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Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet: Outlined Edition

Alright, for those of you who like to know the schedule, here is the outline for this post:

I. Meet
the nun thing
waiting for the day
Bowling with the Champs.

II. Greet
Quotidian Grace


the nun thing: which would more accurately be called "the sister thing" or my journey and ramblings about possible vocation to life as a religious sister. Written by Sarah who says, "Ah, the 'nun thing'... it's such a benign sounding phrase. I'm joining the nuns. Well, maybe... unless I change my mind. unless I realise I really did lose my mind. unless the nuns won't have me. unless it starts to feel less 'right'. unless I realise I can't. So, this is my journey. My blessed, maddening, daggy, odd, sacred, loved and bizarre journey."

Other descriptors in just her first few posts include: wise, powerful and weird.

waiting for the day: The ho-hum everyday life of someone trying to follow God in the way of Jesus and make a difference in the world. Here is more from the Mollinator, "I'm a follower of Jesus and a child of God. I am also a mom of a 8 year old tornado named Ursula, and a family and youth minister. I am a lay Marianist, trying to live out community, hospitality, prayer, rejoicing, and pondering. I am a native Texan, and really isn't that more than enough?"

I think I spotted a few celebrities and NOW I know what Mondays are for - thanks!

OPreach: OPreach needs to OPost so we can get to know her better. Hop on over and give her some encouragement!

Bowling with the Champs.: The life and times of Carey -- adventures less than those of Davy Crockett, but more exciting than Laura Bush's sex life. Carey fills us in, "Once, on The Next Big Thing, they did a story, titled, “Thirty Second Biography.” Here’s mine – St. Louis (as in Missouri), Watertown (as in Wisconsin), Valparaiso (as in University), Chicago, Boone (as in North Carolina), Chicago, Watertown, Ann Arbor… "

Who knew one could get so upset when ice cream is involved?

1) Got blog? (where do you blog) - Quotidian Grace

2) What are your favorite non-revgalblogpal blogs?
Skewed View (Spooky Rach), Truth in Love Network (Will Spotts), Kruse Kronicle, A Classical Presbyterian, Gruntled Center, Reformed Angler.

3) What gives you joy?
God. Singing. Reading. Chocolate. Red Wine. Margaritas. Good friends.

4) What is your favorite sound?
Handel’s Messiah

5) What do you hope to hear once you reach the pearly gates?
My father’s voice.

6) You have up to 15 words: what would you put on your tombstone?
Well done, good and faithful servant, mother and wife.

7) What color do you prefer your pen?

8) What magazines do you subscribe to?
Presbyterians Today, The Layman, Presbyterian Outlook, Christian Century, Forbes, Paula Deen Cooking.

9) Why are you cool?
Because my daughters’ twenty-something friends have told them that I’m “hot”

10) What is one of your favorite memories?
Very recent memory — my daughter’s wedding
A couple of years ago — the Lessons and Carols service at Sewanee
Childhood — family Christmas dinners and singing

Coming up in just two weeks the Revgalbookpals will be leading a discussion on Velvet Elvis. Our host will be reverend mother. Click on the 'Velvet Elvis' link or the one in the sidebar in order to order your copy from our Amazon store.

Questions discussed may or may not include:

How come the book I ordered didn't look like this one?

Does the name 'Mars Hill' make anyone else hungry for a candy bar?
and of course...

Would Jesus have his photo printed in blue & white?


  1. And of course, WHY do all these Emergent guys have the same durn glasses?

  2. WS, what a wonderful way to start our Monday. So humurous too. MMM Mars Hill or bar or whatever it is.

    Good question reverndmother, and why do they have the same haircut and color? And why are they so intense?

    And welcome to the revgalblogpals ya'll.

    Quotidian Grace, a greeting to our "hot" revgalblogpal. Who knew?

  3. Hum. Eyeglasses? In seminary they all took the same course on vision?

    I look forward to spending this day, my day off, reading these new bloggers.

  4. lol - mompriest.

    You know for awhile I entertained the thought of putting my own pensive picture on the post, but then I snapped back to reality!

  5. I like the non-pensive photo of mom and child on the beach (ocean, of course). That's a true sense of vision for leadership in ministry...I mean motherhood.

  6. If we're asking WWJD on photos, I'm thinking my purple portrait probably doesn't pass muster either.

  7. SB, I've always found your warm smile in the purple "portrait" to be very welcoming...and that is what Jesus would do, I think....

  8. Pouts a little because he didn't make QG's list of favorite non-revgals bloggers.


  9. rev dave, there is always next week...

    ok. I'm posting way too much. best move on with my day...

  10. hmm, Mars Hill...mars bars...sadly, I like neither. both make me cringe.

  11. ps...I haven't read the book yet. working on it...

  12. love the questions. You made me laugh so much!

    Not sure if I will have time to get this book ... postage is so slow ... what is the next book btw?

  13. Unfortunately I can't help with the slow post, but I want to encourage anyone who hasn't read the book yet--it's a quick read.

    /anxious and worried that no one will attend my discussion

  14. Hey!!!
    Any choclate is good. Mars Hill makes me think of college in NC, close to "home."
    Loved the book. I really like the type set and format..easy read. Made me think lots thoguh!
    Welcoem all new RGBP!
    QG----we all knew you were a hottie fro mthe very beginning!
    Almost time for Festival of Homies!
    Can't wait. Are we gonna meet up somewher?
    Tom Long and BBT on the same night!!!!

  15. reverendmother, I'm planning on being there. Have the book and everything.

  16. Dear Rev Dave--

    I actually answered these questions last FALL which was BEFORE you launched Moose Poop on the Lawn. If I were answering it today, you'd definitely be on the list. Or at least get honorable mention for "wittiest commenter"!


  17. If you want to know the upcoming book, look in the sidebar! Then click through to our Amazon store.

  18. Can I just say that nobody rocks the Monday M&G quite like WS?

    Excellent! A party from start to finish.

  19. QG:

    I predict a comment soon from my lovely wife ( asking ya'all not to encourage me too much.

    Ya'all only have to put up with me sporadically, she, poor dear, has to put up with me full-time.

  20. Just to back up QG - she is right, I held onto the surveys due to timing issues so rev dave you were not up and running yet.

    Glad you all enjoyed it. I am off to get my hair cut all emergent-like and find some hip, but studious glasses.

  21. I have the hip, studious glasses.

    They ain't all that...

  22. I got the book, I'll be there. I'm looking forward to the discussion. I don't have the cool glasses (I believe mine are called "progressive lenses"). I actually wanted to get those cool colorful reading glasses but my optometrist said, "those won't work for you."

  23. reverend mother, I plan to be there.

    And 1-4 Grace I will be there. Yes, we will have a meet up. Email me at, and I'll email you my details.

  24. Should we start a Festival of Homiletics thread?

    The lovely Kimerberly and I will be there as well.

  25. As I recall there was quite a party thread during the last Festival of Homies. Things got a bit out of hand around here!

  26. Dave, I'll look for you and your lovely Kimberly.

    I'm tall. I wear awesome shoes and hip, studious glasses. Look for me.

  27. I remember (as one might 'remember' the decade of the 1960's) the rockin' party we had last year while the matriarchs were at the festival. Will Smama, you planning on hosting again this year?

  28. shhh, jwd - my parents still do not know about that party.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Sorry about the previous oops . . .

    Meeting up at FOH would be fun. Rev Dave and I are up for it. Maybe we can be the "cool table." Which would be a first for me, actually.

  31. RevGals (and Guys) are ALWAYS the cool table!

  32. ordered the book - will be at FoH - Finals this week!!

  33. "As I recall there was quite a party thread during the last Festival of Homies. Things got a bit out of hand around here!"

    Really? I don't remember that! Surely not.

    Oh and RM I found the most amazing quote from V Elvis ...

    and including it in my doctrine paper. Can you guess what it might be. Seems I'll have to order the book afterall. So cross with myself that I didnt' remember this earlier when I ordered books for seminary from Amazon. Grrr

  34. Wow... I think 33 comments (now 34) might be a record for Monday Meet n' Greet. And here I was worried that its length would scare people away.

    No FoH for me so for all of us who are left behind stay tuned for the password to the party.

  35. St Cass and I will be peeking in on y'all next week. Behave now, y'hear?


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