordained ministry—any denomination—and would like to share your wisdom with the group, we'd love to have you. Don't worry—Abi, Jan, Susan, St. Casserole, and Peripatetic Polar Bear aren't going anywhere, and I'll still be editing the column, that is, when I don't get distracted by shiny new macbooks. (Yum.) Check out the original post for additional guidelines, and please drop me a line at if you're interested or would like additional information. Be sure to include a little information about yourself when you write! We may not be able to use everyone who volunteers, but if you have a particular area of expertise, let me know.

At any rate, we'll be back in action next week. And if you have any questions, fire them our way. All queries are kept confidential!

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