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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Prayer

As always, this is cross-posted over at my place.

Gracious God, we thank you for this day and the beauty we may find in it. Even if this is a painful day and our hearts are grieving, you show us glimpses of holiness. A child’s hand reaching up to show us freshly picked dandelions, a smile from someone who cares, or an embrace from a loved all these, we see you, O God.

On this special day, we thank you God for the people around us who provide nurture and care and love. In every gesture of love and encouragement, we see a reflection of your grace shining in our lives. In thankfulness, we praise you, Mother God.

We pray for all whom we have named aloud and for those whose needs are known only to you. We ask your blessing and comfort for all who suffer this day. God, take them under your wing like the Mother hen nestles her chicks close to her. Bring solace and strength, and may the peace that only you can provide be shared by all your people, for we ask in the name of the One who came to show us the way, Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray together saying....


Don't forget the Wednesday Festival: it's easy! Anyone can play!

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