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Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Left Behind Edition

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Chapter 1 - MEET
This, That and the Other
Emerging in the Light

Chapter 2 - GREET
Mrs. M from
The Kitchen Door

Chapter 3 - READ
Velvet Elvis

This, That and the Other: The thoughts and musings of a single mom and writer as she makes her way through life. Written from a point of view of complete wonder with the world, with a generous sprinkling of Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim thought -- and lots of cool pictures! Lindsay describes herself as, "a seeker of spiritual truth, a mom, a woman, a vegetarian, a voracious reader, a writer, a traveler, a music lover, a dog lover, surrounded by amazing friends and teachers, an urban hiker, a lover of languages, an ordained non-denominational minister, a woman who believes that G-d cares a lot less about the details than we do, a blogger, a technophile, a person in the midst of redefining my life... "
Lindsay would like to learn 100 things about YOU - but don't forget to check out the 100 things about her.

Emerging in the Light: The journal of one woman planting an Episcopal Church in South Salt Lake County, Utah. Welcome Connie+, "A mom, a wife, a priest, a church planter, a theologian, a dog lover, a bad gardener, a quilter."
I realize Connie+ has a lot going on and a lot going for her but you have GOT to drift your cursor over the links on her page and see the cool snapshots.

RedHeadRev: An honest attempt to think and communicate about the challenges of weekly preaching amidst motherhood, divorce, therapy, and the on-going search for the perfect sandal. Not many posts to go on here, but if her description of the blog can be relied on I think it's safe to say we'll enjoy spending time here.

RevDari: "I am a pastor in a rural community where the hair is white and the ideas are behind the times - usually. I feel isolated most of the time, but am called to this work and most definitely this place. I am seeking a greater intimacy with God as I serve God through the people of GOd. I love to be with people and am trying to see the divine in all things living and non-living."
I wonder if her haven is complete.

Howdy Mrs. M!!!
1. Got blog? (where do you blog)
I blog at The Kitchen Door and very occasionally at , where Mr. M and I share recipes and restaurant reflections.

2. What are your favorite non-revgalblogpal blogs?
I don’t read many non-revgal blogs, but I’m a sucker for the political opinion pages at — esp. EJ Dionne and The Fix.

3. What gives you joy?
Sitting outside with God. Really, quiet time outside is the most peaceful and cherished I know how to be. Though blaring the B52s with the windows rolled down while I’m driving is pretty good, too.

4. What is your favorite sound?
I love harmonies. Gospel choirs, good classical choirs, bluegrass singers, doesn’t matter. I’m crazy about the way people sound where they’re holding their own different parts. I like the metaphor, too.

5. Describe a perfect day in your world.
Sunshine and good food. And probably a large body of water. I could add more details, but that’s honestly all that’s necessary.

6. What do you hope to hear once you reach the pearly gates?
C’mon in. The roast is done and the biscuits are about to come out of the oven.

9. What color do you prefer your pen?
Black, out of my fountain pen (I’ve decided that fountain pens combine “fancy” and “reducing waste,” both of which I firmly believe in).

10. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Real Simple and Food & Wine. Well, also Episcopal Life.

11. Why are you cool?
I’m reading biographies of all the US Presidents, in order. I decided that if I’m going to make opinions about our current leaders, I should at least really understand where we started. (Confession: I’m only on John Adams. Caveat: I only started last month.)

12. What is one of your favorite memories?
My first date with my husband. He was so excited and happy, and we had an unexpectedly wonderful evening. He left the pub more than once to get books and CDs that he wanted to show me (they were in his car). He was kind and funny and very, very quirky, and he was clearly thrilled to be there with me. It was a great night.

Coming up next weeks the Revgalbookpals will be leading a discussion on Velvet Elvis. Our host will be reverend mother. Click on the 'Velvet Elvis' link or the one in the sidebar in order to order your copy from our Amazon store.


  1. will smama, great job as usual! I assume we're chatting in the post above today, so I'll go over there!

  2. Great stuff! Thanks for all the linkage!

  3. Welcome to all.
    I plan to be there for the book review, that is if I finish this bugger.

  4. It has an incredibly difficult font for my middle-aged eyes, but perhaps that was intentional?

  5. It has an incredibly difficult font for my middle-aged eyes, but perhaps that was intentional?

    snigger ... but also groan. It's the same with blogs. Those of you who choose white font on black background - it might look cool -but it hurts my eyes too much to read - so I use that as a criteria of what I will / won't read nowadays.

    Sad but true

  6. I'll be there for the book read. I'm plugging my way through it now. Yes. to the font. and all the green page inserts...ok. I'll save comments until next week.

    Welcome everyone to Revgals! I look forward to reading your blogs and coming to know you in bloggerspace...

  7. One of the things I learned in the great seminary of the midwest is that I was well into middle age. Thanks Christian Education professor! It was depressing and I was just filled with denial that it was true! That was about 5 years ago and the clock hasnt stopped ticking SO I am right there with you who are finding the font and the green/blue pages difficult to read.

    I was also thinking how that little touch must have increased the cost of publishing - always a practical thought from my financially strapped view of the world!


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