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Monday, May 21, 2007

Left Behind: Festival of Homiletics Edition

Password: Any sentence using the phrase 'teh Clooney'.


  1. Aloha and welcome to the Left Behind: Festival of Homiletics Edition. All you need to enter is a sentence with the phrase 'teh Clooney' in it.

    Please don't block my view of the bonfire as I sit here on the outdoor couch next to 'teh Clooney'.

    It is true those of us not meeting face to face or hearing great preaching or enjoying the chicken-fenced in ambience of the bars in Nashville(?!) might have reason to feel a little down. But that is no reason to pout.

    Come on over, enjoy the moon reflecting off of the waters of the lagoon, grab a drink of your choice and indulge in the buffets of goodness where there are no calories. And by all means have a great time.

    The only rule is no 'shop talk' - save that for another post, errrr, party.

  2. What/Who in the world is 'teh Clooney'? I'm lost, but does that count? Nashville, good preaching... twould be nice. think i'll plan pentecost and relish the mundane here though.

  3. shooey, that was shop talk. never mind. margarita anyone?

  4. Even though I will miss the party, I still won't be in the same city as teh Clooney

    Sorry, I know I'm not welcome around these parts but I couldn't resist teh Clooney.

  5. more cows... I will let you go this time, but for every time you mention 'teh shop' thou shalt take off an article of clothing.

    'teh clooney' - 'teh' is a tease on our most common typo here in the world of cyber space and clooney is none other than George Clooney. He pretty.

    Cheese... get thee gone.

  6. Thank you for the explanation of 'teh Clooney.' I had no idea. Yes, Margaritas for me!! I'm ready to party.

  7. Though I'd never be invited to such a fete as is going on at the FoH in Nashville, I am definitely up to partying here:

    "Watching the dancers as we drank the margaritas teh Clooney whispered in my ear 'please pass the salt'". (I wish)

    Hey. Great band. And the buffet is fabulous.

  8. teh clooney, teh fnu, teh week off, teh waht? This will be fnu.

  9. If teh clooney does nothing for me, can I use the phrase 'teh witherspoon' as an acceptable alternate?

    As in, I am going to Nashville, the city where June Carter, played by teh lovely witherspoon used to live.

    Add to that that teh witherspoon is a distant descendant of THE Witherspoon, the one who signed the declaration of independence, and I have shoptalk and obession all rolled into one.

    (Yes, Rev. Kim knows.)

  10. Please do not interrupt my dance with teh Clooney if you are Nashville-bound. I wouldn't want to step on his toes.

    I'm here. I'll be more fun tomorrow, I promise.

  11. (Italics on) Teh Clooney is otherwise occupied, but that's OK because teh Banderas is here too, teaching me to salsa and merengue. (Italics off)

    Pass the bananananana daiquiris, please! Boy oh boy do I need them...

    Teh Banderas and I may be in the hot tub. Hey, I'm single and this is fantasy, right?

    (Sorry, couldn't get the html to work)

  12. Ooooh, rp IF it wasn't putting an article of my clothing I could tell you what else Banderas delivers... but that will have to wait for another comment at another time.

    Rev Dave - get thee gone. There is nothing to see here.

  13. i gotta get another drink - that was supposed to be: if I wasn't putting an article of clothing seriously at risk, I would tell you...blah, blah, blah.

  14. WS, I deliberately did not mention what else teh Banderas delivers, because that is perilously close to shop talk, and I would be forced to...

    (Wait a minute. The penalty for shop talk is removing an item of clothing. I am with teh Banderas. I like this algebra).

    Sermon sermon sermon sermon.

    OK. Now I'm comfy.

  15. huh.

    Gotta tell ya when I started this, I didn't see that coming. But if Jo(e) ever shows up she will be so happy!

  16. Ah, Rev Dave. Your PresbyPuns on teh Witherspoon flew over the heads of the revelers. But not mine!!

    Party on, I say. I brought the margaritas and chips. Mindy is on her way in the TTOJ.

  17. Oh no, I GOT it QG - I just didn't want to risk clothing... or people judging my sense of humor.

    Will someone move rp away from the grills. She is making me nervous.

  18. WS, I'm not sure what you're implying...that was my shoes and socks.

    And I'm nowhere near the grills...

    I'm in the hammock.

    Good night.

    (and a little punchy from lack of sleep)

  19. My bad... I thought it was you but as I look closer I realize it is {insert stunningly beautiful person's name here}.

  20. oh no have I missed the party and teh Clooney???? Or is this a week long party???

    ok no shop talk ... so pass the coffee ( it is mid-day fter all!!!)

    lets chill....

  21. WS, In that case, you are forgiven. It's an understandable mistake, many people have mistaken me for {insert name of stunningly lovely person here}.

    Still in the hammock.

    It's a holiday here and by golly I'm going to enjoy it. No shop talk for me today, nosirree.

    Someone wake me at noon, please? I have a tango lesson with teh Banderas. Thanks.


  22. teh Clooney`? yes please!

    margarita ? Yes please.

  23. oh and hammocks ... wow!

    hey who's that skinny dipping already????

  24. teh Clooney and I are headed for breakfast and then for massages across the street...We may even head further down the block for matching tattoos (Icthus fish in an undisclosed location, of course)
    I'll bet they're not getting tattoos in Nashville.

  25. teh Clooney has told me that that city is not so much fun. He'd much prefer me to stay here with him.

    mmmm, coffee and bagel from Dunkin' Donuts. I'll take a margarita too. Make mine without alcohol, I'm not allowed--oh wait, this is virtual, make it extra strong.

  26. After you, QP, I have an appointment with teh Clooney for teh pedicure.

    He is going to be giving it to me.


  27. Nashville just doesn't work in songs...
    Riding on teh city of New Orleans?

    Teh Clooney would not be amused.

    I'm still here. Parsing greek verbs (Present Active Indicative) and having lots and lots of fnu. Really.

    And I think I'll name our next cat teh clooney!

    eeh eeh


  28. and yes
    I released an article of clothing for the shop talk...such a bad girl. socks. With a picture of teh Clooney on them...


  29. Good morning! Last night, in my beer and cold meds induced sleep, I dreamt that Teh Clooney was running for president.

    It was a nice, nice dream.

    Here in Chapel Hill...

  30. I'm laughing so hard right now that the only better thing would be if teh Clooney were here to enjoy it with me!!

    So not only is that Nashville thing going on while I'm at my desk, I'm also missing a regional women's clergy gathering that I really enjoyed last year. So do I get double margaritas?

  31. Deb, let me know if you need greek help-I made it through three semesters.
    I am taking off my hat for mentioning work related activity...
    teh Clooney and I are enjoying speaking greek phrases to one another llke "ego lego" and "ouk"
    it's soooo romantic

  32. ay....teh clooney can come up here and help out with commencement. Is that work related?It's related to the college, but I actually volunteer to help with commencement?? It's a line call, I'd say.

    Teh clooney would look very, very nice in a cap and gown.

    I'm just saying. And people who went on vacation this week probably missed Desperate Housewives last night and that's a sin.

  33. I shall be standing in line behind Mary Beth because teh clooney shall be painting my toe nails next.

    In the meantime, I will be sitting here waiting for teh Hugh Laurie to bring me a subway sandwich. *grins*'s my fantasy and I will invite MY dream guy!

  34. I just want to know where teh will smama is. Did she run off with teh Timberlake?

  35. Yawn...stretch....

    Oooh, nice nap. These hammocks are great, WS.

    Off to tango with teh Banderas....then I think I'm supposed to make dinner we'd better go to the Farmer's Market.

    Anyone need anything while we're out?

  36. Can we put teh clooney in a roman collar and a cassock and call him "Fr. What-A-Waste"?

    That what my niece always called her "favorite" priests ...

    If that's too close to shop talk, by the way, my shoes are definitely coming off.

  37. Ah, I have been in sad, sad need of a pedicure. How lovely of teh Clooney to volunteer to do that little service for all of us. Man, the line is getting looooong though!

    I'm going to grill myself a steak and crumble some blue cheese on it and wait till the line shortens.

    And I'd love a margaurita with that steak. Don't tell my presbyter. We are supposed to be teetotalers. Blended, please.

    Maybe this is shop talk, but it is worth losing an item of clothes over. Just wanna report that at the business mtg. I posted about in the Preacher Party, I was unanimously elected to continue to serve as the pastor.

    Now, let's see, I'll take off my cute little jacket.

  38. LOL - I love that you all are regulating your own clothing loss! PPB, at the very least the cap and gown need to come off.

    I have an injury (not my toe) that is going to keep me from partying as hard as I want to, but teh Clooney is massaging my shoulders so I should be better soon.

    On your way back princess and Mary Beth if you could grab me a shrimp shish-ke-bob and some buttery corn off the grill that would be great.

  39. CONGRATS SO!!!

    I never had a doubt!

    And I'll take that jacket.

  40. Hey, it looks better on you than me, will smama! (pout)

  41. Congrats SO!!

    Teh Banderas and I are back from our shopping...

    Now for a quick dip in the pool...

    Great jacket, WS!

  42. Hi y'all!!

    I'm just crashing your party for a moment while I'm in an internet cafe in Nashville.

    Have a great party!! Wish you were ALL here.

  43. Oh my I'm sorry. I forgot the Clooney.

    I wish teh Clooney were here too. (lame, but I need to go and register...)

  44. NO margaritas for Sue if she's in Nashville. I think teh Clooney would want us to shun her. ;)

    The RevGals left home with teh Clooney
    Could doubtless be considered loony
    With the state of their clothes
    And no more panty hose
    Their Greek parsing gets kinda goony.

    Oops - foul committed, even in limerick form is still a foul...
    there goes my OSU sweatshirt (it's not even 70 here today...)


  45. Strip steaks going in the bourbon marinade...

    I'm also planning veggie kebobs, a salad, and sweet potato wedges. Dessert is fresh fruit, served by teh Banderas (he volunteered!).

    Back to the hammock...

    Work is for tomorrow!

    (Oops, does that count as shop talk? Well, I don't need this apron anyway...)

  46. With you on wearing that sweatshirt deb [or not]... I am waiting for the temperature to rise as close to 70 as it can, since I have to mow the lawn.

    Teh Clooney can't do it, because he's painting lots of folks' toenails

  47. Honestly, teh Clooney does nothing for me either.

    ENjoying a nice stat day here--it is the Victoria Day weekend in Canada. Especially welcome since I was awakened with a splitting headache at 4:15 and never really got back to sleep.

  48. I wish teh Clooney would bring me lunch right about now. I'm starving! Where're the chips and salsa? Can I have a margarita at 2.30 in the afternoon?

  49. Teh Clooney should take a break from painting toes and bring some good grub to us hungry folks.

    Teri - Margaritas at 2:30 are definitely okay at this party.

    Teh Clooeny - I'll mine with some chips and cheese dip. Thanks!

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Well, my company is gone so Teh Clooney can have the guest room. I'm up for any food/beverage that isn't good for me. Send it all my way. I do have leftover cookies from the company, and some French Vanilla ice cream. Ice cream sandwiches, anyone? (It's way more than 70 degrees here.)

  52. I hope teh Clooney is good with kids, 'cause I'm gonna let him babysit while I come join the girls for margaritas (on the rocks, please).

    I'm with teh Banderas club, Clooney just isn't the one for me.

    Teri- Allan Jackson and Jimmy buffet wrote an awesome song called, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere." Cheers!

  53. Soooo ... what is Victoria Day? And can a Texan celebrate it? With or without teh Clooney, teh Banderas, teh Helen Hunt or teh heart-throb of one's choice?

  54. See how many of you are having to share teh Clooney? Well, Mary Beth and I will be having teh Cloonster with us when we have our meet up at the beach - with the sand between our toes, and a froo froo drink with the umbrella served by teh MAN himself, offering his beachside services with the suntan lotion to boot.
    Eat your heart out homies.
    And we won't talk shop talk either.. since we will only have our bathing suits on... well, maybe we will.
    (Shhhh don't tell Mary Beth, it's a surprise).

  55. Mmmm...peppermint lotion on the feet is so nice. And the flaming sish kabobs..WOW!

  56. I've been running around so frantically today that even though I knew teh Clooney was waiting here, I just couldn't check in sooner...But does this mean the queue for pedicures has diminished, perchance?
    I have to confess that I really don't do margerhitas - could I have a dry martini instead, do you think? After all, not only am I not at the FoH, I'm not even in the right country AND my vicar is away so I'm being 2 clergy at once (both of whom, of course, need strong drink, pedicures and TEH CLOONEY @=_

  57. It's five o'clock somewhere. Where's the Mexican Bean dip? Is that teh Clooney I see by the pool mixing up the mojitos?

  58. teh Clooney is now barbequing at my place...He's very adept at grilling salmon...I'm taking a hammock next to RP... pass the beer please. Days off are Sweet!
    My kid is in charge of dishes tonight.

  59. Victoria Day is a holiday held on the Monday of or immediately befor May 24 (so generally the 3rd Monday in May). Originally it was a holiday to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria but since she has been dead for over a hundred years that has less meaning now. Basically it is an excuse for a stat holiday in MAy--and in Ontario it marks the beginning of walleye season.

    SO I doubt that a Texan would really be able to claim it. But then again we don't have a Memorial Day holiday next Monday.

    ANd by chance has 'teh Clooney' brought a female companion, say teh Witherspoon, to entertain the "pal" part of the ring? I could use someone to bring me food and drinks too.

  60. Gord, thank you for enlightening me as to the origins of Victoria day. If I cross the bridge or the tunnels into Canada, I'll pretend to be a yooper lookin' fer walleye, eh?
    If you'll share teh Witherspoon, I'll share teh Helen Hunt, teh Zeta-Jones

  61. I'll take teh Banderas please, and--what the heck, teh Zeta-Jones too. Ooh-la-la Zorro! And I'll need two lovely companions--one to massage the non-broken-toed foot and one to bring the snacks and the amaretto rocks.

    Way to go Singing Owl! I knew they'd have sense but how stressful to have to wait and have it confirmed.

    Sally asked me to preach at her place while I'm staying with her in England after my conference!! Woohoo! Now that's what I call the RevGal hostess with the mostest.

    Oops, there goes my dress, unless jewelry is a sacrifice acceptable unto WS (I'm not taking off the postop boot, nor the shoe protecting the other toe from a fracture, so there are no other options. Cause there's no need for outergear when you're in CA and confined to your comfy chair anyway). Well, that means the massage area can be easily extended....

  62. Jewelry is acceptable. Pace yourself ml, it's only Monday!

    All of teh celebrities are welcome as this is an all inclusive party. Hey according to Singing Owl, even the shish-kebobs are gay!

    Gord did you get your food and drink? That thing you just placed your drink on is a fridge filled with more.

    Kathryn did you find the hard core wet bar over by the whirlpool. Just be sure to drink plenty of water as well.

    If anyone needs me I am hanging out with QG and Dr. McDreamy chowing down on Mexican and listening to the Alan Jackson concert. So sweet of him to drop by.

  63. Ok. What a teh party going on here. Been busy all day with MIL and family of seven (trying new phrase other than "refugees"...or maybe wonderful fam of seven...). MIL had Dr appt, which of course takes all day and I won't bore with details. And family of seven needed things to do. Should have seen the look of delight and smiles when we showed up with thing our kids have outgrown: scooters (ordinary kick kind, not battery), and soccer balls ("football") and tennis balls with rackets, and sidewalk chalk. It was like a little piece of heaven, those smiles and laughs of delight. sigh. just too sweet.

    Anyway, life is very busy. Not much time here for pedicures with teh clooney nor banderas....sigh...

    but tonight we had Thai food (yum, curry chicken, yum...and a glass of chilled white wine).

    Big question. tomorrow I have a hair appt. I've let my hair go mostly gray and growing out long. Now I'm thinking of coloring it..and still letting it grwo a bit (yes typo ala our patry)....what do you think? Color after going grey or leave it???

    I mean once you color you are stuck with it...or heavy root lines. But then again...grey???

    sigh. yes, I know. what a party person I am...woohoo color or no?? woohoo???

    Maybe that's my version of what is left on or taken off??? hum. may work for those of us 50 and over...?

  64. Oh. And SO, YEESS. So glad to hear teh nwes...

  65. Mompriest, I was 55 when I decided to let it all go...have regretted it once or twice, but won't go back to dark because the growing out was a horrendous process. How do you look with gray hair?

  66. SO. I think it looks ok. Maybe I am just bored? Or maybe, since I've tried finding a new job with the "mature" grey look (and not been too successful) I am now thinking I will try with another look. (OK. I know it is not about looks....just wondering...)...

  67. MomPriest, don't go gray until you're good and ready. That's my take.

    Sorry for the delay in dinner--but no one seems to have noticed.

    And it wasn't teh Banderas that delayed me either...(sly smile).

    So--bourbon marinated steaks, veggie kebobs and salad. I'm afraid the sweet potato wedges were unsalvagable.

    Whose turn is it for dishes?

    And someone pass me a Coke. Enough alcohol for today...Don't need it now anyhow...

  68. Rbp: thanks. oh, and dinner sounds great! except I am so full from curry...and I'm now drinking water (my beverage of choice)...

    Ok. I did have a Rocky Road Ice Cream bar for dessert....with water.

  69. I'm not sure I'm up for teh naked partying. Does that make me teh naked party pooper?

  70. mompriest, I am painfully growing out my gray hair, heavy root line and all. It's a major triumph of will that I'm sticking with it. If you like your gray, I would not advise coloring it, unless you're prepared to cut it way short to expedite the re-graying process later. I didn't really have that option, because teh Clooney doesn't like teh short hair.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Oh so THAT'S what that big thing with the shelves and the light inside was ;)

    I have brought in some leftover ham from supper if anyone wants a sandwich. ANd there are some leftover minicupcakes I saved from the girls. Sorry but we finished up the chocolate cake yesterday (May is birthday month around here).

    NOw to make sure I am well hydrated so I don't wake up with a dehydration headache again tonight.

  73. Yes. teh clooney in this house doesn't care much for short hair either...but then again...he doesn't always get what he wants when it comes to my hair...sigh...he thinks it's "cute" now in its shaggy partially grown out state and lots of gray...

    isn't that sweet?

    so. maybe we'll compromise. longer and not gray? but then again. there are those roots...sigh...

    I guess I'll just have to wait and need see what I feel like when I get there and make a last minute decision...reddish? blondish? grayish???

    thanks for thoughts and sharing.

  74. OK, here's the thing. THe girls got bikes (with training wheels) for their birthdays. Very exciting.

    Yesterday mom put them together. NOw how do we explain that they need to push the pedals? THey had tricycle riding pretty much down. BUt they tend to sit on the bike and scream that they can't do it.
    I know, give it time, but any hints from those who have been ther, done that, bandaged teh skinned knees?

    PS: Is it really too much to ask that one could post a comment without having to entry the word verification more than once?

  75. teh clooney declares the word verification is going off for the duration of the party. Unless we get party spammers.

  76. Gord. It's been about 9 years since I last went through that transition, trikes to bikes...but it seems to me I had to ride my bike and show them what I was doing, or (yeesh) try to ride theirs and show them. Kids are just so literal minded, unable to "generalize" and therefore they can't transfer data from one experience to another (until they are older).

    So. try riding and showing. I think I even may have pushed the pedals with my hands to make the wheels go? (Can you just visualize that...grown woman on knees pushing bike pedals with hands, while child cries, "I can't do it..."...) Gosh. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

    But truth is. They do figure it out.

  77. Naked partying? I just got rid of my cute jacket is all. No more shop talk from me, cause I don't wanna take off anything more.

    Except I'm gonna go find my sweetie and hit the hay. See y'all tomorrow. I hope it is warm so I can jump in the pool.

  78. "teh Clooney"? how about teh Connery or teh Ford (as in Harrison)??? I have fresh baked cupcakes (ok they were baked by a friend-- but they are still good1) and some fresh coffee....There is a scene in Robin and Marian where Mr. Teh Conner hops (leaps?) down from a tree and there is a nano second of his beautiful kidding, rent the movie and check it out. He just gets better the older he gets (am I dating myself-- well too bad). G

  79. Can we put teh clooney in a roman collar and a cassock and call him "Fr. What-A-Waste"?

    love it :)

    as for grey - well I decided to go for it - and it was horrid for a while (about 4 months) while the grey took over.

    then I took a breath got the dark bits mostly cut off and have never looked back

    my only regret is that I didn't just let nature take its course way back

    My hair is in much better condition, short is so easy to take care of (I sort of shake my head in the morning and that's it) and no chemicals poisoning my body. That's the best of all

    I do look older - but hey I'm 47 and mother of a 17 and 15 year old - I'm supposed to look a bit distinguished.


    that's what teh Clooney says anyway. He likes how I look. I heard him tell someone by the pool - mind you he's been so busy painting other women's nails that I'm feeling just a tad neglected.

    Time for a swim I think ... and start working on my tan. (They can't do that you know where!)

  80. G'morning.

    Sure was nice of the Oompa-Loompa's to stop by and clean up. We've got a long week of hanging out ahead of us so today the massage tables are set up underneath the tents over there along the beach.

    Up here by the pool and hot tubs there are foot massages, pedis & manicures. A little later some of our favorite vendors are going to stop by with their 50% off group rates so get ready to indulge and buy those shoes you always wanted.

    Don't forget to tell us about them!

  81. I thought that since teh Clooney and teh Banderas were so busy yesterday, I'd bring teh Craig by, (as in teh Daniel Craig, as in Bond hasn't looked this good since teh young connery, only edgier, more muscular, and less smarmy. He is giving massages next to the hot tub, and will refill your drink.

  82. I'm signing up for a massage, pedicure and manicure. The whole works. And. I'll take a cold iced tea with a hint of peach and lots of ice. Wow. and I don't care if these are done by teh clooney, teh banderas, teh connery (I know a dental hygenist who used to clean his teeth...), or anyone else...

  83. I'm sure glad songbird took the blinders off, I almost missed the party with teh Clooney!

  84. This is AMAZING! One pedicure from teh Clooney and I miraculously lost 50 pounds! Lorna, he likes my hair too. He must like mature but classy women, huh? So I am leaving the party for a bit to buy a new, bright red swimsuit, and then I'll join you for a bit of sun. Can't wait for the shoe vendors.

  85. Aah, massage. Sounds nice. Could teh Somebody (as long as he's good-looking, I'm not particular!) bring me cold drinks with crushed ice all afternoon? I'll be in the hammock, napping. This bun in the oven is kicking my behind today. (yes, you heard it here first. Bun in oven. 10.5 weeks, prayers much appreciated)

    And muchas gracias for the no word verification on this party!

  86. Esperanza, wonderful!! You rest in that's where I spent most of yesterday.

    Off for a new suit! Yes, that's it. (Can't mention you-know-what) Singing Owl, wait for me!

    Then it will be lounge in the sun time.

  87. Oh, and if kd lang wanders in--I gave her directions--tell her I'll be right back. Don't let her leave, k?


  88. Somewhere someone mentioned Margaritas in this fest. If there are going to be both Margaritas and teh clooney then I am in!

  89. can boykitties come to the party? I get left behind all the time.

  90. Esperanza congrats!!!!

    GLad to see that the party is going strong. Unfortunately I need to go and work [blah] but I shall return!

  91. Boy am I out of it. I went away for awhile and took a nap and everything is buzzing. Teh Clooney just tapped me on the shoulder and woke me up.

    I need to sign up for some of those manicures and pedicures.

    Pass the margaritas and chips...

    Am I getting a suntan?

    Do you like my sunglasses?

  92. Wow, I am so unmotivated today. Nothing to do with the party, fun as it is. I just can't get myself moving on the order of worship--oops.

    There go the earrings.

    Oh, and there's teh kd coming in...

    'Scuse me, will you...? I really should show her around. That I'm motivated for today.

  93. Esperanza - FUN NEWS!
    Gord, you mentioned the 'w' word. I'm just sayin'.

    Gals & Pals the vendors are here! Over in the sporting goods I am picking up a new racquetball racket and softball cleats. In the book section non-work related books that I will enjoy are magically jumping into my cart, because I am too tired to try and figure out what I will like.

    Since things are 50% off I am going to pick out some Ann Taylor stuff and some cute summer sandaly looking things with a bit of a heel (but not 3" like my last pair).

    What are you shopping for?

  94. This is probably work related, so I will remove my flip flops as penance. But it's actually getting out of work...I just agreed for our church to be a neutral pulpit for a visiting candidate at another congregation THIS Sunday. So no writing sermon for me this week. I have much more time to shop, er...nap!

  95. ooh, it's my turn for a massage--thanks to teh clooney!

    good thing, cuz I'm kinda hungry and it's not good to eat right before a massage.

    but once that massage is done, i'm having indian. anyone else want some?

    Big news here: David LaMotte is going to play a concert and do a workshop here at my church--ON MY BIRTHDAY! So exciting. woohoo!

  96. After a delicious lunch of Thai green curry with chicken and a cold diet coke I am heading over to see how the carpet installer is coming along. We have a new room we are dedicating this Sunday and I have a dedication service to write...(ok, off come the earrings)...and

    my hair is no longer gray. its I look like my mother, may she rest in peace....

    teh clooney said, Hair looks nice. (I think he's just learned to say that no matter what)...

    Esperanza, good news!

    and littlemankitty, come join us! just watch the waves, and sand can get hot on little paws...

    I'll be back to party later.

  97. esperanza - I actually BEGGED for one of those and have it coming 6/17. Yeah!

  98. congrats EZ. You are RM can compare notes :)

    singing owl - did you bring me back a snazzy red swimsuit too

    I mean skinny dipping is ok for some ... but not for us elegant erm mature 'uns.

    Diane your shades are perfect ... can I borrow them while you swim? Thanks you are a real pal.

    And look there's room in the hammock for me too - if Ez just shuffles up a bit.

    Lovely :)

    Ho hum! I do think it's time we called for the show to begin- once we're all settled with our margheritas.

    barbequed chicken anyone?

  99. oh and those of you who are being boring and talking about pulpit swapping and other w-related things - do please take off another item of apparal and SHUT up!

    Really - since we're left behind we have to take advantage of it - and really it's time to take in the sun!

    "Turn up the music will you teh Clooney that's a good chap. Thanks."

  100. poor George, he keeps telling us his first name, but we keep calling him "teh"

    I will allow RP to monopolize "absolute torch and twang" kd lang ... since I am monopolizing Melissa Etheridge

    Where, by the way, did Helen Hunt slip off to ...?

  101. Actually, RDQ, it's "Drag" kd lang. Later tonight she's going to be singing "The Air That I Breathe." Guaranteed to melt get comfy with your chosen "teh."

    And yes, she's singing to me. In my snazzy new red suit. Great idea, SO.

    Until then, it's Jimmy Buffett...

    "We are the people our parents warned us about..."

  102. I keep on seeing "left behind" and I keep on thinking...what's wrong with the "right behind" -- not being cheeky or anything, but I bet teh Clooney looks fine from any angle.

  103. cathy - lol

    rdq - I'm not positive but from her reputation I am guessing Helen Hunt is the one over in the kitchen that everyone in there is doing it wrong!

    What did you all buy from the vendors?

  104. hehe, Cathy! That's funny too because I keep seeing "left behind" and thinking of those bumper stickers that say things like "in case of rapture this car will be unmanned" or whatever, and wondering where I can get one that says "in case of rapture, I'm taking YOUR car."

    Speaking of "teh"--what about Taye? Has anyone seen him? I would like to. soon, please.

  105. oh, and thank you Jesus (or SB) for turning on word verification!!! You are my hero.

  106. Just checking in from the Fest of Homies.
    Cheese, Inner Dorothy and I are whooping it up. I'm talking buttercream icing on Italian cream cake.

    Thank goodness Cheese put us in a good hotel. I think we are safe.

    BBT, AFC, Tom Long and W. Brueggeman were great. Craddock tomorrow.

    'teh Clooney called from your party. bored. out. of. his. mind.

    He'll be here this evening with his pals Bandaras, Olberman and Anderson Cooper who gets all flushy when he sees Inner Dorothy.

    Love, ST. Casserole

  107. Teh Clooney does nothing for me, and obviously he's booked. Sheesh, what a crowd. The poor man can barely keep up and he's obviously exhausted by this time. Happily, teh Firth, teh Rickman, teh Laurie, teh Gruffud, and teh Krumholtz are available to attend to my every need. The party's just getting started for me. I am surrounded and life is looking real good from here.

  108. Well, aren't we lucky we get to peek on on your party?

    Saw teh Clooney here. Don't know why y'all are telling fibs about him being there.

    I have redeemed myself from what shall henceforth be known as "The Birmingham Incident." Our hotel is lovely. As a special bonus, Casserole left her coffee maker at home.

    On the other hand, I did flash my patootie to half of Nashville last night in what can only be called "The Monroe Moment", so there you have it. Casserole and Inner Dorothy refuse to let me forget it. I have been told to include the tidbit that I was NOT wearing my RGBP thong at the time of said patootie flashing. (You should not read that to mean that I was going commando.)

  109. well Cheesehead was it your "left behind" or your right?

    and I want to see pictures of you all with teh Clooney

  110. Not sure that Cheese made it clear that she showed her entire undergarment/foundational clothing base to the Homie Festival crowd ON THE WAY TO WORSHIP. For many, it was the highlight of the evening.

    I'm proud that she kept on walking while trying to keep her skirt down. That girl is a trooper!

    If you respond to our party crashing, we may not be able to respond in return. Our laptops are at home because we are being HOLY and SERIOUS. We are blogging here because Inner Dorothy knows the location of every internet cafe in a five mile radius of downtown Nashville.

    While I miss all of you, I am having a good time and able to enjoy being away from home with the cutest girls in the world (except for all you cute girls LEFT BEHIND)

    In the words of the prophet, NANNY NANNY BOO BOO.

    St. C

  111. Gee, St. Casserole, it sounds like you miss us!
    And esperanza, where is your blog? You need one right this minute!

  112. I think St. Cassie should have to remove part of her attire for talking about being serious and HOLY. Check her attire out at:

    didn't feel like creating a link. What shall it be?

  113. Obviously the FoH is not as interesting as this party, judging by those who are crashing it...

    Yes WS I did use the w word. BUt in my defence I did so begrudgingly and was in fact sitting in my office at the church at the time. HOwever, I will gladly remove my socks so as to enjoy the sand between my toes (Besides it is a humidex of 30C -86F- here today).

    NOw has there been entertainment booked for this party? ANd when does the show start?

  114. Ah, songbird, maybe someday. I can't quite get over the shyness, or the inertia, or something. What if I'm boring? What if I run out of things to say in a week? Do I go anonymous or not? And one more new thing in my life right at the moment (in addition to baby and new job) might just send me over the edge...but thanks. And maybe someday. For today, I'm lounging in the hammock.

  115. Hey, I didn't know the party went on all week. That diminishes my guilt a little about the late post today which shall be nameless since that would be the w word. And on a day when I forgot my sub assignment you can bet there's no jewelry, so I'd better be careful.

    Nother drink, please?

  116. RED hair? Oooh, nice, Mompriest! And speaking of red, Diane sweetie, you better come out of the sun. I think you are getting sunburnt.

    Speaking of red, don't RP and I look smashing in our cute red swimming suits? Lorna, I did buy myself another one, in turquoise, and if you like you may borrow that one.

    Hey, scoot over so I can find a seat for the show! I like to be near the front! Do we get to sing?

    Congratulations, Esperanza!

  117. I forgot to say that I bought earrings from the vendors. BIG HONKIN' earrings are back in style! Woo Hoo....there was a great selection. And some bangle bracelets to go with the earrings. No dainty little expensive numbers. Not this time. It's all about color. I'm wearing the loopy red pair that match my new suit, and some cute little red strappy sandles too.

  118. Our red suits are quite the thing, SO!!

    (The others are jealous, but they're not saying so)

    Love the earrings. I picked up this great and white--goes well with the suit. Both teh Banderas and teh kd say so.

    Had beer and burgers next door for dinner...with yogurt and pineapple for dessert. Feeling virtuous now--I had yogurt today.

    kd just whispered in my ear that the show will start in about an hour, so you have time to grab some more dinner or another drink if you like (in the tall boxy thing with a light inside, Gord).

  119. cheesehead, st. casserole and other FoH's - get. thee. gone.

    teri - my favorite bumper sticker EVER (I had to pull over I was so stunned) - "When the rapture comes, you'll wish you had a Jesus bumper sticker too."

    The best part? It was on the back of Hummer.

  120. And teh clooney, I see you are going to be on GMA tomorrow morning so before you leave could you be a dear and get me a non-alcoholic margarita (I guess that's basically a slushy).

  121. Hey, guess whom I invited to our party to share my hammock and fetch my drinks ...

    teh Laila Ali!

    My, my, it's getting warm in here.

    Maybe she'll mambo with me ...

  122. Who else is up for an early swim?

    C'mon, someone else must be awake...

    Guess I'll have some yogurt and read the the pool...with teh kd.

  123. Here I am rp, the pool is great. Now I'm headed for a walk on the beach while taking deep breathes of healing, salty air.

    I brought some of my favorite stuff to do that I never have enough time to do.

    How about all of you?
    What is your favorite hobby?

  124. WS, a walk is a great idea. May I join you?

    I'm going to indulge in reading today. Instead of twenty minutes or half-an-hour squeezed in here and there, I'm going to spend hours at it today. Teh kd promises a constant supply of beverages, snacks, foot rubs, etc.

    Later I just might garden. Weeding is very therapeutic.

  125. I am barefoot all week. But I don't plan to say the W word so that's all yer gettin'.

    Mmm, favorite hobbies are reading incessantly, knitting (sometimes), pulling big weeds out of damp ground, playing with small furry white dogs. Going to beach. Fishing. Sitting in the sun (which is different from "laying out, pah).
    Reading about all this dissipation! at home last evening we toasted the Left Behind party with Sol and Corona beers. My DH has no idea what we were toasting, but didn't care either.

    Happy Wednesday! My son is 18 today so we are going out to dinner (unless he gets a better offer!!)


  126. ooh, a day to do things we don't get to do often! I started my day with an episode of Angel. There's more where that came from, and Buffy too, and Pride and Prejudice, and the Elizabeth I miniseries..yeah. bring it on. In between episodes I think I'll be reading. Good times!

  127. Trying to distract kd from RP but, alas, no luck ...

    Teh Laila Ali wanted me to rub HER feet for some reason, so we've agreed to a parting of ways.

    Whom can I recruit to peel me a grape while I read mystery novels and catch up on those movies I never watch? Who will bring me ice cold tomato-beers as I finish digging up a new flower bed? Who will cycle with me, fish with me, walk with me?

    Here's a real mark of service: who will fetch my books in the genealogy library?

  128. But I have to WORK today.

    Work, work, work, work!

    I'm going to go shower now ...

  129. Well played, rdq. Well played!

  130. Ok. If I posted about what I have been doing all day I'd be wearing nothing, and that would be a sorry sight. So. I'm not saying anything. But I hope to join you all on the beach with a good book and a tall iced tea soon.

    My hobbies: reading. knitting. listening to music. and I love to walk in the mountains and woods. But a beach is nice too!

  131. RP here--blogger won't let me in on my account--

    Sorry, RDQ...she says it is my red hair and blue eyes...I knew that hair colour job was worth every cent!

    I've got the mid-afternoon sleepies, so am combatting them with a DJ friend's mix of house music..."Head Over Heels," anyone?

    Yes, dancing is one my hobbies, too.

  132. I saw Teh Clooney and a whole gang of idle, good looking men on Good Morning America this morning. They said they were all coming to our party.

    I too am of the incessant reader category--but for hobby, I prefer the trashy novel genre. No brain power required.

    I got some crushed ice from Sonic that I'm adding to the bar.

  133. okay, I SO NEED this party right now! and that beach house WS is rustling up from somewhere.

    I'm taking off my shoes and jewelry as I say this: If I get one more email from the two peskiest church members ever, telling me that our church is "rigid, angry, stubborn, forceful, political, frustrated, desperate, tired, weary, lonely, sad and afraid" and that we are more afraid of change than the other churches in town--AFTER our incredible worship services this past weekend in which we used overflow rooms and had incredible music and 20 amazing youth confirmed--then I am seriously just going to leave and have some real margaritas at my favorite restaurant....and never come back to this office.

    I think I need to take off my other clothes too, switch into my adorable red string bikini (in spite of all the ice cream I've eaten the past few weeks--I'm comfortable with myself!), slip into the pool, then get myself a tan. skin cancer? never heard of it.

    sorry...but thanks for the venting. all done now!

  134. This just in:

    Early this morning in Nashville a scream could be heard in the Sheraton Hotel:

    "Teh Clooney! Teh Clooney! On my TV!!!"

    St Casserole popped her head in from the solarium and shouted, "George! Get down from there before you hurt yourself!"

    Teh excitement could be heard five floors up where Inner Dorothy was getting dressed.

    Also: a certain famous southern gentleman preacher could be seen chatting up and having his picture taken with three matriarchs. Cheesehead could see the top of his head. Does that tell you who it was?

  135. reading ... anything (non w-related) will do

    time for a book swap anyone?

  136. Teri, your letter writers sound like the world's biggest poots.

    I'm glad you are at the party in that bikini and hope you will be having a BIG TIME.

    I just started the pots for a crab boil so y'all get ready for some real good food!

  137. OOh MaryBeth CRABS!! I have missed real seafood. I am so there. Cracker, mallet and pick in hand...

    I'll melt the butter.

  138. Hey! How come the un-left-behind are crashing our party????? It seems sort of insensitive, you know.

  139. PPB - I agree and have been counting every word typed by those who are pretending to be happy in Nashville, but really crave to be with us. They will pay - per word - in a very painful way.

    Sign me up for the crab boil!

  140. Alright, tomorrow is Friday so it is time to rev this thing back up!

    But first... a nap.

    Then - crab boil!

  141. I brought vegetarian snacks to add to our crab boil! veggie burgers, soy chips (in barbeque flavor--taste like Lays only healthy!), and homemade fruit smoothies with blueberries, strawberries, apples, and bananas. God love my juicer....

    bring on the margaritas! It's practically friday!!

  142. Hey by my count it IS Friday---somewhere anyway.

    Now enough with the seafood and healthy vegetarian fare. Where is teh surf part of surf and turf? And of course the chocolate. Oh and I'll have a drink,maybe an iced tea of sorts...

    ANd is teh Zeta-Jones stilll around somewhere?

  143. It's Friday in Australia! And even lunchtime there (from where I sit)--

    So PARTY!

    Like it's Sydney, or Melbourne, or Darwin, or something.

    Ahh, crabs.

    (This is one happy RP...crabs, teh kd, Friday, pina colada, pool....)

  144. Ooh Gord, with you on the chocolate. And I'm reserving the hammock for Friday.

  145. I thought of y'all first thing this morning. The radio station I listen to told a story that sometime earlier this week (perhaps on a break from this party?) Teh Clooney himself auctioned off a kiss for AIDS research. The result? Two married women each paid 300, 000 buckeroonis for a clooney kiss.

    Will? Tell me you didn't auction off the church for this.

  146. The never-ending buffet has been set up and I think if you look you will see anything you could possible want.

    None of those pesky, needy celebrities around to take our focus away from the party at hand. So enjoy one last day of relaxation and food and fun and let me know what fantasy location you would like us to party in next year!

  147. I suggest this party include a viewing of a 30 year old movie. See my post about it here

    May teh party be with you!

  148. Great idea, Gord. I'm reading The Gospel and Science Fiction, with an eye towards a summer study, even as we speak...

    Oops. That was the w word, wasn't it?

    Off go the flip flops.

    Peach iced tea, anyone?

  149. WS, consider yourself peached...

    What I got done today: my hair cut and coloured; banking; post office; tons of non-w emails. Laundry. four phone conversations I needed to have. 2 instant message conversations I wanted to have.

    What I didn't get done: some w. 1 instant message conversation I wanted to have.

    Yep, it's Friday.

    (Does not getting w done count as w? If so, I'm removing my earrings)

  150. Great party all! Hope you got some time to at least cyber relax as we pick up our stuff and head off to the preacher party where the 'w' word will be mentioned without penalty.



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