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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Musical Musings on the RGBP Front

It seems that there is a recurrent theme on Friday Five that runs through so many postings.

HEY! It's not Friday! It's Tuesday! That's ok, we are going to give a run on this and see if you all like it.

Anyway, back to the recurrent theme.... it seems that music seems to be an integral part of our lives - in our work and our leisure. Some of us sing in choirs, some of us are the ministers of music, while others of us make a joyful noise.

I have seen some folks who post on their blog the words to the hymns that speak to them -- others of you share what's in your IPod. We have such a diverse group of folks from so many traditions of the church that there are tons of types of music that you all find spiritually uplifting.

If you are a musician or really in tune with music (ahem that was a pun), you might even be interested in posting in our "Music Musings" (hmmm I like the name of that... I just thought of it). If you think it is something you would like to do, either post it in a comment or email and let us know where either your expertise lies or what you would like to delve into to share with us. We hope to have different themes of music from the earliest chant to contemporary music in the church. And... we know we don't always listen to sacred music - we can have months where we post other types of music too. We plan on this being a posting once a month, so let us know what you think.

What music do you have right now in your CD player, whether it be in your car or home or work that is a favorite of yours? If you post a favorite CD --- we'll put it in the Amazon Store - maybe someone else will want that CD also.

So, I share with you the CD that is one of my favorites and one that I posted on my blog recently. Maddy Prior, who also sang with Steeleye Span, has a Cd that I really like because of its earthy, upbeat folksy sound of the 18th and 19th century hymns. It's unlike any other rendition of hymns I have heard. I. LOVE. WALKING. TO. THIS. CD. Sing Lustily and with Good Courage, which is quoted from John Wesley, is the name of the CD. Accompanied by lute, recorder, violin, clarinet, guitar and tabor, the hymns are sung more in the style of someone singing them in a Irish pub with a festive kick to them. If this doesn't get your toe to moving and put a little lilt in your step, I don't know what will.

My biggest regret for recommending this one is they don't have any exerpts of this CD that you can sample.

Let us know what CDs you find spiritually uplifting that is in your CD player or IPod Shuffle - we'll put it in our Amazon Music Room to share with others. If someone has a CD that you have, chime in and let them know!

And don't forget, if you want to be a poster on Musical Musings to share your knowledge in the music world, let us know!


  1. Well, I think I will add my latest find of music. I was listening to Karl Jenkins' Requiem on Vox on Xmradio and really liked the music I was hearing. I purchased The Journey: The Best of Adiemus - which is music of Carl Jenkins and is a collection of his music, including excerpts of his music - it has a Enya/African/New Age sound - how's that for inclusivity??

  2. I love Colleen Fulmer's music of the Christian feminine divine. Her latest, *Dancing Sophia's Circle* is in my car cd player. Her music and a lot more can be found at


    I would love to be part of Music Musings--interested in a variety of styles but especially those with expansive language and imagery.


    I don't know if you want to put them in Amazon, but just for fun I'll tell you that in my CD box in the car right now is the soundtrack from "O Brother Where Art Thou?" (I strongly recommend the movie as well as the soundtrack)--a mix of folksy, blugrass and beauty. Also you'll find Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Kathy Trocolli's CD of hymns (I don't know the name, dang it, but I love it)and Credence Clearwater Revival's Greatest Hits. ;-)

  4. Cathy! Wow--this is amazing! Yes, yes, amen--I want to be part of Musical Musings. Not sure in exactly what capacity or ummm...format, but my first bachelor's degree is in piano and organ performance, I spent a summer as a Tanglewood Fellow and I hold a diploma from the International Summeracademy for Organists in Haarlem. Currently I'm sharing an interim keyboard church musician position. I love most expressions of church music and I'm reasonably adept at playing just about every style. So let me know what I can do, ok? You can find my email on my blogger profile.

  5. I mentioned to my LH just the other day, ever wonder what minister's have playing in their car between pastoral visits?
    One of my favorite CD's (I'm not hip or techie enough for an ipod) is We Come Dancing (GIA) by Marty Haugen & Donna Pena. I know it's Advent, but I put it on any time of year.

  6. Right now I'm listening to Million Year Mind by Peter Mayer. It's folksy and down to earth and beautiful. Especially the track "Holy Now."

  7. Count me in! Though I'm classically trained, (Bachelors and Masters in Music) I have more contemporary stuff on my tunes at the moment. My artist du jour is Sara Groves. In fact, I just blogged about her today HERE!

    I've done everything from pre-Bach to rock, and some jazz too.


  8. I'm strictly an amateur in the best sense of the word, but I have over 30 years of music experience in bands, choirs and some solo work and I love sacred music of all kinds. I'll be checking in from time to time

  9. This is great, Cathy. I've already ordered that CD it looks so good! This feature could cost me....

  10. I love this idea and hope that it will be a resource to expand my sacred music "vocabulary" of listening. I love sacred music but tend to leave it in church. In my car I am mostly a secular music gal...but then I like artists that speak to issues of life and faith; Indigo Girls, the latest Dixie Chicks (ok not directly issues of faith, but its there), Neil Young's latest CD, U2...

    So, you all can point me in some new directions as I explore what you like and listen too...

  11. This is great! Not all of my music is "religous" ,but everythign i listne to offers some theology. So, there ya go.
    I curretnly have Dixie Chicks' Taking the Long Way in car. Theology is there.
    In my office I have Anonymous 4's American Angels. Absolutley great harmony on this!
    Oh and also ahve an energizer CD with a WIDE mix of tunes for the youth. If you are not familar with energizers, you are missing out!

  12. This is great! Such a mix of music and I, like Quotidian Grace, fear what this might do my pocketbook!

    I can't wait to get home to further explore the ones you ALL have mentioned and those of you interested in participating, I will be getting up with you.
    Keep the comments coming! Every time you all mention what you are listening to, it makes me think, oh yeah, and I have this I haven't listened to in a while!

  13. Great idea ... I'll definitely tune in ... and try not to spend too much money as a result -:) (I love almost all music)

    Having sung in several choral groups, and played my violin .. in earlier life .. I was raised on classical ... Also love Taize. My favorite "Christian" CD is Michael Card's "Joy in the Journey" ...
    Jazz is another favorite. Michael Franks is going to be at Jazz Alley 24th thru 27th of this month ... anyone interested in going with me?

  14. I'm such a baby in this, but I want in. I sang in my college's gospel choir, and it was an incredible experience. I'm an Episcopalian who was raised in part by Church of Christ-ers (not UCC, mind), and I love high mass but I MISS low church music sometimes. (The King Singers are a little ridiculous doing gospel.) Honestly, I've got a wide range-- made myself a mix CD of God music recently, and it was all over the spectrum.

    Ladysmith Black Mambazo is in my car, too. Nichole Nordeman is just a beautiful contemporary voice, and her song "Come" is stunning. Also, Renee Fleming's Sacred Arias... well, I'm not sure anything is better than Shubert's Ave Maria.

  15. Fun :)

    I'm listening to Michael W Smith's freedom.

    It's not his best and what I don't like is that the CD doesn't have the lyrics printed ... but it hits the spot right now.

  16. I love this idea!!

    As I type, I'm listening to kd lang's version of "Hallelujah". I'm going to be singing in a choir again starting this fall (Thanks be to God!) and I'd love to post about that.

  17. Opps!
    Forgot about my latest itunes download (well, besides the Bunny hop!). Anyhow, I am totally smitten with Foy Vance. Incredible voice and great music.
    Most of his stuff is not available here.
    But, myfavs are Homebird and Gabriel and the Vagabound.
    His stuff is only in the UK for most part. You ladies in England are in luck.

  18. There are so many of you that have music I am not familiar with - I feel like kid in a candy shop! I am going to get on these and see if I can listen to some exerpts.

    Singing Owl, I have heard on more than one occasion about O Brother Where art thou, so I believe I might need to add that to my collection, along with the movie!

    I especially love seeing some of you come forward with your expertise in different types of music. Could you imagine our music collections all together?

  19. Cathy wrote:
    Could you imagine our music collections all together?

    I figure a good part of eternity will be spending time learning each other's music. :)


  20. I looooove this idea.

    In my car CD right now is Rascal Flatts CD "Feels Like Today". I love them because no matter what kind of mood you're in, no matter what is going on in your life, they will life your spirits guaranteed. Plus, they are a country band made up of Christian men who joyfully profess their faith in their concerts and their recordings.

    And I also enjoy anything by J.S. Bach. Plus a bunch of others. In many genres.

    Add me on to the "broke by music list". Gotta go order that "O Brother Where Art Thou" now.

  21. Qui cantat bis orat - to sing is to pray twice (the ultimate in multi-tasking).

    Try Margaret Rizza's Fire of Love for meditation. Everyone who hears it in my car asks for it.

  22. Margaret Rizza is used alot in the Pray as you go Podcasts and I really like her. Glad to know there is a resource on this side of the pond!

    These suggestions are great and fun! I will add what I can to the store gradually!

  23. Manitoba (Canada)'s Steve Bell, for me. I am moved by a wide variety of music, from Bach to O Brother, Where Art Thou (and hey, Sacred Harp!), but I bring up Steve to add to a fine list. For those wondering what he sounds like, go to

  24. This looks like so much fun (and expense) already! I don't have any formal music training. I did sing in my college choir and I dabble with flute and mountain dulcimer. But I do know that between my hubby and I we have enough music in our ITunes library to listen for almost two weeks straight without repeating a song. He goes between Metallica and Bach without blinking and eye. I love most any sacred choral and Gaelic Storm. Now I'm going to be adding more for sure. Can't wait to check out some of your suggestions, and I second the "O Brother" and Anonymous Four recommendations.

  25. I enjoy O Brother too. I also am really enjoying DecembeRadio right now. They are great. I also have a lot of Jeremy Camp in my player too!

  26. Grand idea! I make a new playlist every 6 weeks or so... this round has a fair amount of Chris Tomlin and Todd Agnew. I also found a cool cover of U2 music by Christian Artists that was a fundraiser for Africa. Great stuff.

  27. Does it have to be Christian music? I just found the greatest CD of Acoustic guitar renditions of Henry Mancini tunes. I love acoustic guitar (slight prejudice as that is my husband's instrument). It's called Pink Guitar and the first cut is of course from "The Pink Panther." Also, "Baby Elephant Walk" is great.

  28. Also, check out Neil and Leandra. They are a folk duet from the midwest, and their harmonies are great, and lyrics quite thoughtful (and theological). I'll get some titles and check them out. There's a local outfit here in town called "Homestead Pickin' Parlor"; they specialize in folk, bluegrass, country and gospel. (Roots music if you will.) I'm an amateur, but love music, took tons of piano lessons and sang in choirs.

  29. Diane,

    I think Musical Musings will be open to MANY types of music. Though some of it may be focused on our faith and sacred, I think there is much music we find that we love that isn't considered "Christian".

    By the way, if you like acoustic guitar, are you familiar with Christopher Parkening(sp?) or Leo Kottke?

  30. I listen to lots of different types of music, but one of my favorite singers as of late is Sufjan Stevens. He's an indie/rock/folk kind of singer, and as a bonus, his very real and honest faith weaves its way through all his music. Just this year he released a 5 cd set of christmas song that were originally homemade Christmas gifts to family and friends. I get so tired of Christmas music by about December 5th, but his collection I could listen to all year long.

    Here's a link to his label:

  31. I'm not musically talented in the least but can't imagine life without music. Recently, songs that I've enjoyed include Michael W Smith's Healing Rain, Agnus Dei, and The Woinderful Cross, Rich Mullins' Sometimes by Stem, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo's medley of Amazing Grace/Nearer My God...

    Of course, there's tons of other stuff in my collection, too, which is often inspirational in different ways (hint: check out my profile).


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