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Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Cold & Soggy Edition

Hello friends. Yes, I know there is a considerable northeast bias goin' on in our media and now here, but I think unless you are in the southwest this past week and certainly these past few days then you are either cold, soggy or both.

So grab a hot cup of tea, your favorite afghan and your lappie and take some time to welcome the latest members of the revgalblogpals webring.


Clever Titles Need Not Apply: Let the blogification begin! Verbally processing life via word processor. Written by 'ellbee' who describes herself as "Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Inquiring Mind, Inquirer, Friend, Writer, Musician, Geek, and Child of God." In five beginner posts she hits a Friday Five, a familiar nerve with some of you lovers of English grammar and laments the final result of March Madness.

Time's Fool: Time's Fool ends up being about the inter-connectedness of all living things in God's creation - and the miracle of grace. It is a collection of the rambling thoughts of an everyday woman who sees holiness in the ordinary stuff of life. Written by Mata H, "I am tall, divorced, usually content. I have an abundant spiritual and intellectual life, and am descended from Polish parents, with gypsies in my mother's background."

Click!: Click. The sound of computer keys, knitting needles, a camera shutter, the cap of a fountain pen. Ideas or people coming together and dropping into place. My old dog's nails on hardwood floors. On a good day, the Gospel and me. Click. Go on over and meet Rev Jen, "I'm 52, never quite got around to getting married. I love my work, which lets me travel all over some of the most beautiful countryside in the land and come into contact with a wonderful variety of people. Love to read, collect fountain pens, connect with friends on- and offline, and root for the Packers (even when they stink)."

deep gladness is written by Kelly, 'senior at the university of richmond, studying sociology and religion. spent the spring of my junior year in melbourne, australia and still miss it sometimes. will attend princeton seminary after i graduate. personality type: INFJ. enneagram type: 9 - "the peacemaker."'

Mystical Midget: Blog of an Associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, trying to find some contemplative silence despite the presence of one husband, two adult children, and three large dogs. Written by Judith, "I'm in my early 50s, married with two grown kids, and I'm an Associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich (OJN)."

Benefit of the Doubt: Women writers on belief, unbelief, and how the sacred is revealed when you give yourself and others a break now and then. Written by Ecotistical and Jennifer (the former is listed, the latter has posted) I was happy to know there is a fresh meme in our midst. Somehow I missed it, actually it was a contest that a bunch of us missed but we could still do it for fun, right?

Serena in Seattle: random reflections and comments from vantage point of a semi-retired presby pastor. Written by Serena, "Previous Pastor (PC[USA]) Passionate about God's love for ALL creation; personally love cats, theatre, music, the ocean, and good conversation with good friends." Go to on over - she gives us a shout out!

Welcome one and all!


  1. thanks for the meet and greet- good to see so many new blogs...

    Dare I tell you we are currently enjoying June like weather here in the often cold and wet UK!

    T Shirt and shorts on the beach yesterday- I wasn't brave enough to swim though!!!

  2. Thanks for greeting! We too had sun and warmth ... yesterday! Today is another story.

  3. Oh yes, Sally please add US bias to northeast bias.

    Serena, you mentioned this thing called sun... what is such a thing?

  4. Thanks so much to those of you who have come to visit my blog and extra thanks to those who have left comments. You are very kind. I am also the Religion and Spirituality Contributing Editor for which is an interesting site for women bloggers to both register our own blogs and to read the commentary of a variety of editors from some amazing backgrounds( as opposed to my pedestrian-by-comparison-history).

    In any case, as the site is not specifically geared toward matters of the spiritual nature, I sense a slight hesitancy for folks there to just leap in to discussions about spirituality -- which may just be a sign of the times. I certainly would always welcome the ongoing presence of spiritually minded women there. Further, BlogHer is a good place to register your own personal blogs, as the site is starting to get significant national attention.

    I'm only mentioning that site in the event it will meet your needs. The main point of this note is to say THANKS :-) So....thanks!!!


  5. oh and it's spring here in Estonia

    I went to town with no coat or jumper only a shirt (and trousers of course!!)

    unfortunately your cold spell is supposedly coming to Finland on Friday the day I go home. Hope not as my friend eija is finally coming to see me - or the puppies - and we'll be so disappointed if this doesn't come off!

    welcome all newbies. Time to check you out :)

  6. In the 70's today. Lovely, clear, not-humid weather. Yesterday was in the 50's.

    What's with this weather thingie?

    Glad to meet everyone! Welcome!


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