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Saturday, March 17, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me

It's yet another Saturday Storm here in Vacationland as I sit at the kitchen table and write to you, my faithful fellow travelers on the preaching journey. Something like hail is piling itself on top of something very like a foot of snow.

The good news? I have nothing else to do today but work on a sermon.

The bad news? I need to write two!

What's going on in your corner of the world, Preacher Partiers? And would you prefer coffee or tea this morning?

I'm afraid I won't be able to go out for Tony's Donuts, but I'll be happy to make you some cinnamon toast.


  1. I'm working on the Prodigal for the morning, then preaching on the Road to Emmaus at an Installation in the afternoon, with a particular emphasis on the bread broken. I suppose I really do have time for this, but I need to wake up a little more first.

  2. YUM cinnamon toast- I'm there- I've just been working on a re-telling of the prodigal son from the mothers perspective- we never hear from her do we.... it is Mothering Sunday here in th UK- so I thought I'd give it a try comments appreciated....

  3. btw- tea then coffee.... I am not worth talking to until I have had tea....

  4. I made some coffee...anyone want a cup?

    I am going to sing and play tomorrow in my sermon. I "moved" St. Patrick's Day. I want to focus on the celebration that is at the end of the parable of the Prodigal. The wisdom of Lent is also found in the breaths that we receive on Sunday, the "feasts" within the fast. Foster says that this is the fruit of obedience. The celebration of the prodigal's father is the fruit of wisdom, repentance, and (eventual) obedience.

    Thus endeth the sermon.

  5. Tripp, will there be green beer at coffee hour?

  6. Mmmmm... coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee ...

    Not preaching tomorrow (again!)- dh and I tinkered with our Lent/Easter schedule b/c of study leave issues, so I did 2 in a row, then he does 3 in a row, then I do 2 in a row. Tomorrow is his 2nd of his 3, so no sermon work for me today. But it is my Mothers of Multiples big huge Clothing Sale and I have to volunteer for about four hours and then go visit a church member who wound up in the psych ward. And we struck out with every possible sitter option so we're juggling the kids b/t the two of us.

    Like I said: coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee....

  7. COFFEEEEEEEEE!!!! Mine is brewing this very moment.

    I think it's so interesting that we call it the Parable of the Prodigal Son, yet when I look at my 2-cent summary of the days' lessons, it says of the Gospel, "The Parable of the Forgiving Father." Puts the emphasis on the prodigal forgiveness of (in this case) the father, though I will use a mother story if I can.

    It reminds me of the sermon preached at my installation on the Parable of the Sower. The preacher talked about how caught up we get in trying to pigeonhole ourselves into what kind of soil we (or others) are--rocky, fertile? And if that were the focus, it would be called "The Parable of Different Kinds of Dirt."

    But it's not. Again, it's about a Prodigal, abundantly forgiving, abundantly loving God.

  8. I hear my coffee maker first cup is about to become a reality.

    I'm writing a reflection using Jesus' encounter with the adulterous woman as my text. There's a moment when Jesus writes something in the dirt.

    I have a couple of images in my head--one is that our sins are like the things we write in the sand on the beach--the tide of God's grace washes them out to sea.

    The other image is of a God not afraid to get God's hands dirty, which is what coming to earth in Christ did for us.

    Of course, since I played all day yesterday, I have about 9 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, and some winter wardrobe purging work in the basement to do. Maybe I'd better pour myself a cup, put a load in and get started.

    Turkey bacon and egg beaters, anyone?

  9. songbird that afternoon preach sounds interesting...tell us more

  10. Does it count that I am revising for a Christian Doctrine exam on Monday? (Lots of short answer questions and a big one on Calvin's Institutes) Am I still allowed a cup of tea? I'd quite like a doughnut too, but I am trying to stay healthy :(

  11. I am doing a dialogue sermon asking the congregation to remember a time when they were deeply loved, a show of hands if you have such a memory...and then what did it feel like? Can you share the feeling, not the exact situation, but the feeling of being loved...then I will talk about the potentially prodigal family and end with: spend time this week intentionally looking for ways you can love others in a very generous way.

    Last time I preached this text I preached about the un-named people: the mother, the sisters, the slaves...those working hard to put on the celebration and therefore not was inspired by the story of a household maid...

    Well, I have coffee and soon I'm going to make pancakes and bacon...any one care for some?

  12. Sally, a friend is being installed at her local church, and the focus of the worship service is bread. There will be bread on the altar and bread baking during the service. I was given a choice of texts about bread and chose Emmaus, that moment in which Christ is known in the breaking of the bread. I'm playing with the idea that the bread embodies Christ, but that we, too, are called to be the Body of Christ and therefore bread for the world. Later in the service the pastor and church will each receive a "charge" for their lives together, and I don't want to duplicate that sort of material but kind of set the stage for it. I've got a story about baking bread, and I'll talk about Emmaus, and I'll keep it to 10 minutes (or less), because the last installation I attended was excruciatingly long.

  13. I'm up and attem--was plowed out so I can get to my meeting with a couple I'm marrying in May. We got about 12'' of snow overnight. The state high school BB tourney is just across the river and that along with the NCAA will be distracting me all day from my sermon prep. I'm going with the prodigal, focusing on the overwhelming, completely unsensible compassion of the father, in the midst of a weird dysfunctional family. I will use the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" as an illustration...But first I must find out what time all the BB games I want to see today are on. First things first...I'm also going to test the roads with a trip to Dunkin Donuts--be back in a few with an assortment of sweet calories and carbs and caffeine.

  14. Wow, turkey bacon, egg beaters, pancakes, donuts... Guess we don't need my chocolate chip cookies, huh?

    I'm preaching Psalm 34 tomorrow (from th RC lctionary), focusing on th vrs "Taste and see that God is good..." Do we dare to "taste" God, or do w take other people's word for it that God is good? How do we experience God as good? Etc.

    I hav a meeting at noon that will take up a good chunk of the afternoon, then an event tonight--but I plan to be home by 8 or so to finish up (I am certain) th sermon.

    No sermon next week, though--guest speaker in the form of our local Member of Parliament.

  15. I'll take a cookie rainbowpastor- I never turn down chocolate....

  16. songbird- I like that picture for bread- I guess like the bread we have to be willing to be broken- a deep challenge!

  17. Well, I woke up late today - I must have needed the sleep. I got to RGBP Trivia Challenge and did you know that by 10:00 am 25 folks had taken the quiz? Don't be a slacker -- go see how much you know (or don't know in my case) with your RGBP buddies.Go here to take the quiz and start earning points to earn your virtual prizes.

  18. oh dear. i'll have a diet dr. pepper, please, as i work on my "faith journey" for a sermon series. so i'm in the desert today...but taking a detour through a local museum's egyptian exhibit with my mom over lunch!

  19. Well...I hate to be smug or anything, but since I'm not on deck for AM duty tomorrow I am kicking back completely today...making Guinness glazed brisket and veggies, and Irish mashed potates, for dinner. Last night FT made Bailey's cheesecake, from an insanely easy recipe...haven't tasted it yet but it certainly smelled good baking! Tonight, in between keeping track of my brackets;-) I might blog some about St. Patrick, who tends to be pushed aside on his own day.

  20. Today is the annual Founders Day at my Alma Mater, a church related university about 40 miles away. I'm going with The Husband and 10 members of the church and will be gone all day.

    When I get back I'll be working on the 2 Corinthians reading. The plan was to tie the instruction to carry Christ's peace and forgiveness to Girl Scout All About cookies from the Girl Scout moment just before the sermon - as Christians we too are all about sharing,caring, values, leadership, fun . . it sounded good in my head the other day. :-)

    Hard to concentrate though. The ob/gyn oncologist told me the 10 weeks of treatments didn't work, took another biopsy and she will contact me in about 2 weeks to talk about options. At least I have a new outfit for today from my diappointment shopping therapy.

  21. This week I am backing up and using one of the texts from a few weeks ago that didn't get my attention then. I'm finished for now. I'll do my final read-through/editing later tonight.

    I will spend the rest of Saturday doing either (a) reading/resting/crocheting, or (b) cleaning/scrubbing/organizing, or (c) some combination of the above, depending on my energy level. It's been a hectic week with four days of meetings and every night away from the house. I. am. exhausted.

  22. swinging by with some home-baked offerings - carrot cake anyone?

    Sally your take on the prodigal son sounds interesting! Off to take a look

    oh and on the puppy alert - no sign yet - will keep you posted.

    church? What's that? tomorrow I'm church shopping (not really) but I am visiting a new church - African - in town with a missionary kid who was in my cell.

    We agreed we won't stress if we're late - if they start on time - it's not really African style :)And if it's not "our cup of tea" - we'll simply wander off. It feels so good to be able to write that - trust me. I've come far in a few months :)

    Talking of tea -I'm just about to brew some ...

  23. Rev Maria -
    I am in a similar situation, except mine is a watch-and-wait on cysts... so I will pray for you and I do recommend retail therapy. (Though I need to go to bookstores!)

    And... somewhat anxiously... my student sermon is here.


  24. What I'm trying to get done today:
    1 Sermon,
    1 Children's sermon,
    1 Congregational meeting agenda,
    1 Annual Pastor's Report,
    1 Suitcase to pack,
    2 Guest beds to make before the dog-sitter arrives tomorrow,
    1 Walkway to clear of a foot of snow.

    Please pass the coffee. I made french toast if anyone wants some.

  25. Oh Lutheranchick...I'm coming to your house for dinner. I am making corned beef and cabbage, but nothing as fancy as your meal...

    In the meantime mulling away at sermon, cleaning house, making breakfast...

  26. I must admit I've given no thought to dinner. I'm just hoping we'll be able to get out later and find something already made!
    The snow here has turned from sleet to rain, and the walks and driveway are shoveled, so there is hope.
    My goal is to finish the morning sermon first, then work on the other. I'm trying not to think about who might be present to hear the second one and whether any of them make me nervous...

  27. Rev Maria, you have my prayers, that is indeed disappointing. I'm sorry to hear it.

  28. Just checking in here, but no sermon to write for tomorrow (this is one of my last Sundays off for who knows how long, starting a new church just after Easter, thanks be to God). Also no goodies to share, only leftovers.

    But I do want to say to Sally and all our other UK pals, that I really really want to steal the term "Mothering Sunday" in place of "Mother's Day." It avoids so many potentially painful ideas.

    Happy writing to all.

  29. Prayers are done; I have most of an outline. Time to grab lunch and head off to the meeting...

    Can I get anyone anything while I'm out?

  30. What are you doing in vacationland writing a sermon, Songbird?

    I have two to write too. One for Sunday Morning for the sermon series i have been doing, and one for preaching at Killen UMC lenten series . I really don't feel up to either one. Bob just drove the kids to MedPlus urgent care, they all have something.

    Cheesehead, I am one sermon behind you having been gone last week. Uh can I have your Adulterous woman sermon for next week?

    Stacey you have a lot to do. Almost too much.

    Coffee please, I do have some chocolate candy if anyone wants some. And later I'll have some of the green beer. No sermon yet.

    And Songbird the post title made me think of the song "I've grown accustomed to your face."

    And I

  31. Abi, Vacationland is a nickname for the state in which I live, because people from away come here for vacation!

  32. Oh, thanks Songbird. But I thought Florida was the vacationland.

    Rachel here is some tea for you. yes, definitely you get tea.

    Oh revmarie, prayers for you and Deb.

  33. Morning all! Still a little sleepy, still a little snuffy, but happy to be at the Party. Hungry too so all the treats sound great. (Except I don't do beer, green or otherwise). I have plenty of echinacea and zinc lozenges to share if anyone else is fighting off a cold.

    Was really stressing cause I hate working last minute, and cause I have a very unusual take on the Prodigal story. But as I was waiting to fall asleep last night I remembered the perfect story to start off with and help people open up to the new point of view, so I'm nervous but hopeful.

    Will try to post a draft soon, and can't wait to look at others when I need a break.

  34. Posting at my first Preacher Party, 'cause I'm not a regular preacher, but I am teaching the Prodigal text tomorrow, with adults. I'll be focusing on the party. (The one the father throws, not the preacher party, but there is an interesting thought to many of us lurk at the party being thrown, and don't join in....?)Mr. Incredible is preaching the same text and his focus is how the father lets the younger son go. I'll contribute a vanilla latte and a cinnamon bagel to this party.

  35. It's lunchtime here. The snow turned to rain, and I'm thinking of sushi. I might have to make a run to the store. Anybody need anything?

  36. well it is supper time here- and I think I'm going to have to run to the store too- I need inspiration- Tim and Jo have been sailing they will be hungry and cold!

  37. Prayers are with you Maria and Deb

  38. Well, I'm home from morning baptismal preparation classes, and trying to get down to work. Except that now I need lunch. Hmm..

    Anyway, I think I'm going to talk about how the celebration doesn't preclude the hard work of rebuilding relationships - its a precursor to doing so. I want to talk about our turning this into a fairy-tale where they all live happily ever after - when in fact, its not a fairy tale, its a parable about celebrating moments of grace when they come our way, even when there will be a lot of hard work thta comes next. We'll see how it goes.

    Queen Mum - I love your comments about lurking at the party... if I given up on one direction, I may borrow your idea ;)

    Ooh!! And, someone metioned Dunkin' Donuts... do y'all know that next Weds, 3/21, is free iced coffee day at Dunkin' donuts? i saw a commercial for it yesterday...

  39. Well, bad news, Bob is back from the Urgent Care center with the kids. Zach has a bad sinus infection, and Katy has Strep. Poor babies. Bob went to the store to get their perscription. Kara felt left out and threw a fit. Had to spend time calming her down, and playing Barbie dolls with her.

    Now I am back at it.

  40. The sermon is coming into near-doneness. The congregational meeting agenda and pastor's report are done. No progress on the children's sermon or the housework. I've decided that I don't care about the foot of snow in my walkway. I may feel differently about that when I actually have to leave the house, though. I'm taking a break for lunch...late lunch. I appear to have forgotten to eat at anything resembling a normal time.

  41. Oh Abi, I hope your kids feel better soon...

    Maria, ((prayers)) and ((hugs)) to you...

    My sermon, well I'm slowly muddling through it, editing, and rewriting what I wrote on Thurs...

  42. I'm a lurker - have been for many months - tend to be in real life parties also - it is interesting to ponder that along with the party in the Gospel -
    Not preaching tomorrow - but studying instead - love visitting the different posts of sermons - you all are so creative & inspiring -
    RevMarie & Deb - you will each be in my prayers
    I have hot sugar cookies baked with just a bit of rocky suger on top - help yourself to an afternnon snack - or after dinner for those across the pond

  43. Well, my meditation is almost done. The groceries are bought and put away, laundry almost done, Wondergirl is picked up from her forensics meet, and lunch is eaten and cleaned-up after.

    Time to finish tackling the closet, then I'll finish laundry, finish sermon, take Wondergirl to her friend's house, then maybe spouse and I can enjoy some time together. I'm thinking it will be tub time by then. We love our tub!

  44. Welcome, elastigirl!
    I'm taking a break to watch What Not to Wear. I'll be back in an hour!

  45. Good afternoon!

    My, you all have been busy! I was with the kinds at a kind of indoor zoo this morning and early afternoon. Now I need to get going with the sermon, so of course, I'm joining the party instead of actually writing. I too am preaching on the forgiving father/prodigal son(s). I'm focusing on how while the younger son is figuring out what he's going to say, and the younger son is out in the field, the father has his eyes on the road, waiting with full confidence that his son will return home. What does it mean to have that kind of trust and anitipation in Lent.

    I also agreed to speak at an interfaith gathering Monday night (Jewish, Christian, Muslim). The topic is faith and food. From a Christian perspective, bread and wine (or grape juice for those of us influenced by the temperance movement) seem like an obvious place to start. I've also thought about loaves and fishes, bread on the Emmaus road (thanks Songbird for the good insights), Peter's vision about clean and unclean, and Paul's instructions. Any other thoughts or revelations that you would suggest?

  46. susie, love what you wrote too.

    Rev Gals - you are such an inspiration :)

  47. (((Deb and Rev Maria)))

    I am back from the mall where I ran around my two year old (and my parents) and all three are taking naps back at my parent's house - yeah.

    Our Year of the Bible has us in the early stages of Luke and I am working on a sermon that juxtaposes Mary having her baby son at the Temple for his 8th day of life where prophets are proclaiming who he will be and her at the foot of the cross - since calendar wise, that is where we are too.

    It is interesting stuff, emotional even.

    I sure do miss being on lectionary though and having all of your great ideas spur me on.

  48. "...the celebration doesn't preclude the hard work of rebuilding relationships - its a precursor to doing so."

    Yes, Susie, yes! This is exactly the point I am trying to get across, and you state it so simply and beautifully.

    May I quote this in my sermon, please, and if so how would you like the quote to be attributed?

  49. will smama-- I could be getting these mixed up, but doesn't Simeon and Anna's recognition of Jesus as messiah, and S's prediction of the sword piercing Mary's heart, happen on day 40 at the presentation/redemption rather than day 8 at the naming/circumcision? Or is that not what you're referring to?

  50. Hello friends. I'm not preaching tomorrow, but I decided to post a sermon on the Prodigal Son text that I wrote 9 (!) years ago here. It's a first person sermon from the point of view of the older brother.

    Blessings all!


  51. Yes, ML - in my rush to get a comment up and back to work I didn't separate the two. They are two different events.
    8 days circumcision and then later the purification where they run into S and A.

    It is lectionary the Sunday after Christmas so needless to say, I have never preached on it.

  52. I've got some tea and banana bread. Am I too late?

  53. Good meeting and lunch, now back falling asleep in front of the computer. My outline no longer looks like much of anything.

    Guess I won't b going to the community event tonight after all... Just as well--it's a potluck, which means rich food I shouldn't be eating if I'm going to lose that forty pounds by July...

    Oh, yes, a sermon...

  54. Awww, MotherLaura, you can totally steal that! If you want to attribute it, simply say its from a clergywoman friend :)

    Mine is coming together - and I think in honor of St. Patrick's day, Irish band U2 is gonna make an appearance in my sermon...

    "Grace... she carries the world on her hips... she travels outside of karma... Grace makes beauty out of ugly things"

  55. kristabeth, it's *never* too late for banana bread at the Preacher Party!

  56. I have a draft, and I really like it--though I may try to pare the length down later. Come on by, share some banana nut bread I made with Katie, and check out
    The Older Brother's Wisdom

  57. Arriving late at the party with tea and MnMs and leftover pizza for those who want to spoil their dinner! Spent the morning volunteering for Angel Food, spent all this week at continuing ed, and so with a *thud* I'm landing smack in the middle of sermon prep, and without much in mind. Am sleep-deprived and have a lingering headache. Don't have an item yet for the Basket of Abundance, either.

    But never fear! Advil is mighty, and y'all have given me some great ideas of where to begin with the sermon:

    queen mum--LOVED your observation about lurkers at the preachers' party. As much as I want to borrow it for my sermon though, I don't want my folks to start thinking too much about searching for me online, so I'm passing on it for now. But what a great observation!

    susie--along with mother laura, your comment about the parable being a moment in the midst of a lot of hard work sparked something for me. It kind of fits with quakerpastor's observation that this is really a very dysfunctional family. What does it mean to see God in the workings of a dysfunctional family? And somehow in my mind it also fits with tripp's mention of the feasts within the fast.

    Now, off to sketch something out, and write a few other pieces of the service that are still needed. Good luck everyone!

  58. Mother Laura - I tried to find your sermon but the link didn't work...can you try again?

  59. yee haw...
    the ILL desk says that there are FOUR books coming my way on women in the post-exilic period. Usually takes about 2 days by mail... there are advantages to being a distance student, because I "found" them wearing my slippers and sipping peppermint tea with honey at my PC! Who knew that getting sources could make my day??

    As my sister says, "watch and wait" is less worrisome than "take it out now" unless one is the person who must wait... but thanks for the encouragement and the prayers. That little request just popped out so I guess it has been on my mind more than I realized!

    Tomorrow I'm in the band - topic is "pure sex" and the lead-in to the sermon is Sting's "Fields of Gold" (yes, a love song!)

    Oh - I have chili verde simmering for dinner and there will be plenty for anyone... but it is made with fresh jalapenos so caveat emptor!


  60. Only the conclusion to the sermon remains of the list I gave earlier. However, the list has grown. Laundry and a newsletter article must also get done tonight. You know, I think I used to go out on St. Patrick's Day...

  61. I have to admit that the morning sermon leans heavily on a well-researched sermon from three years ago, but the afternoon material is all fresh, and both are written. Such a relief!
    We're eating pasta, not Irish food, but I am looking forward to relaxing at dinner, then a readover of both sermons before an early bedtime tonight.
    Anyone want a green-iced petit fours? My daughter just brought them home after a visit to the grandparents.

  62. Thanks for the headsup, mompriest, trying again to link to
    my sermon.

  63. Third time's the charm? Clickhere for my sermon.

    Never have this trouble on Fridays.

  64. Yup, it works! Thanks...I'll go back and read it soon.

  65. Glad I'm not too late! The banana bread is gone, but I'd be happy to heat up some chicken and rice! The sermon is coming along... I've written the beginning and the conclusion. It's just the stuff in the middle that I'm having trouble with! Does that ever hapen to anyone else?

  66. I'm usually the opposite, kristabeth. The intro comes in the midst of writing the middle stuff, and then the middle gets altered. The conclusion always takes me forever to figure out.

  67. hey if anyone there still wants to procrastinate on the sermon writing - come over to my place and see the new-borns. There are four so far - puppies that is.

    Thanks for prayers

  68. Yay, puppies! Almost nothing smells as good as a baby--whether it's human, puppy or kitten...

    I have a new outline and I know what I want to say, but I have little passion for it.

    Tomorrow thy're getting cold cereal, methinks.

    Since I didn't go to the potluck, I have lots of cho chip yourself!

  69. Totally forgot I was doing Children's sermon...but we're having International Sunday (day after St. Pat's) so I may borrow from someone here and talk about the different breads of different cultures Soda bread, Naan, tortillas, but what we all have in common is the bread of life.
    I'll try to put it better, but thats the jist.

  70. One-third written...

    I wanted to b don by now.


    Any banana bread left?

  71. I'm done with everything but the newsletter article, and I think I'm completely out of things to write. Did I hear someone say there are cookies around here somewhere? Oh, and I'm drinking Smithwick's in honor of the occasion. Anyone else want one?

  72. Yawn. Stretch. I'm done! Off to bed... the 8:00am service will be here before I know it.

  73. I forgot to say, my sermon is up here.

  74. I posted my meditation here. It is brief--about 1,000 words, give or take. That's because the dramaic reading comes first and takes about ten minutes. Abi: I'm not sure how useful it would be to you, since it has a personal story in it.

    Hubby and I had dinner, I finished up here at the laptop, Wondergirl is off an her friend's house, and now some telly before bed.

    Hooray for puppies!

  75. I'm still working... Not on a sermon for tomorrow, but on one for my M.Div. senior project. (Just half a semester to go!) And while it's a relief that I don't have to preach it tomorrow, I do have to give it to my advisor--maybe even scarier! In any case, I've loved reading all of your posts, and have gathered much encouragement from you. I hope to join you more often when--someday, Lord willing--I'm in a parish too!

    Oh, and I've got Guinness, soda bread, and split pea soup (green, see?) to share--anybody hungry?

  76. Four-fifths done, but I'm quitting for the night--not feling well. I do have the luxury of the morning to continue playing with it, too.

    I have a replacement monitor, but now the "e" key is sticking...Oh, well. I am grateful to have a computer at all!

    'Night all! I'll leave the cookies--bettr you folks at the calories than me!

  77. Preachers, I have to hit the sack, since I am still recuperating. Last one out get the lights?

  78. I've just spent the last several hours working out details for a search committee to visit in April (got the call this morning, email with info tonight). So, I've lost time on sermon prep...and now I think I'll have to go to bed and finish it in the morning...but very exciting and very scary

  79. Back from my event. Heard a great sermon by live video feed connection as our preacher was snowed in - couldn't fly out of NY to get here! Sadly it was not on the lectionary and anyway, 10 of my congregation were present.

    Thanks all for the prayers and hugs. And Deb,I'm praying for you as well. Watching and waiting isn't easy. Been there, hated that.

    Now - somewhere on my keyboard there used to be a sermon button. Where did it get to? Ah well, it's only 7 pm here.

  80. green beer for me. not yet, anyway....

  81. coming late, having just returned from a confirmation class retreat. all I have is leftover spaghetti sauce, which helps no one, and about 30 different kinds of tea. help yourselves--my personal favorite is the pomegranate green tea.

    no preaching tomorrow for me--HoS is preaching what I call "the prodigal(s)." He's apparently going to talk about how we always see ourselves as the younger son in the story, and that's right and good, but sometimes we are also called to be like the father. good times.
    I am going to adapt the children's sermon from about lost pets and how much you long for something/someone important when it's lost, and how much you rejoice when it is found. again with the good times.

    After 24 hours with 12 confirmands, oh how I wish tomorrow only had worship in it. But no: youth group planning for the Youth Sunday, high schoolers having a baby shower for one of their leaders (whose baby was born a couple of weeks ago, early, but oh and parents are all fine and beautiful), all-church roller skating party. Do I have to go roller skating for 2 hours on Sunday evening after working continuously since Friday at noon (not to mention all those days before friday)?

  82. i am so verbose.

    and tired.

    sorry for rambling...

    much love and prayers for restful sleep...

  83. teri,sounds to me like you have earned so well deserved R&R and can beg out of the skating tomorrow...self care is oooh so important....I would, if at all possible.

    me, i've gone over sermon one more time, it will do, not great..but it will do...probably cold cereal, but food nonetheless.

    Now, off to bed. Someone get the lights??? Blessings to all for a sweet rest, and may the Holy Spirit fill your words tomorrow!

  84. teri, yes you can skip the roller skating. I thought all preachers took the 'we are the older brother' approach so I would like to hear the father approach.

    PLEASE pass the soda bread with the real butter. YUM!

    I'll get the lights.

  85. I can't believe I am done with my one sermon before 10:30pm. And I have been taking care of kids all day.

    I hope the rest of you are closing in on finished product and doing okay.

    Anybody want some ice cream?

    Lorna, glad the puppies came. We expect pictures posted.

    thanks Cheesehead.

    Now I am going to work a little on sermon #2 and then call it quits.

  86. Done... who knew after a little research I would find out that the circumcision, purification, baptism, temptation and crucifixion did not actually happen all in one Temple visit. Huh.

    It think there may be a few of you still out there so I will keep on the lights and for those of us who abstained tonight, I would LOVE to meet for a leftover green beer tomorrow... say around 12:30?

  87. Dear Lord. I am still here, it's almost 3 am, the sermon is not done, and I've been sleeping with my head on the desk for a while now.

    Can I get this silly thing done? Will it break me? I have a good outline but it's just not coming. Probably because I keep falling asleep.

    Pray for me, please, y'all. I need some prodigality right about now. And please don't get the lights yet...lights out will REALLY put me to sleep. Thanks.

  88. Okay. I think I'm done. Whew. It's short, but it's done. Off to collapse for a few hours and then up and at 'em. Blessed proclamation, everyone.

  89. semfem, phew! Hope you caught a few winks... and you noticed that paperclip that was smushed onto your forehead from sleeping on it.

    I hope as the light breaks into your mornings that the LIGHT also breaks into your mornings.

    No matter when we finished, what we preach is not our own so relax, the Holy Spirit has got our backs.

    And if you've got a dog, walk it proud.

  90. Woa, Semfem, why do I feel like I'm getting just about the time you went to bed...I hope you sleep well, if only for a short while...

    I'm up and getting ready for a full day of preaching and meetings...I will be wiped out about 2pm CDT....hopefully able to take a nap right about to take a look at that sermon and see if I can add some filling or take some of the fat out, which ever...

    Blessings all...

  91. Got up at 5:00 a.m. to put it all together, still working...

  92. will smama, LOL about your research!
    Blessings on all preachers this morning. It's snowing here again...

  93. It's 4:23 am and the sermon came together in my head while sleeping Now to get it in outline so I remember all the good parts!
    Blessings on all who preach and listen today.

  94. There! All done and none too soon!
    I am looking forward to a nap and green beer and more basketball. But first I will join the peace vigil downtown...war in Iraq has gone on 4 years too long. Let's all pray for the manifestation of shalom everywhere on this 4th anniversary!
    peace out!

  95. Blessings on all you preachers this morning!

  96. Sermon is done.

    I had thought I had a choldren's sermon, too, until I woke up this morning nad couldn't remember what I wanted to do.

    Thank you WS, for the hint on rejoicing over finding what you thought was lost--I'll be using it in a different context (Rejoicing over God's goodness) but it ties in with my sermon on the to experience God's goodness and then share that with others.

    You all ar the greatest!!

    I'm praying for naps and rest for all!

  97. Done! And my Girl Scout recognition aka Children's moment is all about "All Abouts" :-)

  98. Blessings on all of your preaching today. I've posted my sermon and would love your comments if you've the time and inclination after all your own hard work!

  99. two services (with awful children's times AND amazing grace to live through) down.
    youth group still to go.
    youth group baby shower (after youth group) still to go.
    Got asked by organizer of roller skating party whether I was coming. When I said "probably not" she looked crestfallen and then tried to convince me that I really should come.

    I hate when people do that.
    The place is in my neighborhood, so I keep telling myself I could stop in and leave again...except I know myself better than that. I'd stay the whole time, then be bitter and even more exhausted.

    I want to be sleeping. Or drinking Bailey's (I don't like beer...).

  100. Okay, party pooper alert: I realize we all have our likes and dislikes and our own opinions but can we please ease up on Amazing Grace. I realize for some it is tired, but it was my grandmother's favorite and was played at my ordination in memory of her. I know there are others who have had it played at funerals for similar reasons so please, let's rip on 'Hear I am Lord' for awhile.

    Again, sorry. I just had to get that off my chest.

  101. Or rip on my inability to EVER type 'hear/here' or 'there/their' correctly unless I think about it first.


  102. sorry, that wasn't at all a clear comment this afternoon...I don't hate Amazing Grace. I love Amazing Grace. So did my mother. It was the only "churchy" song she would ever sing. Whenever she came to listen to me preach, she would sing Amazing Grace. It was one of her favorite songs. We sang it at her memorial service last year.

    Now I have extreme difficulty singing it, and was really fighting breaking down in front of the congregation at two consecutive services today, in addition to being far too exhausted for that kind of emotional strength.

    I've been blasting Great Is Thy Faithfulness this past week. Here I am Lord and Spirit are two others that I would happily join in roasting. I know all of those songs help a lot of people to worship and to pray, but OY.

  103. Sounds like you and I are on the same page then and my comment would really have been best left on a couple of other blogs.

    Thanks Teri. Go and get some well deserved sleep.

  104. God bless all you preachers! Been lurking here today to find a sermon to replace ours this morning. Nothin' against the pastor. He's a very good, righteous fella. But today he actually sermonized an apology on the 16 million dollar discrepancy (gone from 8m now up to 24m) on the capital campaign we're now stuck in the building middle of. And then took the apology back with "Are you gonna be angry forever? Cause if ya are, the miracle happenin' here is gonna pass you by". There was more after that. *sigh*. I like your sermons here mo betta.


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