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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings: Mea Culpa Edition, Part Two

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful:
And kindle in them the fire of your love.

Send forth your Spirit, and they will be created:
And you will renew the face of the earth.

O God, who has taught the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant that in that same Spirit we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in Her consolation. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

This Sunday is Pentecost: culmination of the Easter season and birthday of the church. And the options are so many.

Will it be Acts, then Romans?

Or Genesis, then Acts?

Or John and the Last Discourse?

You can click here for some Holy Spirit and Pentecost art to help get your juices flowing. My favorite is Pentecost in Africa.

I'm not preaching this week, but was thrilled to accepted my first, (and undoubtedly last), subbing assignment so Cheesehead could enjoy an unplugged Festival of Homies. I was also excited to be graciously tutored in the intricacies of posting pictures by Michelle of Quantum Theology. (I.e. find the little photo icon on Blogger and click it). So I was going to post my photo of the lovely tongues of fire baldacchino over the altar at the National Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan.

I got all my links together and wanted to post last night, but was afraid of messing with the space time continuum. And then my life descended into utter happy confidential chaos and I woke up and completely forgot it was Tuesday, and I was on deck, till I was reminded by Songbird at 3 my time, 6 Eastern. So the fancy picture is out and I am posting with no further delay.

I hope that people are still out there and ready to chime in, and that teh Clooney party double post yesterday was some consolation for today's deprivation.

For these and all my other sins I am heartily sorry and ask pardon of God and penance and absolution of you...someone? anyone?

Can I keep my clothes on today, though?


  1. ooh I can be first- but then I'm off to bed it is 11:40pm here.... I am not preaching this week, but if I were it would be Acts then Romans... I love preaching at Pentecost, but took the day off to make sure I get the assignment deadline- I did post some pentecost thoughts yesterday though- come Holy Spirit come...

    Love the art work Laura thank you for the links :-)

  2. Thanks Sally! Sleep well. And enjoy the sort of day off.

  3. Thanks, Mother Laura, for filling in for Cheesehead!
    I'm using both the Ascension and Pentecost texts, since we did Easter 7 last week. We'll carry out the Christ candle, as suggested last week in this space, then bring in a red candle during the Pentecost reading. My theme for the sermon will be recognizing that as Christians we are participating not simply in an ethical system but in a spiritual experience involving power and love beyond our capacity to reason.

  4. I might have said this last week, SB, but I really like the red candle idea.

  5. I squeaked out of preaching this week, but I already had an idea, which I'm happy to share. Feel free to use, or discard, as you wish.

    I was going to use the Genesis (tower of Babel) and Acts texts. In Genesis, the people were building UP in order to get to God, but in Acts, God came DOWN to them. (you know, assuming you accept a pre-scientific age's concept of heaven as up and earth as down). Kind of a Holy Spirit-incarnational sermon is where I was going.

  6. I'm preaching from the Genesis passage. I have a lot to say about miscommunication in the world.

    Our pastor is out of town for his son's wedding. Half the congregation will probably be at the wedding, too. The other half will probably be away for the holiday weekend. I may end up preaching to just a few.

  7. We have two doors at the back of the choir loft, on either side of a stained glass window portraying the ascended Christ, so the Christ candle will go out one door, then the red candle come in the other.

  8. Today I totally know the feeling of 'brain full', worries. :)

    Not so much with the preaching but I got the very strong feeling Sunday at church of bing bereft, that Jesus had left and it almost felt like Lent again. And now, waiting for Pentecost, I sort of see how it is that I'm feeling this way...

  9. Genesis and Acts here. I am working with the idea of Language. I am struck that everyone could hear teh message in their own language. I wonder what that would mean for those who are listening today--especially those outside the church who don't know the churchy code.

    Check out my early thoughts

  10. Year of the Bible for me (only a few more months to go) but I am pulling in Pentecost too and fully intend on hijacking the red candle idea.

  11. I like the red candle idea, but would probably also preach on the Acts story, especially emphasizing that the spirit that came down was/is the spirit of the resurrected Jesus and his power.

    I might also connect with Genesis and the languages, talking about what "new languages" God might be using to bring us together.

  12. I love this prayer... an integral part of the Walk to Emmaus weekends...


    Alas. Us non-liturgical folks just have to listen in.


  13. I'm not preaching this Sunday. A week off while the Deacon takes a turn. I look forward to reading how you all will celebrate Pentecost.

    I am writing a dedication service for the new wall and room we've created out of the old choir loft. Is'nt that a great image, once a choir loft, now a music room. It will house our tons of music files, a desk for the music directors and a conference table.

    And. Since it is Pentecost, and the birth of the church, we will celebrate with a birthday party, pizza and cake at coffe hour. So. i have work to do, just not a sermon...

    Oh, and I think I am helping the refugee family move to their home on Thursday. It's over an hour one way in bad traffic. And that's after we take apart 7 beds and load them in a truck...still, it will be nice for them to be in their home!

    Ok. so a full week regardless.

  14. Not preaching, but showing a wonderful film. I've never done such a thing on a this will be different, but it is a beautiful movie, a sort of documentary about the roots of the Pentecostal church(es) in America, and it highlights the way racial and gender stereotypes were totally forgotten--for a little while, as the Spirit birthed something new.

  15. Okay, so i am the idiot that agreed to preach Pentecost Sunday after attending the "Festival Which Shall Not be Named!"
    Well, it ddi get me out of doing the Graduation Recognition Sunday Sermon.
    Anyhow, I am on the Acts text and my title, (which I gave before I left) is We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do! If you were in high school in the 80s then you should know this cheer!
    Not sure where I might go with it, but as I was working on sermon stuff, I just kept hearing that cheer in my head. Also playing off something SP said in sermon last Sunday. He made reference to the disicples being "On Their Own."
    And i am thinking of the idea of beign hit with HS and not quite sure where it would be taking you, but goign with the wind anyhow.
    Maybe mroe later...who knows...

  16. Pentecost is a GREAT day in the church.

    I have no idea where I'll be though - that's a prayer request. I want to be in the right place this Sunday too - not just pew warming !!!

    Those of you who have liturgies "His Spirit is with us" is one of the most exciting responses - and as I write this I see helium-filled balooons in each of us getting larger as we proclaim the truth that His Spirit is indeed alive and well - IN us.

    Have great preparations this week all of you.

  17. Help! I'm preaching, but also have 4 funerals and a rather special wedding to lead (and preach at) before I even get to Sunday...And we're invited to party with the wedding couple, of whom I am very fond, so I can't even do my usual late night session on Saturday night. As I say...HELP!!!!!
    Come back,WonderfulVicar, all is forgiven!

  18. Te absolv .... what is the correct ending, ML?

    At any rate, Pentecost is probably my most favorite day on the church calendar --and I'm kind of bummed that it falls on the secular holiday that kicks off summer here in these parts.

    So, I know I'm preaching Acts ... just not sure how yet.

  19. Kathryn! You know they are going to make a movie about you: Four Funerals and a Wedding!


    I, also, adore Pentecost. Not preaching of course, but we always wear RED!

    Sadly I will not be at my home church, but at my aunt's church in Lake Jackson, TX, celebrating the beginning of our family reunion that day. There will be a special blessing on the Butler Family gathering at the service.

  20. Pentecost is really special to me personally as it is the 4th anniversary of my very first official Sunday as pastor here. That first sermon was one I'd planned and sweated over for 2 weeks, and threw away just before worship began. 2 years ago on Pentecost that I came out of the pulpit - unexpectedly and unplanned - and haven't yet returned.

    I'm planning to preach on John, flavored by Acts. But Pentecosts around here haven't yet been what I expected or even planned, so I'm wondering what the Spirit has in store for me this year.

    Meanwhile, off to the fabric store this morning to buy cloth to make into red stoles for all the congregation.

  21. Hey- what happened to the letters I always mis-type the first time? They're not here at all.

  22. Rev. Maria...I wish I was at your place this Sunday! :-)

  23. Now I don't get to preach after all. Our parking lot was supposed to be resurfaced long before now, but I have just been informed that we cannot park on it on Sunday without damaging the new asphalt.

    So church services have been cancelled. I'll file my sermon notes away for another Pentecost Sunday.

    It seems a shame not to be in church on the church's birthday. I'll attend the church we left a few months ago instead.

  24. Thanks, DQ: first person Latin ending is "o," just like Spanish.

    Kathryn: whoa, hang in there.

    Rev. Maria: red stoles for everyone--that is the coolest thing in the universe. I love all this red fest people have going.

    Lorna: I haven't heard that response before but it is very cool. Kind of like the replacement for "This is the Word of the Lord" after readings in the TEC inclusive worship materials: "Hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

    Many prayers for you to find the right Spirit-filled community to worship with on this very special day.

  25. rev maria, we took of word verification so it was easier to 'banter' back and forth on the Left Behind Party Post.

    The party is still going by the way, you just have to look harder to find it.

  26. will smama, I am really enjoying not having to attempt posting 2 or 3 times because of the silly letters. If I get a chance later I'll join the party. :-)

    Mother Laura, you are of course forgiven. Too, I know we have taken liberties with the space time continium before this and no doubt will in the future - after all, here we are posting on Tuesday lectionary leanings on Wednesday. Especially as we are posting in time zones ranging from Greenwich through Pacific and further.

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  28. I'm preaching on Genesis followed by Acts and desperately trying to connect Memorial Day and Pentecost.

  29. Hi friends
    Thanks to our prayer circle, there's a multi-stage interpretation of the Pentecost story up on my blog,
    Enjoy. I'm very much enjoying the revgalblogpals blog!
    blessings, Heather