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Saturday, March 31, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: Palm Reading Edition

I don't know about all of you, but I cannot work without decent and varied sustenance nearby. This sample spread is from a 2 year old's birthday party which explains the tater tots and chicken nuggets down there at the end of the counter. Next in the buffet are copious quantities of mozzarella sticks, everything pizza (there is artichoke heart, olive and mushroom pizza in the back) and I think you recognize the vegetable group with of course the obligatory Ranch dressing.

In the theology section I am bringing palms, passion and communion, baking for 60 minutes (+), removing from the oven and hoping all will rise to the occasion of worshiping our Lord and Savior not just on Sunday but every day.

What are you bringing to the table today - both food and otherwise?

ps - Happy birthday Mom!


  1. To quote reverend mother: "Hey, sorry for playing fast and loose with the space/time continuum, but I won't be able to post this in the morning. And Ask the Matriarch has been up for most of the day.

    So, you west coast readers and night owls get a head start!"

    Me too (except Friday Five instead of AtM).

    In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that my 2 year old is sleeping overnight at his grandparents and although I am sure I won't sleep in, I don't want one of the reasons I should get up to be, "I need to post the Preacher Party."

  2. Reporting for the party early!

    Actually I am here working on my sermon for Saturday's funeral...I already have it written in my head (famous last words) but just need to get it out on paper before tomorrow morning at 11.

    Tomorrow afternoon I'll be back, working on my v. short meditation for Palm/Passion Sunday. Short! Short means easy, right? Hrmph. We'll see. Frankly I'm more worried about the fact that our copier has broken and we have no Palm/Passion Sunday bulletins yet.

    I still like how Holy Week was referred to earlier in the week by a RGBP as "Clergy Super Bowl." Or perhaps the endurance is key...

  3. I really wish I could say this:

    "It was ballsy to ride an ass into Jerusalem."

    But it just won't go over well. Not at all. Alas.

    (And my apologies if that doesn't go over well with my fairer RGBP colleagues.)

  4. so I really meant to write on Thursday afternoon, but a birthday lunch (musician's birthday) left me sleepy and unfocused. I really meant to write on Friday afternoon, but the "day off" thing was too great and I slept through that too. I really meant to write Friday evening, but a last-minute invite to a concert at the opera in the city was too fantastic to pass up.

    Can that be my sermon? hmm, I guess I'm a Saturday writer this more excuses are going to work!

  5. Once I return from the Confiramtion retreat and luncheon tomorrow (which hasn't started yet, as it is still tonight), I'll have the ever so devilish brownies and the mandatory fruit tray with dip. Well, I iwll ahve leftover stuff.
    I also have a chilled bottle of Smashed Grapes (P/G)wine, crackers and cheese.
    Here is my Friday Five post...
    The better late than never post
    Peace to all who sermonize, eulogize, compromise, and harmonize this day!

  6. Dear A-
    It was "ballsy" indeed. Too bad we can't just say what we think.
    I didi not knwo ballsy was aword, but I like it!

  7. Not a preacher. Don't have a Sunday sermon deadline. But I did just finish my story that insisted on being written and wondering what the next one will be.

    Stopped in for a piece of pizza and a cheese stick before I hit the hay.

    Preach on ladies!!

  8. Okay, check off the funeral sermon. (Note to self: Do not schedule a funeral anywhere near Holy Week ever, ever again.) Off to sleep. I'll be back here tomorrow afternoon/evening!

  9. preparing a morning address for Monday for school - a dramatised reading to kick off Holy week

    need to find a CD ... to go with it (it comes over the PR system -thnking about using the worship song ABOVE ALL

    born to die, rejected and alone, like a rose trampled on the ground, He took the fall, ...

    what do others think

  10. Not that you need any distractions my dear friends who work overtime this week. However, RGBP Trivia Challenge needs you to sneak over and work on some rathering challenging questions today - it's fun fun fun, and really takes, not too long,You can go here to take the challenge.

  11. Well, the meditation is half-done. Heading out to the airport in a bit to pick up TO. Hate to do it, but I'll have to put in a couple of hours this afternoon to get that finished.

    I have chips and dip that I ended up not using last night, salsa, and...for dessert, After Eight (TM) ice cream!

  12. Good morning, I have some leftover coconut cake that is out of this world. You all are welcome to a piece.

    We're going with Palms tomorrow, and I'll be playing a little with April Fool's Day tied to Palm Sunday. I've got some ideas, and I'm actually kind of excited about getting them on paper...hmmm, does that make me a nerd?

  13. ooo, chilly fingers, you are brave both in bringing in a little April Fool's into worship and bringing coconut cake into my presence. Yes, I smelled it when you drove up so go ahead and place it down there at the end of the counter.... little further.... little further... little further...
    Turns out I don't even like cyber coconut.

    Semfem, I am impressed that you brought two sermons to do to this party. I hope you got some decent sleep.

    I am seeing the word 'meditation' out there a lot. That is usally a good sign that folks will get to bed on time.

    I have pulled in an array of breakfast/brunch treats. I'll even pass them out, what would you like?

  14. Wow, I checked in last night after I returned from our MOMs group dinner (We stayed late drinking coffee and eating chocolate cake)...and all was quiet on the RevGals scene...then this morning, Kapow!!!Busy already. I am up and out of here early, a meeting with a boy scout to work on his God and Me badge, then set up for Palm Sunday (a big deal, really). But at least no sermon to write. As I posted yesterday, our kids are taking care of the sermon time - they've written meditations and prayers for all 14 stations of the cross and created art work, or interactive art for each station....

    Blessed writing everyone, I hope the Spirit fills your hearts and minds with good words....

  15. I am up relatively early for someone who doesn't have to write today.

    Why, you ask?

    Some lame-brained, chuckle-headed, idiot scheduled an important meeting for this morning, and I am moderating it, so I have to go.

    I mean, honestly!

    Oh, wait...the idiot is me!


  16. Cheesehead, you owe yourself one. Your lament reminds me of the 12/22 meeting I had a couple of years ago. Sheesh!

    I'm heading up to clear out my child's room so we can bring a bed in there. I am trying very hard to not go all mushy mom about the whole thing, but that is not easy.

    My Baby, MY BABY!!!

    You all are doing great work! Enjoy!!!

  17. Good morning all! I have re-written this post 4 times already to take out all the bad words about day long Saturday meetings during Holy Week. And, like Cheesehead, I suggested the date for this meeting.

    I'm playing dress up this Sunday and telling the events of The Last Week from the perspective of Salome. Yes, I know she was in Mark and the lectionary is Luke, but I'm going with Borg and Crossan's "The Last Week" and they use Mark. If I do it well I will bring the congregation from rejoicing at Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem all the way to the mourning and fearful uncertainty the disciples were experiencing on the Sabbath as Jesus lay in the tomb.

    I have 2 bags full of cinamon & sugar baked tortillas to share(I know they have a name but I forget what it is!) They're a lovely snack with coffee. See you all when I get back from the meeting.

  18. stayed up to late. need. coffee. have. none. help!
    can I go back to bed? it's gray and raining. even the birds stopped singing. ugh.

    palm sunday meditation title? "Stony Silence." oh my. words written so far? 0.

  19. There are some hungry workers in the vineyard today. Sermon about done...just need that dazzling drive it home conclusionionary part.

    However... I am find myself on a teeter-totter. Balancing what I need to do for Holy Week & taking care of home. (ie, must buy groceries we have 3 doz. eggs, coffee & condiments) and since I waited for HubHC to pull out the steamcleaner to really lift the stains from where the doggie urped up... well that's like waiting for the rapture my friends. A long stinkin' time.

    Anyhow - sermon starter I'll post.

  20. I love you gals!!!!!

    Everytime I think I'm the only person in the world struggling with words, energy, and sanity on a Saturday morning, I just pop over here and find I'm not alone. My community! My peeps!

    I just returned Thursday night from a revitalizing and much-needed personal retreat where life was slow and quiet. Now I'm back at home with hubby and two 2 year-olds, plus hubby's 23 y.o. son who is visiting from England for 3 weeks (and arrived here - to sleep in my study! - the night before I got home), AND I found out the night before I returned that hubby's son had invited a friend of his for a 3-night visit as well (he is being picked up at the airport right now). So I'm trying to be Nice Hostess plus Super Mom (b/c with Easter coming, I have all kinds of Big Expectations I lay on myself about how we'll celebrate as a family) all while trying to make it through Holy Week madness.

    Oh, and the Passion Meditation that I thought would be a breeze to write b/c it's so short (we do a service of Lessons and Hymns) and b/c I do something similar nearly every year? Not one word written. All the boys plus the new guest will be back in 30 minutes. And I need to clean the bathroom.


  21. Just got home after a 3-hour drive. Wedding in an hour, followed by band rehearsal/auditioning a new lead guitarist, followed by writing like a maniac. I once spent Palm/Passion Sunday in a church where they read the entire Palm and Passion narratives, having the congregation play the part of the crowd. It was quite powerful, but I'm wondering whether it might be seen as a cop-out. Perhaps that and a brief meditation?

  22. Stacey, I don't think that's a cop-out at all. I have never yet preached on Palm/Passion story, but rather have found ways to let the story speak for itself (either readers for the whole text or some dramatic rendering of the story).
    And that's one of the reasons I'm not with you today, Gals and Pals. The other is the presence of my husband until 5 o'clock this afternoon, at which point he leaves for another five weeks. So I'll be back to check in with you sometime later.
    Thank you, will smama, for hosting today!

  23. Stacey, I don't think that's a cop out, but it takes more work than you might think, especially if you are going to get the congregation involved.

    What are the sermon titles out there?

    Mine is 'Palm Reader'

  24. Oh - I LOVE "Palm Reader." Mine is "King of Fools."

  25. Hi all! Back home with TO from the airport (with a detour for the obligatory fast food and a stop at the mall).

    Listening to my new kd lang CD (*sigh*)....

    Oh, yes, and finishing up the meditations for tomorrow. Right. Yep. You Bet.

    "Waltz me once again around the dance floor..."

    Right. Palm Sunday. Passion meditation...

    I think it's time for another pot of coffee. (and kd is singing about black's a sign.

  26. No sermon title yet. No sermon for that matter. Ugh.

    I have been busy with a funeral which will take place on Monday. The gentleman who died was a guy I knew in highschool. I'm discovering how difficult it is to bury your friends, even if you haven't seen them in awhile.

    Anyway, I'm doing the Palm/Passion thing and letting the story lead the reflection/sermon time. Not sure what that's going to look like just yet, but I'm working on it.

    I'm lunching on a very crunchy Granny Smith apple. I have more and I'm glad to share.

  27. "The Last Week" with apologies to Marcus Borg and Jon Dominick Crossan.

  28. Oh, the meditations don't really have a title, but if thy did, they it would b something like: A Messy Situation...

    Well, not very zingy, but I'm having a hard time putting together "sitting with uncertainty and pain" when kd is singing about tears not caring who cries them...

  29. We have a guest couple coming tomorrow "First Century Ministries" who do wonderful drama.
    So no sermon is necessary for the a.m. but we are dedicating our little granddaughter tomorrow, and I'm working on that--want to say something a bit out of the ordinary. I'm also working ahead on a Maundy Thursday service that just WILL NOT come together.

  30. No title here, since mine is just a simple meditation leading into the lessons and hymns. But mmm, the black coffee sounds good (and necessary!), so I'll take a cup of that!

    Sue, I'm sorry about your friend.

  31. okay, so I had half a slightly shortened sermon, but then I got stuck. That obviously necessitated a nap to work out the issue.

    Now I'm awake again, I have spinach and black bean quesadillas (with cheddar cheese, on whole wheat tortillas) to share, along with some vegetarian refried beans. yum!

    And it's raining like crazy all of a sudden.

    But that must not draw me back to naptime! new sermon, here we go. (yes, I'm starting over...again...)

  32. Sue, my condolences. I too have a funeral on Wednesday but it is a different context.

    Peace to you.

  33. {{sue}}

    question: how am I supposed to follow this???
    (click the link on that page to listen...)

    ...having second thoughts about placing the anthem between the scripture and the sermon, despite the clear link between anthem and sermon....

  34. Band rehearsal has been cancelled, so I have more time than I thought, and the panic has calmed. However, I'm still considering doing a Palm/Passion reading, just because I like the idea of letting the text speak - and the congregation get involved. WS, you're right, the dramatic readings and such always take more preparation than I expect. So, I better get back to work. And maybe make some brownies to meet my chocolate craving.

  35. teri, what a great anthem!
    Take a moment of real silence before you begin, the moment in which the rocks *are* silent. Use the drama. You'll be great!

  36. Oooh, great anthem. I agree. Use the silence and the drama.

  37. Well I am trying to post the word.doc version of the kids Stations of the Cross. What they have written is moving and their art work is amazing. We will all walk these stations tomorrow in lieu of the "Gospel-Passion" reading and instead of a sermon on the same...It will certainly tell the story!

    But I can't figure out how to post it on the will post the words but not the photos of the art, even though they are all in the same doc.

    Oh, so little knowledge, so little time, so much ambition...I'm off the hook in terms of writing a sermon, but I would like to post what the kids have done...*sigh* and arrgh!

  38. Teri, that's amazing! Look at the anthem as a warm-up for your sermon, give it the pause that SongBird suggested, and go for it!

    Sue, I am so sorry about your's difficult to do, but sometimes the greatest gift you can give the loved ones.

    My meditations are done for the moment--I'll give them a final polish tomorrow.

    Nap time, then out to dinner and the movies with TO!

  39. Stacey, a wise mentor once told me that the Passion story preaches itself, and that trying to explain it or add to it is pointless.

    That is why I've never tried to do it. There are dramatic readings that you can find online that follow the actual text very closely and need only one or two other readers. I've used them before. Tomorrow I'm just reading the story.

  40. okay, I so needed that encouragement!

    A draft is up here, just waiting for comments. After hearing your support and ideas RE waiting a moment, I feel better about tomorrow.

    The space is decorated with stones, both real and paper mache, so that's good too. We'll see how it goes...

  41. Teri, I think it will preach! Wow so mych good stuff going on here today.

    I have dark chocolate truffles and earl grey tea (or peach ginger tea!!) if anyone wants.

  42. Wow. Teri, that anthem is amazing! You will be too.

  43. After more thought, I've worked the palm and passion narratives into a dramatic reading involving a narrator, someone reading the voice of Jesus, and the congregation. Oh, and it's a communion Sunday, so we're working the Lord's Supper right into the middle of it, as part of the narrative. Now, I'm off to recruit a Jesus.

  44. Stacey, sounds like it will work and be a great way to move through the elements of the day.

  45. Stacey, we'll be having communion in the midst of the dramatic reading, too. I did the same thing three years ago and it was very effective (also a Luke year with Palm Sunday on a Communion Sunday).

  46. Good work, Stacey!

    You too, Teri! (Btw, your church is 74 miles from my house. Yep, I mapquested.)

  47. hello, all. This is my last Sunday not to preach for a long, long while.

    I'm checking in after an overnight youth retreat, so not much to offer in the way of brains. But I did make some peanut brittle the other day. And there are a few leftover oatmeal cookies from the retreat. I am unable to vouch for the number of times they have been handled by grimy, teenage hands, however. Help yourselves.

  48. 74 miles, Cheesehead? that sounds like a midweek lunchtime roadtrip to me. We must email sometime when the Holy Madness has died down. :-)

  49. Woo! I finished my meditation/reflection/whatever thingy! What a relief! And, I managed to coax enough copies out of the copier to produce bulletins for tomorrow. It will need serious help before Thursday, but at least we have tomorrow taken care of.

    We also are following the pattern of Holy Week for the service, with palms up front, Communion in the middle and ending with the reading of the Passion. It's my first time doing it this way and I'm excited about it. We have Communion every week, so it's ingrained enough in people that it will be interesting to see how this shakes them up. (Maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad way.)

    I feel like a bit of a wuss for whining about the memorial service I had to do today, because at least we could plan that ahead of time. Prayers for those doing full-fledged funerals during Holy Week, and especially for you, Sue.

    I have a sneaking feeling that at any minute now some announcer is going to say, "And...they're off!" The sprint to Easter is here!

  50. You all are so strong, I cannot believe how well everyone has kept up their sense of humor. I'll have to take another read a week from today though.

    Stacey, hope you found Jesus (couldn't resist). My meditation is moving right down from the pulpit and right into Communion so I am hoping that will make a similar impact.

    Good Friday is the day we do the readings and hymns (or as my husband likes to say Lessons & Carols in need of Prozac).

  51. Hey Teri!
    I've sung that!
    I had forgotten about it -- I'm going to order it for next year.

    I'm stuck. First high holy day I'm preaching at this church and I'm stuck. I think I'll go to the grocery store and get back at it later....

  52. Has he been hiding behind the couch again?

    That rascal!

  53. LOL. I found Jesus!

    Dudettes, I'm not supposed to say things like that - I'm a Calvinist!

  54. for any late-workers-eaters out there, I now have mashed potatoes (, brown lentils topped with sauteed onions, spinach, and mushrooms along with fresh tomatoes, milk, Ben & Jerry's "Everything But The..." ice cream, and caramel topping.

  55. Mmm, ice cream. Thanks Teri.

    I need to go to bed. I know - very lame party hosting but I have been battling the allergies all day and that is just exhausting.

    Good luck to all who are meditating, liturging or just plain ol' looking for Jesus (or all three members of the Trinity) - must be by my keys.

    I'll check in come morning time and see if there are any dogs to be let out.


  56. Hurray for Will Smama, the founder of the feast!

  57. talking of dogs ... Mindy turns 3 today and there are pics of her and puppies over at my place

    Blessed palm sunday to you all!

  58. Yes, a blessed Sunday indeed. It was fun to host the party when most of us were happy with what we had or had meditations or readings or dramas or stations of the cross to look forward to.

    I don't see any dogs in here.

    Enjoy today. This Sunday and next are two amazing opportunities to celebrate what God has done for us. And if we're too busy to get it, how can we expect our congregation to?

    Peace, friends.

  59. Morning everyone. Just checking in to see all everyone is doing. It is very strange to not have a mediation or homily to reflect on...I actually slept well. But I do really hope the Stations of the Cross prepared and guided by our kids goes really well. And I'll keep trying to post their meditations and art on the blog, hopefully later today.

    Blessings to all this day and this, the holiest of weeks.

  60. Good Palm Sunday Morning, all! I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. Oops, I mean my dramatic presentation of the Last Week. I even put together our weekly after worship fellowship goodies - nothing exotic, ham and cheese with wheat bread, cookies and chips. And it's only5 am!

    Blessed are those who know what the anthem will be before the choir starts singing it! Not the case at my place. Even the choir doesn't know until Sunday morning. Sigh.

    Celebrating The Reverend Samuel T Rabbit's 3rd birthday today! Yes, he is an April Fool bunny. No photos, though. Can't figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer.

    Blessings on all who read, sing, preach and listen today!

  61. Hi all on this Wet messy day with Palms and Passions and peeps and people. I really wanted to join you all yesterday, but was at the ball park from sun up to sun down and then some. All three kids had multiple ball games. I had written a rough draft Thursday afternoon, surprised I was even able to do that. Came home from Ball games and crashed. I tried to look at the sermon, but the eyes failed. so this morning I am doing some tightening up. Re read the comments, boy did I miss a feast. Sorry WS. Ballsy and Jesus being lost and good food. Well may Jesus ride with you all today as you all preach Passion or Palms.


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