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Monday, May 07, 2007

Meet n' Greet: EDITION 300!!!

I began my assignment last night and was impressed to read, "There is(are) 300 active member(s) in this ring." 3 - fireplacin' - hundred. SWEET!

Better get on to meeting the latest and greatest...

When I was a Boy:speaking the truth, even when my voice trembles a journal of a bisexual, bigendered, polyamorous, pagan, Christian, Hindu woman living in a very strange world. I am going to have to go back and read more to find out how you can be a few of those things at the same time. Seeking Chivalry played the most recent Friday Five and the post from Friday tells of doing the lamb sermon from last weekend's lectionary in a way that will make a lot of you jealous.

Quantum Theology: The musings of a Roman Catholic mother, theologian and quantum chemist. Michelle writes about herself, "I am a mother of two, spouse of one, professor of chemistry, and faithful Roman Catholic. I keep the Hours with the Augustinian community of my parish, and have completed much of the work for an MA in theology. This blog satisfies my itch to write."
I thought I was flat out not smart enough to comment on this blog - but kids are the great equalizer. Of course her kids are brilliant too.

Going to Graceland...: The thoughts of a preacher-- from day to day minutia, to thoughts on life and love. Here's a word from Kim, "I'm a 25 year old ball of fire, or at least I used to be until seminary sucked my brain out. That being said, I graduate May 19 and am seeking to discern God's will for the future. In my ...*spare*... time, I'm a chaplain at the United Methodist children's home. And yeah, I'm someone's beloved (and soon to be someone's intended...or so I'm told!)" In a brief glance I saw great reflections, a meme and almost more webrings than posts!

faith in community: It is my thoughts on ordinary life as a pastor and a person. small things make the different. Meet Diane Roth, "I'm a Lutheran pastor currently serving in suburban Minneapolis at a large congregation. Before that I served three small churches in rural South Dakota. Prior to becoming a pastor, I did time in the insurance industry, and was a missionary in Japan for three years. I am also wife to John, a classical guitarist and church musician, step-mom to grown-up Justin and Spencer, and adoptive mom to mixed breed golden retriever mutt Scout." She also hit last Friday's Five and her latest is on journaling as blogging.

the pastor's husband: Yeah, my wife is the pastor. You got a problem with that?
Fun posts and thoughts on what life is like with the stoll on the other neck.

Promise Land--Disney Land--Chaplain Land: Walking on a pilgrimage of faith and experiencing life with a labrador retriever and two cats, a wonderful family, and many friends. Chaplain Lydia also did the Friday Five. Her posts include reflections on being a prison chaplain.

The Ornery (pre) Postulant: The adventures of an aspiring Dominican Sister as I take the first steps in joining the convent. Technically I'll be known as a candidate, rather than a postulant (new terminology vs. old), but I thought the title rather clever as I lie sleepless one night thinking up other "meanings" for O.P.--the abbreviation for Dominicans. It stands for "Ordo Praedicatorum" or "Order of Preachers." I'm sure many of "my nuns" will agree about the "ornery" part! Another Friday Fiver - we are 're-welcoming' Natty!!!

Grace-thing: An Actress turned mom turned Episcopal priest wannabe. Spong, discernment and blog naming - she's been busy.

Be sure to take some time this week to cruise around and welcome these folks.

Peace, friends.


  1. Hey, will smama, it's not your husband, is it?

  2. No, his descriptions of her are decidedly too cool to be me.

  3. 300! Woot! Welcome to all the newcomers.

  4. So are we like "The 300" now?

  5. Oh, I hope it doesn't go on that long.

  6. sb, I more meant that George Clooney could be our leader.

  7. This is the coolest ring - RGBP just plain rocks. 300 has to be Biblically significant or sumpin.

  8. 300. How and when did that happen?
    Wow. If we are Ocean 300 will they make a movie about us?
    Welcome to the ring.

  9. I'll just add my dog's blog to the ring.


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