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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Prayer

(This prayer is cross-posted over at my place.)

Gracious God, we thank you for this glorious season of Easter and for the many blessings that we share as a community of faith. We thank you for the prayers and support that we offer one another and for the goodness of knowing that you hear our prayers and guide our journey together.

God, help us to find the still point deep within us, where we can know your presence and find within ourselves the great potential for making a difference in the world. You bless each of us with the capacity for peace-making, justice-bearing, and for loving. Guide us God as we discover the gifts we bear and be with us as we unlock
the doors of our fear and uncertainty to share those gifts with all of creation.
We pray this day for all we have named aloud and for those nestled in the safety of our souls. We pray for the lost and the lonely and those whose needs are known only to you.

God, strengthen us in our faith, equip us to serve you well, and take our hands as we set out upon this adventure of faith that we share in Jesus’ name. Let us pray now as Jesus taught us…



  1. Sue, thank you for this beautiful prayer! Amen.

  2. thank you- I needed to pray this prayer- you found the words for me!

  3. Prayer request, please, for life in my little corner of the world .....

  4. Thank you, Sue. Sometimes, it's so helpful to be nudged in prayer.


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