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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Kudos edition!

We start this week's Wednesday Festival by offering our best wishes to folks who have achieved some special milestones.

Sally Coleman got the letter she's been waiting for, informing her she's been accepted "for pre-ordination training for presbyteral ministry in the Methodist Church." You can drop by at Eternal Echos and congratulate her. (She's also got a blog on "film as part of a mythological tradition" here.)

reverendmommy posted a cap-and-gown picture from her big day.

There's more ...

Galleycat "got the shiny." See it here.

Last thoughts on Mother's Day?

Lorna went off to church on Mother's Day in Finland and got a message from God: "Du behövs!" Don't know what that means? You can find out here. Also, the puppies went off to their new homes; you'll find pictures here and here.

There's more on Mother's Day from Quotidian Grace, who talks about how her church marked Mother's Day in case it helps those looking for more inclusive ways of observing the day.

will smama kept Mothering Sunday generic, speaking about women and how they had impacted our lives, and wrapping it into the commitment that all folks in the church make during a baptism to help raise the person who is being baptized in the faith.

More mom stuff

Speaking of moms, Preacher Mom is enjoying her youngest daughter's imagination—and wondering if it may be rooted in some deep-seated memory. Read about it here.

Other stuff

Meanwhile, Hedwyg has been thinking about the river of life and found connections to ideas about standing up and walking. You can read about it here.

Reverendmother has a good list of things that come in threes.

Kievas Fargo has a recent post encompassing two favorite topics: science fiction and theology.

Speaking graphically

desert spirit shares a pair of graphic design blogs. You can see them at desert spirit's fire. The first is an interpretation of Revelation 22:2 from the second lectionary reading for last Sunday, Easter 6. The other one includes four different but related pairs of sandals, because "as my blog footer insists, "Traveler, there is no road; the way is made by walking" (from Cantares, by Antonio Machado).

In another graphic vein, your humble Wednesday Festivaler for the week (that's me, Widening Circles) ponders family photos and how they might open up a different way of thinking about how God loves us.

Noted in passing

Deb has been thinking about Jerry Falwell since she heard the news about his death, saying he calls up mixed emotions and thoughts and makes her "pray for a gentler, honest voice on the issues he raised." Read more at Another unfinished symphony ... .

Milton Brasher-Cunningham shares thoughts about Falwell, too. In his post here he imagines the late preacher's ultimate meeting with God—and wonders if God didn't have some surprises in store for him.

Well, I'm off to work. If you forgot to nominate or if I got this done before you got around to it, use the comments to let us know what you're up to. And get ready for next week: All you have to do is click on the hyperlinked words RevGal Wednesday Festival to create a mail message to the Festival team. Nominations should be from your own blog or another RGBP ring member's. Please include a brief description of the post (a sentence is fine!) and the URL for the post, too!


  1. Well done. And a good variety of posts.

    Well, it looks as if I am the designated organizer for an official meetup at the Festival of Homies. If you are going and interested in such an occassion, please email me at I'll include you in the one's being gathered. It looks like we already have an excellent group representing us at the Festival of Homies.
    And just so you don't feel left out, the mice played at their party last year, while the mice were away.

  2. I put a photo of my dog on my blog yesterday. So if anyone wants to see the cutest dog ever...also, I think that on Friday my stepson is going to show me how to do the direct link to play the friday five.

  3. I'm just about finished with a story in several parts (four so far) about Jesus, just before Easter Sunday, having some issus with his dad and looking for some unconventional (for him anyway) advice.

    It's inspired by a combination of thoughts on the nature of the ressurection and also about the recent passing of Kurt Vonnegat. Yeah, strange.

    It's here: Sessions

  4. I hope you'll go read RevRosa's post on naming.

  5. I just posted Jerry Falwell, RIP; reading other's reflections motivated me to add my 2c worth.

  6. Rev Abi:
    Since it's Nashville, I have visions of a bunch of Revgalblogpals hanging out in a place like Bob's Country Bunker from the Blues Brothers, drinking beer and throwing the bottles at the band, which is protected on stage by chicken wire. (dress code: clerical collars optional.)

  7. revdave,
    That is just the place I was thinking of.

  8. Wow, I don't think I have ever been nominated before, thanks.

    I haven't checked in on everyone's yet but reverend mother's 'best things comes in 3s' post is definitely one you don't want to miss and for another take on Falwell Listing Straight does a really good job.

  9. You're welcome, wil smama! It was a great post...

  10. terrific lineup. thanks for all your hard work

    Rev Abi wish I were coming :(
    but hey I can play mice :)

  11. Late but maybe someone is still reading...I think the work of the Li Tim Oi foundation which I posted about here deserves maximum attention from revgals in particular.

  12. Speaking of milestones, my hubby and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary. I blogged about it over at my place.


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