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Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Catch Up Edition!

Girl (and a few boys), you take 1 week off and the whole place goes CRAZY! I think the 5th Monday is supposed to be a Mission Moment but we have got a lot of folks lined up waiting to be introduced so I am going to throw about half of them out there this week and will hit the rest next week. If you get antsy though, here is the link to track down the other 'newbies'.

Have we got some folks for you to meet....

We Do It Too: Stories and Rants of a Single, Lesbian, Dating Clergywoman Flirting with Women and God. Little Mary's latest post about worship with her conservative friend is worth the read especially if you are challenged by how sometimes announcements can take over a worship service.

Barefoot Priest: Musings on Matters of Faith from the perspective of a young Episcopal Priest. I love his profile: I was ordained as an Episcopalian priest in January 2006. My father is a retired Southern Baptist pastor. One of my brothers is a Baptist pastor, and his wife is a Lutheran pastor. But I'll be the only one that people will call father. Weird huh?

Views from the Road: reflections of a "mild-mannered optometrist by day; quasi theologian by night" Barbara B's Sunday post will get all of us pastor types quite jealous. I think I am looking for the same church.

Reverenda Rosa: Blog to record start up of a Hispanic ministry program in Southeast Florida, with all its grace and absurdity. Please read her 4/29 post and then although cheery 'hellos' may not be appropriate, certainly having your presence and prayers known is.

Welcome back Transplanted Buckeye!

My Thesis Journey: Follow along as I attempt to write my thesis in partial completion of my Doctorate in Worship Studies I'm going to let Amy tell you about it in her own words: The purpose of this blog is to provide a sort of accountability journal for the work I will do to complete my thesis project for my Doctorate of Worship Studies. My goal with this blog (and I invite you to hold me accountable to it) is to post regularly about the progress of my thesis project. Perhaps some of my posts will make it into the thesis itself, or into the evaluative process of the thesis. At any rate, it is my prayer that this blog, and any conversations with you will help keep me on track, focused on Christ and my goal, and positive throughout the process.

Welcome one and all!!!


  1. Thanks for this great roundup of newbies! Yeah!

  2. Wow am I behind in welcoming our new members or what. But welcome to all. And welcome back transplanted buckeye. look forward to your writings and thoughts.

  3. What a wonderful way to begin this day by seeing so many new members climbing on board. The word of mouth is a truer spread it seems to me.


  4. Great article! I will tell all of my lesbian friends at the lesbian blog page on have a look at this. Thanks very much!


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